3,000 rifles arrive in Jericho
Ali Waked
Published: 26.07.07, 12:44
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1. Utter madness!
Barron ,   Israel   (07.26.07)
Maybe the government is suicidal, but we Israelis aren't. Stop this nightmarish government NOW!!!!!
2. lets hope!
Nabulsi   (07.26.07)
lets hope these guns end up in the right hands and not with the street thugs of Abbass.
3. There are only two answers...
Andrew ,   miami,fl   (07.26.07)
1) Israel knows the weapons are bad and let them in anyway 2) Giving Fatah enough weapons for a "fair fight" when Israel has to fight them - for media purposes (of fairness) other than that - I really dont get it
4. Sheer lunacy!
Ram ,   london   (07.26.07)
5. Sarcastic
Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (07.26.07)
You ppl don't learn!
6. 3000 rifles arrive to Jericho
Edward ,   USA, Amherst   (07.26.07)
This is what defines an idiot the best: he makes the same mistake again and again and every time expects a different result.
7.  Oh Yeah - give them more guns
israeli   (07.26.07)
and make the same mistake that has been made after Oslo-treaty-LOL.
8. For God sake - HOW LONG
anyone ,   tel aviv   (07.26.07)
9. Get them Out
David   (07.26.07)
It seems Israelis have learned from Palestinians not to learn anything from the past actions. Why does the government think that by repeating the same, disastrous mistakes they are going to turn out differently this time? All the arms given to PA in Gaza are now in the hands of Hamas and the surrounding Israeli areas are shelled daily with the worst to come. Is this the future they want for the West Bank and Central Israel?
10. Ehud has really lost it this time.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.26.07)
He needs to be sectioned - for ALL our safety.
11. Don't they have enough guns already ?
amir ,   haifa   (07.26.07)
12. If Moshe Feiglin were PM this would have never happen.
Jeremiah ,   Israel's Jewish Land   (07.26.07)
14. True Story? All "Sources" are Palestinian
Elisabeth McGrath ,   Australia   (07.26.07)
Why does that old limerick keep going through my head? God's plan had a good beginning. But man spoiled it all by sinning. We trust that the story Will end in God's glory - But at present, the other side's winning.
15. backfire
rj ,   england   (07.26.07)
if this gesture completely backfires on the government wiht a single shot fired at any Israeli or IDF i expect and would demand teh airforces to carpet bomb all of the palestinian towns and cities so it can never happen again...
16. Beyond logic!!
Shiloh   (07.26.07)
17. Insanity - Again
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.26.07)
This is the second time in recent memory that this Government has forwarded weapons to our enemies. Can anyone out there provide a rational explanation for handing guns and bullets to the Arabs? How many Jewish lives have now been put at risk because of this move? Let us not forget that unforgiveably the late Mr. Y. Rabin also gave guns to the Arabs.
18. We know they are going to use them against Jews.
elianna ,   USA   (07.26.07)
19. Olmert: no aid to Sderot, guns and $ to terrorists
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (07.26.07)
This evil regime is destroying Israel every day. We all know that these guns will inevitably be used to kill Jews. Olmert is letting Sderot and the expelled Jews from Gush Katif slowly twist in the wind, while he meets often to take his orders from Abbas, eagerly suppying him with guns and cash. Hamas is happily seizing both. Olmert should be arrested and tried for supplying terror. Please STOP this evil regime before it destroys Israel completely!
20. BEYOND MADDNESS, there are no words to desribe this....none.
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (07.26.07)
21. Liberalism is a mental disorder
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.26.07)
The socialist mindest always leads to suicide. This is just more evcidence of where godless Israeli socialism leads. You have only yourselves to blame , blind fools who pidefully assume to live without the fear of God . You bring a great disaaster by your own hands.
Moshe Feiglin Suppor ,   Israel   (07.26.07)
How long can we go on with this corrupt, faithless, evil government!? We need genuine, fearless, Jewish leadership in place now! No more giving /allowing) guns to those that history proves will (G-d forbid) be use those guns against us. We want Moshe Feiglin as PM! And we want him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. Let Them Eat Guns
emanon ,   USA   (07.26.07)
This ranks right in there with Marie Antoinnette's famous quote to the starving people of France "Let them eat cake" when told that the peasents did not have any bread. The terrorists are complaining they have no food, no medicine and no money. Yet somehow, money is found for weapons. Worse yet, Israel openly lets these weapons through! What stupidity! What does the Israeli government think these weapons will be used for, hunting rabbits?
Alex ,   Beersheva   (07.26.07)
oh wait... what the @#$%
25. 3000 weapons
JL ,   israel   (07.26.07)
and 3000 cheers for olmert for making this to happen!!
26. Chelm or Meshuga or both
Sam ,   Jerusalem   (07.26.07)
27. 3000 Rifles
HS ,   USA   (07.26.07)
Can someone PLEASE give me a rational explanation of WHY? OLMERT NEEDS TO GO!!
28. preparing for WAR
Arnold Eisen ,   Bucks County,Pa USA   (07.26.07)
Nu, so is this the way OUR government prepares for WAR??? What a crime. Years and years trying to DISarm the Palestinians and now in the midst of the worst set of circumstances Israel has faced since it was born, THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT ARMS ITS' ENEMIES. WOW,, as a Jew who will be coming home to Israel in less than 2 weeks I SURE FEEL SAFE!!! Why do we forget so soon tha ABBAS is just an extension of ARAFAT? Do you think the guns will not be used against any Jews??? Olmert,, Ahtah Mishuga M'ohd Lech Habayeeta!!!
29. How FOOLISH of the Israeli government to allow this!
Ohev Tsion ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.26.07)
Have we learned nothing from Oslo? Never send the Pals weapons - sooner or later they will be used against us!
30. OLMERT the traitor
cato the younger ,   USA   (07.26.07)
Olmert is totally controlled by the American and Eurabian media and politicians. It is clear now that the fate of Israel, indeed its very survival,is not uppermost in his mind, nor in his priorities. HE IS A TRAITOR AND MUST NOW BE 1. Physically removed from power together with his traitorous henchmen and 2. they must be exiled fom Israel on the basis that they are enemies of the state.
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