Israel pays Haniyeh's salary
Ronny Shaked
Published: 24.07.07, 09:04
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1. WTF
jack bauer ,   usa   (07.24.07)
2. Carter get your ass out of here! You anti-semite
steve ,   Tel Aviv   (07.24.07)
3. Put things in their context
Nedal ,   Ramallah   (07.24.07)
Haniyeh and Co. are receiving salaries as ex-ministers and not as current employees of the PA. I think that according to the civil service law ministers remain on the payroll of the government even after they leave their posts. It is ridiculous that our tax money goes to people who are not serving us anymore. But it is totally none of your business to bring the issue up, the money transferred by Israel to PA is Palestinian tax money held illegally by Israel, what the PA does with this money is a matter for internal discussions, Israel cannot impose a change in these laws, although Palestinians should introduce such a change for the better good of the people.
4. We owed?
chaim ,   Tzur Hadassa   (07.24.07)
But yet we have our people from Gush Gatif living in tents. But understand, we didn't INTEND the money to go for the PAL. Last evening I sat out on my porch and listened to the jets flying over head. Suddenly, I had a scary thought. Olmert has given away land, uprooted Jews, given hords of money to our enemy, loved on them, and kissed them. I am wondering if our pilots are testing the aircraft to be sure they are in good shape before we hand them over to the Hamas or Syria in good jesture for the road map of piece? I am greateful for those who have laid their lives down for me to live in Israel. But I am more grateful that HaShem is in charge, as this administration is not.
5. Carter is perfect for the role! a true Hamasnik!
6. In the first place
the author should know that this is a palestinian money which is stolen from them by israel. If you remember the oslo agreement. go and make your homework. The palestinian are free to do whatever they want with their money just like israel.
7. Bank of Israel subsidizing Hamas
joe   (07.24.07)
Yes Israel, you knew that Olmert was a worthless leader, and yet you voted for him
8. is this intended as a joke
Gazan ,   Gaza, Palestine   (07.24.07)
1. The 600 million USD are Palestinian money levied by Israel according to the Oslo bluf. So in no way is Israel paying from its pocket 2. Only a small part of the sum was released, the rest stays in Israeli banks growing interest. 2. The interest was not paid to the stooge, Israel must have considered the fact that muslims do not take interest!
9. PA tax money should be used to...
Barron ,   Israel   (07.24.07)
1. Pay for damage done by Paleo Kassams 2. Pay the electric company and other Israeli utilities for money owed. (Why is Israel supplying its enemy anything?)
10. Israel Screws Self While Carter Works For Satan
Malcolm   (07.24.07)
11. #9 has a point
Hilda ,   USA   (07.24.07)
That money should have gone to those who were "disengaged" from Gaza for their lives which were disrupted and homes and businesses destroyed. It should have gone to Sderot folks for the destruction which the Pals raining down on them, It should have gone to the folks in Northern Israel for what they went through. It certainly should not have gone to Hamas as a reward. What kind of insanity . Just because Bush tells you to, does not mean you have to allow you to commit suicide. in order for him to make nice nice with the Arabs. It will not help him in Iraq.
12. #9 are u crazy...u have stolen the land isn't that enough
for you, I get it u are well known for stealing every property of palestian you babrbaric fool!!!!!!!!!!!
13. thank you olmert,job well done
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (07.24.07)
this creature ehud olmert,is not only a criminally insane traitorous,incompotent pathetic fool.he is also,completely and inherently EVIL, this monster will single handedly bring upon israel it's third destruction citizens of israel PLEASE,PLEASE do not bring another tisha b'av on your heads get rid of this curse,before he is able to devour you
14. To Palest. arguing it's their tax money according to Oslo
Ehud ,   Israel   (07.24.07)
I'm not well versed in its details, but have you not noticed the other side (that is, you), does not uphold their part of the deal? It's about time Israel severed economic relations at the very least with Gaza.
15. # 3,Nedal and # 6
It is totally OUR business to stop funds from being used by terrorist Hamas. So, we could have, better,should have prevented this money going even in the least to the sworn enemies of Israel. Would you have rattled about this issue, Nedal,had the money stayed in Israel ? I don't think so and, unless you are a Hamasnik, you should pray for no more money get into their blood stained hands. No. 6, your mentioning the defunct Oslo Accord/Agreement is simply pathetic. Haven't you read the news or look around yourself to notice that you, the Palestinians, were the first and last to break this agreement ?
16. This is not Abass or Israeli money
Anton ,   Ramallah   (07.24.07)
Neither Abass or Israel is paying from their own pocket. This is the money of the Palestinian people and should go for the salaries of the government that the Palestinian people elected.
17. Don't pay his salary - castrate him instead!
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (07.24.07)
18. Carter is a Senile SHMUCK
Raful ,   US   (07.24.07)
19. the pals/hamas/etc./etc. have deceived the world
yahn goodey   (07.24.07)
hollywood/bollywood now pallywood-just a bunch of con artists that pretend to disagree for the cameras but are all in cahoots with one main goal-to destroy israel-and if they can use abbas to con olmert the eu and bush to give abbas money and guns(which of course he would never let fall into the hands of hamas)why not squeeze everything you can out of the do gooders.the mafia never was as smart as these guys.
20. 16...tell me about this "palastinian" People...
I am not sure I understand. Do you mean that you are the people that are now called Jews? My grandfather has a Palastinian Passport. The arabs did not want to be called this and for some reason you do now. Whats the deal? Can you tell me a bit of your history as a people? Did you always have blood dripping from your hands? Have you always killed the Jews? When the Jews aren't in shooting range do you then quench your apitite by killing each other? And when you do try to kill Jews, do you find that elementary schools are the best places to hide in? YOur made up people and current society are made up of destroyers. Stop pointing your gun and finger at everyone else. Point your guns, I mean your finger at yourself.
21. good palestinians, bad palestinians
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.25.07)
let's be clear about one fact: there is no significant difference between fatah and hamas - they are both terrorist organizations with a clearly stated goal to destroy israel. the pretence that there are "good" palestiinians who want peace, and "bad" palestinians who do not, has shown itself to be a farce. the plo is only interested in extorting the maximum concessions that it can, in money, guns, prisoner releases, and land, before starting the next round of attacks. israel must insist on trading peace for peace, and an end to the plo occupation.
22. 20: While I'm definitely pro-Israel,
Ehud ,   Israel   (07.25.07)
this usual mantra "there is no such thing as Palestinian people" is silly. It may be a rather recent invention, but it's valid. Every existing group of people banded up SOMETIME.
23. Who is made up?
Somone ,   Somwhere   (07.25.07)
I am not sure as well, to whether Americans are people, in fact they came from europe killed native americans, bought or stole mexican land and established a society, please tell me more about americans before 400 years. I am not sure i also understand, Who are the iraqis, tell me about their history as Iraqi people and who are the Algerians, tell me more about there history as Alegerian people or better or libyans, maybe also saudis or when was Saudi arabian people, maybe emirates, or maybe pakistan. These are imperalistic construction, made by your imperal conquests in the arab world or you never heard about Sike-pico agreement that divided the arab world. The arabs did there share of conquets when they were an imperial power. you may argue that arabs did conquer jeruslaem and the holy land in the early stages of islam and moved there. But you can never deny that people lived here for hunderds and thousands of years, in this modern forum they are called palestinians. i do admitt that jews lived here as well long ago and jewish communities have always lived in the holy land, however, this area has always been a mix of different people claiming the ownership and claiming to be the rightful people of the land. my point is that their are a wide range of people that have claimed the owwnership over this land, jews, arabs, christians, europeans etc... My other point answering your question is give me one historical bloodshed of jewish people before the Balfour decleration. Remember Arabs and jews are bibilicaly cousins, thus, what Ibrahime promised he promised to both of his sons. best regards, A.
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