Sudan: Jews behind Darfur conflict
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 29.07.07, 20:29
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1. Same old blame game
James ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.29.07)
Isn't it typical of tyranical governments to use Jews as scapegoats rather than looking within their own countries for the causes to national problems?
2. if mohammed said it, it must be true.
israeli ,   bat yam   (07.29.07)
Mohammed Hussein said it.
3. Only now
Isragirl   (07.29.07)
they figured out whom to blame? How long this conflict has been going on? They are not a very creative lot, are they...
4. Yup! I Knew it was the Jews Fault
Tired of winning ,   Canada   (07.29.07)
5. of course they behind it who else
hassan al sudani ,   blue nile   (07.29.07)
were is the mass graves for 200,000 if it true now that we solve the south problem they create problem in the east jews you are unbelievable ,how you master in creating havoc on other people take arest solve your own problem how about the refuges you create 4 million of them why the jewish organization look after them becuase they of your own making
6. More Unbelievable Islamic BS
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (07.29.07)
We're fast getting to the point that there is so much outrageous BS spouted by Moslems that you can't believe any of it.
7. Arab Janjaweed commit genocide - and then blame the Jews
Nannette ,   London   (07.29.07)
The Sudanese government backed Arab Janjaweed commit genocide, commit daily attacks on Darfur reugees - and then they have the nerve to blame Jews! Give me a break!
8. The same old blame game
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (07.29.07)
Even when we try to help we are castigated!! Screw them all!! Help the people of Sderot!!!
9. Was there ever any doubt ?
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.29.07)
Why don't they bring it to the United Nations and have them pass a simple resolution. FORBIDDEN TO BE A JEW.
10. Martian Invasion
Mark ,   South Africa   (07.29.07)
Yip, we Jews are behind the coming Martian invasion as well. Please pinch me, i know im not dreaming......
11. Recent floods in UK caused by 24 Jewish organizations...!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (07.29.07)
..these guys simply enjoy hating others..
12. Why Arabs, antisemites or delusional leftists get married?
Uzi ,   Haifa   (07.29.07)
Because they haven't managed to blame Israel and/or the US for everything. Why they marry late in life? Because of the time they lose trying to blame Israel and/or the US for everything.
13. Is it that far fetched?
Jorge ,   Sacramento   (07.29.07)
I've been a consistent Israel suporter for years now now and continue to believe the US has legitimate responsibility to the Jewish people. But is it really that far fetched to believe that they might be in their best interests to replace the current 'Sudanese regime?
14. is there anythign the jews are not responsible for
zionist forever   (07.29.07)
If a jew gave an arab a million dollars for his birthday as a gift he wouldnt say its the fault of the jews I am a very rich man now he would say its because I had a birthday that I am very rich and the jews should be condemed for allowing me not to get all this money years ago. If an arab tripped over his shoe lace in the street fell over and broke his leg then the arab would say this is the jews fault .. they make these laces and they are not made to a high standard so the jews can make more money and because of this I fell over. Or the jews have sattalites they could see I was going to fall but they didnt call me on my cellphone to warn me I wa s about to fall. Find something bad that the jews are not responsible for and it will be such a big mirricle it will make the creation story look like ab everyday event not somethign that could be considered a mirricle. Time for the jews to stop intefearing with world events
15.  A.R.M. Hussein accuses the
bike riders of the whole world and the Jews for all the wrongs of his country and for his government's criminal activities against the Christian Darfurians. "Why the bike riders?" he would wonder. "Why the Jews ?" all others would wonder. This so-called defense minister has descended upon Earth to play the theatre of absurd and to splatter his vile words, infesting television networks and electronic news with mind boggling and icey hatred.
16. blame the Jews blame the Jews..
ricjard ,   england   (07.29.07)
same old story anything happening around the world thats bad people start blaming the Jews/Israel... sudanese ethnic cleansing their own peope and the blame the Jews/Israel...what next because it has rained non stop in britain for 3 weeks and thousands are homeless becasue of flooding will the british anti-semites blame it on the Jews or a conspiracy of Mossad doing the rain dance in london...pathetic propaganda from barbaric governments who kill their own people...out of interest was the sudanese minister a moslem or christian ??? i bet i can guess...
17. Ignorant idiot wouldn't be able to find Israel on the map
Arthur ,   sf, ca   (07.29.07)
18. #13
Jason ,   Houston, TX   (07.29.07)
Jorge, Neither Israel nor the US is interested in playing "topple the regime" in Sudan. Way too much of a headache to engage in this. Both have far bigger concerns to deal with.
19. UN Watch
James   (07.29.07)
I dont know if you have heard of "UN Watch" but apparentley its a leading voice at the United Nations for the victims of Darfur and an active member of the Globe for Darfur coalition. This organisation is pretty much run by pro-Israeli Jews.
20. Even more motivation 4 UK UCU,Architects,Drs,Tr Uns to attac
Alan ,   SA   (07.29.07)
Israeli Zionists!! Its the Zionists fault ..They love Jews in UK -its just the Zionists that causes the trouble in Dafur.
21. #14
mark ,   ca   (07.29.07)
Global warming??? :-)))
22. It was only a matter of time
RA   (07.30.07)
When in doubt...blame the Jews! Works every single time. Expect BBC's senior "journalists" to start justifying this.
23. #53, you're an idiot!
24. and we bloody Jews sank the Titanic too
bob ,   potomac md   (07.30.07)
iceberg--goldberg--what's the difference
25. 67 War Arab Radio Said Jews Being Pushed into Sea
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.30.07)
26. Take care of your own!
Ajay Kaur ,   Bombay, India   (07.30.07)
With thousands of Jews below the poverty line, I wonder why the Jewish people want to get involved in the Darfur crisis. There Muslim Arabs and Muslim blacks Africans are killing each other -as they have been doing for centuries. Keep out of this conflict and take care of your own!
27. UN Watch #19
M├írcia ,   Brazil   (07.30.07)
Indeed, UN Watch is a great org. I'm on their mailing list, btw. URL: Or:
28. #5 you are cursed
29. #19 and your point is?
rachel ,   usa   (07.30.07)
30. pass the bong
clown ,   usa   (07.30.07)
This dude even made the Hamas members crack a smile, thats some good funny stuff he has there.
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