Soldiers suspected of hijacking taxi, wounding Palestinian bystander
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.07.07, 17:21
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1. Don't pull that sort fo stunt, if
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.27.07)
there's even one decent Mensch in the bunch whose conscience won't let him lie indefinitely. He shouldn't be rewarded for what he did, but his honesty should count for something.
2. Highjacked taxi
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (07.27.07)
In all countries, members of the armed forces, being representative of an entire population, contain criminal and violently crazy people, as well as law-abiding ones. This is mathematically certain. Nevertheless, watch this article spawn anti-Israel comments accusing the whole IDF of criminality.
3. "A balance of terror"
andrew ,   miami,fl   (07.27.07)
I cant help but wonder if adopting pali methods might be the best way to fight them car bombs in pali streets - randon kidnapping and shootings - stone throwing - muggings every day.. maybe then they will understand..a and dont forget to wear your ski masks
4. History from Vietnam
C McCoy ,   Canada   (07.27.07)
During Vietnam, it has been proven that 600 US officers died at the hands of their own men; proving the actual culprit was much harder. Further 1,400 cases are close to fraggings, but not 100% provable as such. Just a foretaste of what's to come if you tolerate any indiscipline.
5. IDF
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (07.27.07)
Unfortunately, the IDF as a whole will face a barrage of accusations and complaints, for the act of a few. These guys should be locked up.
6. send them to jail.
Andre ,   Israel   (07.27.07)
So the other may learn. We train to fight wars, not to steal cabs. Jail and them a a kick in their ass and a smudge on their dispense papers.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.27.07)
that part of the population here that are draftdodgers,leftwing radicals, anarchists and all the other rifraf that hangs out in the tel aviv area. They always wright about Judea and the Shomron ,but most of these people do not even know were to find it on a map or have ever been there. So Ynet loves to spit on our soldiers and to sling mud at them. They are so proud of there socalled hypocryt humanistic values and in reality do not give a damn about anyone except theselves. Thanks to this kind of jerks the PA received another 3000 guns today,wich for sure will cost us soldiers in the near future. Best thing is to ship of YNET to their friends in the Pa.
8. Nothing happen
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (07.27.07)
Soldies were released. Article is incorrect. The Arab who attacked the soldiers was shot.
9. Agree With #2
David ,   Anchorage, America   (07.27.07)
Sadly, even the I.D.F. is not immune from crazies.
10. a load of crap media spin
thats ,   just a load of   (07.27.07)
11. Dont U know ,onlyPals can do that sort of thing without fear
Alan ,   SA   (07.27.07)
12. A killing spree
Gazan ,   Gaza, Palestine   (07.28.07)
psychologically, when a group goes on a killing spree they lose discriminative ability after a while, and killing becomes a goal in itself.
13. USS Liberty
Dan ,   USA   (07.27.07)
As usual we see the flagrant disregard for innocent life that we saw with the USS Liberty incident and the UN Soldiers bombed by Israels jets last year, criminals to a man are the politicians of Israel who covered these things up..
14. to #13 Like the arabs never killed an American soldier?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.28.07)
Nice to have an anti semite like you write to y-net. Only our politicians are liars? I suppose hajj bush was honest with U.S. when he invaded iraq. Keep your nazi nose out of our business,you slime ball.
15. BBC anti Israel bias as usual
Lemar ,   uk   (07.28.07)
This story has warrented an anti Israel story by BBC. Israel's worst enemy is this anti Israel media. Almost everything that shows Israel in a bad light is broadcast yet so many terrible things in the world are ignored. Israel must ban them.
16. #14 but somtimes Semites lose a case for enormous gain !
17. Change The Damn Record #14
Dan ,   USA   (07.28.07)
Change the damn record, anytime anyone dares to critisize israel there all Nazis or Anti-Semites, same old crap israeli propagenda
18. #7
Ghandi ,   Palestine   (07.29.07)
I can understand ur anger at the Ynet, but I did not understand ur mixing and twisting of things; America wanted the PA to have guns not the Ynet, and u know perfectly if the American wants u out of Judea, u will be out. Ynet is reporting what is going on.Pls calm down and think rightly. let be no more killing of innocent people by mistake.
19. Significant differences in two accounts.
Reader ,   from Edmonton   (07.29.07),2506,L-3430685,00.html Ali Waked's account in ynet and this Hanan Greenberg account. Why?
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