Report: US planning big arms sale to Saudi Arabia
Published: 28.07.07, 07:42
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1. The Bush-Saudi Connection
Glenn ,   Canada   (07.28.07)
Time sequence from 1968 to September 11, 2001 - Very interesting reading.
2. The US backs another 'winner' . . .
Track record sucks!   (07.28.07)
3. Olmert got it right first.
Elisabeth McGrath ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.28.07)
Saudi Terrorists kill Americans on 9/11. America gives Saudis weapons. Arab Terrorists kill Israelis. Israel gives Arabs weapons. Now we know what George (no W) Bush meant when he was talking about his New World Order after the Gulf War: "Arm your enemies so they'll keep on killing your citizens for you".
4. hajj bush is no friend of Israel!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.28.07)
This dullard servant of the saudis is out to give the enemies of Israel weapons that will be used against Israel in the future. bush is an enemy of Israel that tries to pretend he is a friend. he will arm the palis,the saudis and other enemies of both Israel and the U.S.
5. I agree with 1-5
jack bauer ,   usa   (07.28.07)
either the republicans or democrats, it doesnt matter. Both parties are controlled by the same people. They will both act against Israel. By all means Israel should take the money...but it should verify and not just blindly trust the USA. It should prepare itself for war, and hope for peace. But the peace part doesnt look soon in the making
6. Bush did an excellent job fooling middle America
Terry L. ,   Los Angeles, CA, USA   (07.28.07)
But the jig's up, everyone understands that we've been folled and he wants to push these weapons to his Arab owners before his time's up.
7. typical of what the US does..
Micha   (07.28.07)
arm both sides and see who wins. in the end, only the dealers end up on top. sick. it must be stopped.
8. U.S. Arms Sales
mr ,   Israel   (07.28.07)
Money makes the world go round, the world go round. Arms and weaponry for all the Middle East should make for a lasting peace !! G-d help us
9. to What extent Israel is helping the situation in Iraq?
Saudi government is not helping the situation in Iraq
10. C'mon guys
Larry ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.28.07)
Within the past month ALL of you have filled your car up with Saudi Gas. Please don't be hypocrites. Saudis control the oil. US companies control the gas fields, lets keep it that way. It could be a LOT worse. If you want gas to be $10/per gallon, prepare for World War 3. Hag Samayach.
11. Bush Leagued with the Saudis
Petra ,   redomnd USA   (07.28.07)
Theory: Bush bankrupts America for the Saudis they pay nothing and American troops die in vain AND, Bush light refuses to purchase the "Trophy' for any help/aid to our troops and the IEDs that murder and maim them daily. Sound like a real 'right wingnut' conspiracy? Na, just the facts mam, just the facts. Could be the scenario for "the end of days."
12. Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia
Brod ,   USA   (07.28.07)
Selling arms to the Saudis, whose thugs slaughtered 3000 Americans on 9/11 and are the main sponsor of Islamist-Jihadist Terrorisms around the world, including killing Americans in Iraq, is the greatest STUPIDITY of all time. Congress should stop this crap and do a thorough investigation of the Saudis and their connections to Islamist-Jihadist Terrorisms around the world. The fact is there would be no Al Queda without Saudi funding and Saudi terrorists. READ: "Secrets of the Kingdom" [2005] by Gerald Posner. "Hatred's Kingdom" [2003] by Dore Gold. "Jihad Incorporated" [2006] by Steven Emerson. "They Just Don't Get It" [2005] by Colonel David Hunt. "Sleeping With The Devil" [2003] by Robert Baer. "Preachers of HATE" [2004] by Kenneth R. Timmerman. "Funding Evil" [2003] by Rachel Ehrenfeld
xtr ,   Norway   (07.28.07)
..who profit on the conflict and makes the next conflicts worse than all the previous ones added up togheter
14. What are you all complaining about?
Eric ,   Israel   (07.28.07)
15. oops...more here...
Eric ,   Israel   (07.28.07)
The Saudi's are getting 20bil over 10 years. We are getting 30bil over 10 years in addition to the 3bil per year we already get. We have nukes, everyone else in the ME doesn't. Get over the idea of America supporting us unconditionally; they have interests, they have needs, and at the end of the day they are still our best friend.
16. worst evil
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.28.07)
How can the people of the Book be so easliy decieved ? It is because they have forgotten the God of the Book Israel has been seduced by a friend to surrender her land for nothing iun return. The US has armed Egypt with the best of weapons and the same goes for all those other neighbors who threaten the shrinking land of infidel Jews. Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Syria and Iran are allies and friends when it comes to their desire for Israel . and the blind fools of Israel stil can't figure out that they have been selected as the sheep to be slaughtered,sacrificed for the evil superpower leader and his new world Order minus Israel.
17. Weapon to Saudi Arabia courtsey of the USA
Monique   (07.28.07)
Won't this come back to bite the American people in the butt later? Wasn't it America who armed the Afganastan fighters against Russian Invaders,? Now the afgans are using those weapons against the american soldiers in their hunt for Al Quida. Didn't America learn its lesson from that experience,the Arabs will take your weapons to fight their enemies ,but once they get rid of their enemy, they will turn the weapons on America or Israel mark my word. You cannot trust the Saudi Gov. they do what is best for themselves at the time, and believe me if push came to shove they would use the weapons against the americans and Israel! You have been warned!!!!
18. Arming the enemies of freedom and the American way
roxy   (07.28.07)
Stupid to give arms to the enemy, anyone with half a brain realizes that they will eventually be turned against the United States by Saudi Arabia, Egypt all that is needed is for their present gov. to be overthrown! Extremeism is overflowing in these Arab muslim countries and it is only a matter of time before they revolt against the moderate gov. they have there now. Don't arm the enemies of the United States and Israel it is sheer foolishness! Arm Israel and stand back donot tie our hands behind our back again, let Israel do what needs to be done, before Iran gets nukes,once Iran is dealt with the rest of the Arab countries will fall in line and won't be a threat! Tell Olmert to ready the home front with shelters ,gas masks, chem suits, give us the monies noow to arm ourselves,tell the anti semetic UN to bugger off and attack Iran now before they get the Bomb!!!!!!
19. In total $50bn worth of weaponry will be put into ME
Damir ,   Russia   (07.28.07)
20. #16 Another daily dose of poisonous qassams again???
Blah, blah, blah. ,   we don't hear you.   (07.29.07)
21. bad policy
paulo2005 ,   lisbon,portugal   (07.29.07)
us armed saddam against Iran and ultimately saddam invaded kuwait. Now US is arming saudi arabia that still is at war with israel. Its bad policy to arm countries that are ennemies of US allies.
22. At a time when Saudis are warming up relations
john ,   nz   (07.29.07)
with Syria and Iran. What is Bush trying to achieve? I say he's shooting himself in the foot
23. Ethiopia in Ezekiel ch. 38 is probably Saudi Arabia, not...
Rivkah   (07.29.07)
African Ethiopia. That is important because there are reportedly 140,000 armed and ready for war Turkish troops at the Iraq border and Iran pilots are bombing American soldiers in Iraq. The war with Magog (Russia), Arabian Ethiopia, Persia, Syria, Gomer (Germany?), Togormah (Turkey), Libya et al against Israel and America is about to begin. Why supply arms to Saudi Arabia that is about to attack us? Ezekiel ch. 32 says the multitude (military) of a young lion nation that is described to sound like America will be destroyed by a sword of the king of Babylon. The weapons of mass destruction from Iraq (Babylon) are buried in the Bakaa Valley of Lebanon according to the ELS codes...or at least the WERE buried there if they have not been moved. The great war coming is NOT Armageddon. Armageddon comes later.
24. Proof the War is a sharrade
Josh   (07.29.07)
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