IDF kills senior Islamic Jihad operative in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 26.07.07, 17:19
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1. Kol Hakavod to Tzahal.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (07.26.07)
2. One less piece of garbage to worry about
Al   (07.26.07)
3. Justice was done!
Roy ,   London   (07.26.07)
4. Can you hear me now?
Micha   (07.26.07)
5. Well done IAF!
Eric ,   Toronto   (07.26.07)
Keep up the good work. Every single one of these Hamas scums should be destroyed. God bless IDF and IAF!
6. Looks Like His Car Is Totalled
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.26.07)
7. How many top terrrorists are there?They all seem to be "Top"
Dovy   (07.26.07)
Every time IDF kills a terrorist, its always "top terrorist killed".
8. Israeli death squads strike again. In the real world, when
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (07.26.07)
military planners take people out based on the statements of informers it is called a Death Squad.
9. at least
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (07.26.07)
we haven't totally lost it and are still capable of mitzvot. Torah tetzeh m'Tzion. How to deal with terrorist filth.
10. This is the real peace process: victory against terror
Frank ,   Canada   (07.26.07)
11. Everytime a top replaces the former top terrorist...
Uzziel   (07.26.07)
the IDF makes him climb down...
12. #8 well...not really
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (07.26.07)
When in a war you always try to kill the enemies leaders i.e. Planners, bombmakers. high ranking military etc... along with spies, communication intercept, all common practice in war. Only when Israel does the common is it characterize as something evil. Mark from Georgia
13. to #8
Flip ,   Adis Abbaba   (07.26.07)
It's called sweet justice....
14. #9 - you're a jerk!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (07.26.07)
15. Good job IAF .Keep it up!
Alan ,   SA   (07.26.07)
16. #8 any limit to your stupidity?
Danny   (07.27.07)
Is anyone denying that el-Khatib is an Islamic Jihad?
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