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Private archive may help exonerate Kasztner
Associated Press
Published: 23.07.07, 18:03
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1. Read "Perfidy" for the true story
JM ,   Ramat Bet Shemesh   (07.23.07)
Ynet got this one ALL wrong! Read the book Perfidy by Ben Hecht which explains the story and cites the Israeli court documents that bringthe dishonorable truth to light. Kastner was no hero - this "releif and rescue committee" Never existed! Assasinated by right wing extremists? Not Likely, read the book to see the truth.
2. Kastner
george m gombos ,   New York, U.S.A.   (07.23.07)
Nobody should glorify Kastner!-He was a Nazi collaborator, without any moral values.-He saved the lives of his friends and a few wealthy Jews. However with his his collaboration, the Nazis exterminated most of the Hungarian Jewry.-This is the reality.-I know, because I was there.
3. George, I wouldn't call Rav Teitelbuam a friend of Kastner
Jake   (07.23.07)
And yet he and a bunch of other anti-Zionist Satmarim were saved thanks to Kastner. In fact, Teitelbaum became the undisputed leader of ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionism. It makes you wonder who is the righteous and who is the perfidious ingrate.
4. JM, you can't handle the truth.
Jake   (07.23.07)
The funny thing is that Ben Hecht, a far right former Stern-supporter, used the same kind of incoherent conspiracy theories as the Arabs have done about Israel in general. In fact, Ben Hecht's polemics against Kastner ended up being used by Jew-haters, anti-Zionists, Marxists, and Arabs. In an attempt to tar Labor Zionism, Ben Hecht helped the enemies of Israel. He is the perfidious one.
5. To the uninformed, this is just another bandaid
Ben Hecht ,   NY   (07.24.07)
on the Perfidy of the Jewish Agency's betrayal of the Jewish victims they kept uninformed to their ashes. Ask Joel Brand, he knows all too well too. And he was there and betrayed to BG's anglo friends. P.S. Jake what do you expect. They usurped the Jewish faith, the Jewish land. Why can't you believe that they would twist anything to support their claims, their right to a pan arabia without anything Jewish left but Jewish blood?.
6. Get the truth from the few survivors
Maidel ,   NY, USA   (07.25.07)
They were told by their "leaders" to stay in Hungary because everything was going to be OK. When the Nazis started rounding up the Jews, these same "leaders" were, for the most part, whisked away to safety (including Joel Teitelbaum).
7. Kasztner is guilty as sin...
Mark Kleiman ,   South Florida USA   (07.25.07)
It's well documented in a Holocaust survivor's book "I Cannot Forgive" by Rudolf Vrba, who by the way almost didn't survive due to Kasztner's cowardly actions. In addition, there may be evidence that Kastzner can be linked to the betrayal and subsequent murder by the Nazi's of a well known Israeli heroine, Hannah Senesh :(
8. It is disturbing
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (05.13.09)
B"H It really is disturbing that the Kasztner affair is bought up again by those people who sold out 8000 Jews in Gush Katif and want still to sell out a lot more Jews in Judea and Samaria.
9. # 1
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.13.09)
Perfidy,is a piece of garbage,no serious historian will pay attention to it.whoever was not in that hell,should not judge.this none hero stayed behind in hell while his train left for safety.Even Beniamin Halevi the judge, regreted his infamous statement about collaboration with the devil.Shmuel Tamir castigated Dr Kasztner about the "heroic" battle of the Irgun against the British,while Kasztner negotiated with the Germans,instead of using the 30 Jewish armored divisions +Air force,Navy, in Hungary under his control to fight the Germans,that's really high treason. Why did Kasztner pick as an enemy the German barbarians,instead of The civilized British like the Irgun did,or the scandinavians,bad judgemend of Dr Kasztner. I recomend you read the book:Kasztner's Train by Anna Porter.
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