Our apartheid state
Yossi Paritzky
Published: 24.07.07, 16:08
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1. Excellent article.
DkS ,   PT, Israel   (07.24.07)
No matter what your personal opinion of Paritzky is, every word that he wrote here is true, unfortunately. This country is straight on the path to hell.
2. How is it possible?
daniel ,   helsini   (07.24.07)
Tell me, proponents of "liberal Western democracy", how is it possible to execute such a thing in practice when you have so many different, not to mention large and influental, whom have different lifestyles in such a small area? There are ultra-religious, religious, non-religious and anti-religious Jews. Some get along with each other, some don't. Then we have a totally different and sizeable minority of Arabs whom come from a totally different culture then European Jews do whom modelled Israel after a "Western democracy". It is good to be concerned but until there is peace it will just be impossible for Israel to be some model state.
3. And imposition of equality is a Communism State
n h ,   tel aviv israel   (07.24.07)
what is laughable abou this man is that he first sets out principles of equality and then systematically contradicts them (e.g. all must pay taxes--but at different rates). in other words, it is impossible and not desirable to treat all equally in all circumstances. the attempt to impose such equalit materially is called communism or the terror of the french revolution. we have seen its success. instead of arguing for and against different types of not fully equal treatment, we get the loaded term apartheid(wihch refers primarily to not being granted to voting rights--1 man 1 vote). i don't think shinui member paritzky is in the knesset. let's hope if he isn't he never returns. let's also look at the specific things he notes: 1. jnf funding... if it is apartheid practice to use jnf lands forj ews then it is racist to use funds donated to the united negro college fund to help black americans 2. the state is only obligated to recognize marriages and not provide the service. the state recognizes marriages done abroad, common law marriages, contractual agreements, etc. the state is under no obligation to violate judaism in the holy land of israel 3. army service--paritzky alerady notes various exceptions made to military service. the point is for society as a whole to decide which exceptions are reasonable. dressing this up as discriminatino or apartheid is patently absurd. the issue with haredim is that society in the future will need them to serve.
4. "He must be cut off as one would cut a scab," Lapid
Abraham ,   New York   (07.24.07)
Would you want this man to defend YOU - see how he defended HIMSELF: Paritzky's famous defenses: "I didn’t know I was being taped" "I never thought I’d be caught." Israelis interested in obeying criminals and considering self destructive behavior should follow Paritzky's advice. (1) Jewish people donated money for a JEWISH homeland - to use the money for other purposes would be dishonest & immoral (see former MK Herzok re: Barak's campaign); (2) Honest arabS proudly admit they want us destroyed - Did the Jewish Bubbies intend to give THEM the land? (3) If you think they did, remove the blinders from your head & apply for Police Chief of Jerusalem or the Supreme (sic) Court.
5. Mr Paritzky Sir
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.24.07)
Pearls of wisdom.
6. Is there a Jewish race?
daniel ,   Amsterdam   (07.24.07)
If you do not have a jewish race, then pro-jewish laws cannot be racist. They can be discriminatory, but not racist, since the discrimination is not based on race. In Israel discrimination is based on ideas, religion. This is of a completely different order. A black man cannot turn himself into a white man and join the Ku Klux Klan. But anyone can become jewish, this is why we have jews of all colors and races. Israel should learn to discriminate less between jews and non-jews and more between zionists and anti-zionists. We need to make life easier for the Druze, and less easy for the Haredim. We need to know who our friends are. Oh, and anyone who believes that the Jews are really a race, should stop taking his ideas from Adolf Hitler.
7. Dear Yossi,
moshe ,   israel   (07.24.07)
You vent your bitter fustration at the survival of the Jewish nation in Y Net. Well here's something else to get your blood boiling: The Hellenists over 2000 yrs ago tried to change the Jewish people and 'enlighten them'-they ultimately failed and are gone! Torah Jewry will be around forever-no matter how many articles you write! But you my brother will die one day, and your descendents will probably marry out-leaving no memory of you or your ideologies! Good luck!
8. Yossi
moshe ,   Israel   (07.24.07)
let me tell you why i recently returned to the faith of my ancestors and shed some light as to why i would never marry a non-Jew! I am a successful investment banker.-all i do all day is weigh up risk vs return. One day it struck me- What is the risk and return here. My return of not being observant: i ate not kosher, worked on saturday, can marry non-jew. My risk: Disobeying the Almighty Creator of the World, risk His fury in after life, (plus all the earthly pleasures they seem to enjoy-i.e respect from their children, happier family life etc) That's why your hate filled articles mean nothing to me-have been there and done it!
9. Democracy is our greatest threat for a Jewish state
Shiloh   (07.24.07)
The era of political correctness and multi-culturalism is destroying the State of Israel, given to the People of the Book by haShem. Where does it say that everyone get's a piece of the land of Israel? The goyim have a complex of justifying their own existance and purpose in life. "What about me"? The goyim have 99.9% of the world and they still want more. We have strayed, mirrored the goyim, their way's, their gov'ts etc which haShem, the prophets etc have warned us over and over again about doing. We can have a democratic state for Jews and Jews only which for some reason makes the world and the leftist Jews shake in their boots. Why would this be, is it because they are afraid of something so real and afraid that their "beliefs" are so empty? Let's take the Torah and argue with the goyim, as even they know they cannot win as their own existance depends on fabrications of lies. We know our reason for our existance!!
10. Paritsky
charles ,   petach tikva   (07.24.07)
Point 1 : Tal law , yes , you are right Point 2 : wedding . If the Jewish caracter of our country has to be preserved , and it has , we should avoid as much as possible mixed couples , whose children will only have problems point 3 . KKL grounds . Jews all over the world give money to the KKl to buy ground for Jews . They are certainly not in favor to give this land to non Jews . From there to call our country an apartheid country , Mr ex MK , you are wrong . Those "discriminated" non Jews , Arabs mostly , enjoy the right not to serve in the IDF , they can enjoy their life , while the Jewish "favorised" , have to give three years to defend us . Very bad and racist , indeed .
11. Right on! Seperate Religion from State NOW!!!
female ,   TA   (07.24.07)
12. Do Arabs serve in the IDF - do they pay taxes?
Bubba ,   Pittsburgh   (07.24.07)
13. Wasn't Paritzky asked to resign the Knesset?
Alice ,   USA   (07.24.07)
14. How is this for discrimination?
Gary ,   N. Jersey   (07.24.07)
The High Court of Justice on Monday rejected the state's proposal for the route of a section of the separation barrier near the West Bank village of Na'alin and ordered it to return to an earlier proposal that included Jewish privately-owned land to be included in the Arab side of the fence. Why? Because Jews wanted to build on the land they held title to. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1184766045610&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull
15. Jewish National Fund
MCW ,   Bernardsville USA   (07.24.07)
I disagree with your last argument. The Jewish National Fund was funded by donations by Jews to be used to purchase land in Israel to be used by Jews. Any sale of land to Non-Jews goes against the wished of the donors.
16. How about banning Jews from praying on the Temple Mount?
Ari   (07.24.07)
Or is Paritzky only interested in this "cause" of his when it runs counter to Jewish interests and religious Jewry in particular? What a loser...
17. Arab cannot purchase land in Ceuta or Melilla either
Ignacio ,   Zaragoza, Spain   (07.24.07)
It is not racism, the state has preference rights. Non-Arabs cannot purchase land either. The only racism is the idea that the JNF MUST SELL if the purchaser is Muslim, just because you are Lefitst fringe.
18. Right on Yossi!
Richard ,   New York, USA   (07.24.07)
19. Paritzky is wrong; no decision was taken about JNF
Jake   (07.24.07)
The issue is still being discussed, and measures are being discussed so that the proposed law that would reserve JNF land 'for Jews only' would not have to be passed. The current proposal is that JNF would revert to being a private organization, the ILA would take over the state lands from JNF, and the JNF would continue to administer lands that were purchased from private donations by Jews, especially from abroad. Hence, private Jewish lands would revert to a private Jewish company, and state lands would revert to the state. Paritzky is clearly jumping the gun here. Clearly he is as sketchy now as he was as a Member of Knesset.
20. Shiloh
charles ,   petach tikva   (07.24.07)
You always talk about this land given to the Jewish people by hashem . Well , if we have this country now , it's not because of hashem [ where was "he" during the Shoa ? ] but thanks to those 6000 brave , mostly seculars , if not anti religious , who gave their life for it . If you want a theocracy , move to Iran , some of your hashem followers have shown the way .
21. Yossi, you got it all wrong, and probably on purpose
jack bauer ,   usa   (07.24.07)
what a load of tripe The Jewish national fund? thats your racist idea? The haredim dont fight? thats your rascist idea? marriage? all garbage yossi read the other talkbacks reading this crap was a waste of my time
22. "everyone must obey the law."
Unless you think you won't get caught
23. Talking is easy
Amos ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.07)
Paritzky likes to critisize everyone he can, He claims that if he had the power he would change many things, the things that take us to hell. The fact is, when Paritzky had power he didn't do anything, his main issue was against the Ultra-orthodox people. He can't blame the others if he didn't do enugh when he could.
24. Democracy is Beautiful - For Criminals
Sheldon ,   Saskatchewan   (07.24.07)
Self Hating Jewish Arabist criminals such as Paritzky do not condemn arabS for receiving full rights, while not serving and for acting traitorous to the country. Azmi Bishara is understood for helping his people. Only Religious Jews or pro Jewish acts are fair bait for them. Let's continue looking at these residents of Chelm. Jewish Grandmothers have donated Pushkas for a Jewish Homeland for decades. There are two groups of people who would condemn maintaining these funds for Jewish lands. One, of course, is a criminal. The second would be antisemitic, or self-hating Jews whose common cause is to remove any Jewish character and call it inauthentic, or better yet, racist. In the name of Democracy, they are prepared to state that (1) Jews should serve the State & not arabS; and that (2) Giving JEWISH land to Jews exclusively is undemocratic and racist.
25. To #20 Charles
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.24.07)
No kidding! I believe in god, but my god has better things to do than to assign tracts of land or worry about who does or doesn't wear a kippah, has a rosary hanging off their rear-view mirrors or does or doesn't worship him one way or the other on this or that day of the week. Come to think of it, most of the time, this god is nowhere to be found. Seems to me that he's thrown it all out there for us to make of it what we want to and living with the consequences of our choices. Whether or not one of us does or doesn't eat pork and/or shellfish seems to make not one bit of a difference in the grand scheme of things. I think, we should outlaw any and all religions and simply require that everybody hug a tree now and then. (Oh gawd, I'm gonna have everybody on my ass for this one.)
26. I agree with most
Jordan ,   Washington, DC   (07.24.07)
I agree with most... except for your thoughts on the Jewish National Fund land not being sold to Arab Israelis. In a democracy you can choose to sell, or not to sell, land to whoever you want. And being that the Jewish National Fund is a private organization who's entire creation was to purchase land for Jews, selling it to Arabs, regardless of nationality would go against it's entire point of existence. Do I agree with it, not really, as I think there should be room for exceptions. Do I understand it, yes. Other than that. Great article!
27. Charles, I said Torah, not religion
Shiloh   (07.24.07)
Charles, if you take the time to read the Tanach that your grandparents had at their home, you would relax a huge amount. It's not so offensive as you think. Kol tuv
28. Israel a democracy?
Joseph ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.24.07)
Yossi's argument is that Israel is not a democracy. That is right. Israel as the land of the jews, should not be a democracy. We have the torah g-ds blueprint for morality. If Yossi wants democracy let him move to the US where democracy has deteriorated into crass political correctness. It is sad that his diatribes appear on the day our temple was detroyed. OY ME HOYO LONU
29. JNF started collecting from Jewish donors in 1901...
Nannette ,   London   (07.24.07)
The JNF had signed agreements with all its donors. The land was brought by Jews for a Jewish homeland. It's OUR land! If you want to give it away to Arabs, then fine, but refund our money, with interest, which will amount to well over $350 billion. I promise I'll be very happy to reclaim my family's tens of millions of pounds from the looney left Israeli government, and so will others.
30. Thank God this idiot is not in the cabinet anymore
Danny   (07.24.07)
It is one thing to hear this crap from someone like Tom Hickey, another to hear it from an Israeli cabinet minister. The JNF owns 14% of Israeli land. Arabs own 4% and the ILA owns 80%. So 84% of Israeli land is in practise available to Arabs. Not only that but the Arabs can on occasion get better terms than Jews - note Avitan vs ILA(HC 528/88) where the Beduoins got better terms and were allowed this as part of "positive discrimination". In Beersheba in the 80s Bedouin were paying 150USD per quarter acre whilst a Jewish community paid 24,000USD. Whilst in theory there are restrictions on the 14% that the JNF owns, in reality that is leased too - for example Wadi Shallaleh. As for marriage restrictions, maybe he should try marrying a UK citizen. He will find he needs permission from the UK home office to do so - as does any non-EU person marrying a UK national. All in all, good riddance to bad rubbish.
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