Olmert: US committed to Israel's security
Ronny Sofer
Published: 29.07.07, 11:34
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1. $30 billion over the next decade ?
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (07.29.07)
So bush really doesn't want the "peace road map"to work over the next decade,does he? he speaks in peace but invests in war? Ah,and I have just discovered that "oslo plan" is a SAUDI plan,which was embraced by the quartet. An arab plan is always a cunning plan for Israel's destruction. When will Israel wake up for this madness and start using its own brains(not the current evil ,acquiescent and dishonest brains)to finally resolv its own problems?
2. Till when are we gonna depend on US
Arad ,   Israel   (07.29.07)
Israel has its own thinking, no body can protect us as we do!!!! Move this corrupted PM.
3. Moshe Feiglin for PM- get rid of all the failures!!
Jew ,   Israel   (07.29.07)
Moshe Feiglin for head of the Likud and PM of Israel, and then we can finally have ISRAEL worry about Israel's security!!! We didn't lose the last war because our gear wasn't high-tech enough, but rather because we had lost the belief in the justice of our cause!! Because the zero nobody had faith and our leaders didn't!! It's time to elect someone with a G-d, the G-d of the Jews. Someone who can look his people in the eye and tell them the truth. It's time for Moshe Feiglin for PM of Israel!!!! (english) or (hebrew) for more info.
4. U.S. Committed to U.S.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.29.07)
Countries don't have friends, they have interests. In addition, the Bush administration does what they perceive, rightly or wrongly, in their interest. That's how the world works. Our country is the exception since Oslo - our leadership understands every other country's strategic interest except our own.
5. US comitted to ensuring Israel is defenceless
Nannette ,   London   (07.29.07)
The US does not have friend, it only has interests... and those interests are oil, which is something that Israel doesn't have. America is "best friends" with the Saudis, and will ensure the implementation of the "Saudi Plan" which gives land to the Palestinians in exchange for.... nothing. Olmert, Livni & Co., are quite prepared to go along with this return to the "Auschwitz borders", although when things heat up, I'm sure they'll leave Israel and live quite happily from the proceeds of their sell-out of the Jewish state. They don't care for and have never cared for Israel. They're more interested in having their egos massaged, and of course the photos ops, maintained by the media whom they have in the palm of their hand.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.29.07)
The standard of ancient Rome and modern Rome is the same--the eagle. After the 9th of the month of Av, our people, in denial of history and the past, never think that we are being guided by a force greater than humans in uniforms. We have become too dependent on others because we are afraid and have no faith. It's not modern,up-to-date to believe in a heavenly power and, therefore, we are losing morale and strength because our former ideology is gone and the idol of money has taken its place among us. What will we have to experience in order to resolve our problems since they seem to worsen each year?
7. America not committed to Israel's security
Mordechai ,   Boca Raton USA   (07.29.07)
Trust me America is not committed to Israel's security. The next president will be a Democrat. The democratic party is committed to Palestine not Israel. Hillary Clinton and Barak Hussein are part of the radical left. Once elected they will be committed to the lefts policy of replacing Israel with Palestine. If you can't defend yourself America is not behind you.
8. Olmert...what a nutball. Does he really think US, and
RBY ,   Tel Aviv   (07.29.07)
especially Condi Rice, are really going to do something significant to help protect us? We need to build some other strategic alliances, especially with India and others who have the same interest in a nuclear free islamic world and stop depending on the US for everything.
9. security of what little is left of Israel ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.29.07)
By the time the U.S. is done with their evil agenda there will be too little of israel to keep secure. Israel is being reduced to indefensible borders ,ghetto's if you will that will be easily exterminated by the jihadists. Israel goes along willingly like dumb sheep to their own organized slaughter The carrot of promising Israel's security is too pave the way to remove all Jews from Judea and Samaris. Is the average Israeli that easy to buy off with lies ?
10. 30bil over 10 yrs= 3bil. Isn't that what we get now?
How is this an 'increase' in aid?
11. Moshe Feiglin's knwledge of the REAL US and it's agenda!
ilana   (07.29.07)
Set aside your arguments on a religious" Israel and concentrate on a SAFE Israel. Moshe Feiglin has a full understanding of the US, its CIA, and State Dept. agenda regarding Israel. So, they promise a token amount of aid to Israel over the next 10 years? WHAT are they giving to the Arabs NOW? It is time Israel wake up and choose a PM to stop this insanity!
12. #9 Daily you spew your hate towards us. We don't care about
you. Go play some ,   golf now. Israel   (07.29.07)
13. If the US is so committed
ralphsrant ,   USA   (07.29.07)
Why don't they say it all I hear is how good the Palis Claims are and how we must help them and give up more. With friends like these who needs enemies.
14. US commited to Israel security. Problem: Olmert isn't!
meir elazar   (07.29.07)
15. #11 Amen, Great talk back!!!!!!!
Jan ,   usa   (07.29.07)
16. The CIA trains Fatah, great friends they are!!
Shiloh   (07.29.07)
We are so blind to how the modern day rome lures us into sleep. A friend is someone who helps with no motive behind it. As the oil supplies get tight and the Arabs cut back oil to protect themselves, don't expect the US to worry about 5 million Jews when you have 300 million pissed off americans waiting in line for gasoline. We have been dupped.
17. Congratulation to the USA tax payers
Israel should thank the American zionist loby for puting presure over the USA governments , can the IDF now defeat the Hizballah army with this 30billion ??? we will see in the next show .
18. "Qualitative" advantage is a lie....
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.29.07)
The Nazis had better tanks and planes but the USA produced more than they could destroy - we simply outnumbered them in the end. In 1973, the Syrians showed that an infantry equipped with many shoulder-fired anti-tank rockets can destroy the finest heavy-tank brigade. The USA is talking of giving the Arab countries the very latest weapons- but they'll give Israel "a little something" that gives it 'a qualitative' advantage. I don't buy it. Russia is selling Iran 250 top-line fighters. The USA will equip the Arab League with billions of dollars of weaponry to defend itself from Iran. Yeah, right. Like Iran will go after Saudi Arabia before it goes after Israel. If this is the best idea that Washington can come up with, then the Middle East is in terrific danger.
The U.S. is ALSO selling jet fighters to Israel's enemies! Olmert! WAKE UP!
20. Israel will be forced to defend itself...Alone
jack bauer ,   warned, usa   (07.29.07)
and most likely it will be against many enemies at the same time. And I would think that even countries with a current "peace" treaty will be a threat The wolves are circling, and the USA will not defend Israel. The current govt in the states is on the way out. And its replacements will be even worse. Do you really think nancy pelosi and her ilk will be loyal to the defense of the jews?
21. America made it clear that they WILL NOT aid Israel in war!
Nannette ,   London   (07.29.07)
22. THIS STUPID BASTARD...........................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (07.29.07)
23. perfidious albion
leo solomon ,   nahariya,israel   (08.14.07)
Britain is creaping back to its default position :anti zionist,anti semetic and pro arab.The government has embraced the left's mantra:love your enemy and hate your friends.
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