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Smells like racism
David Regev
Published: 02.08.07, 18:02
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1. You don't have to be Yemenite
C McCoy ,   Canada   (08.02.07)
Upon reading a health book decades ago (the hippy era), I decided to give fenugreek a try. I arrived at a tiny health food store run by a hippy, before the corporate world started running those. Not seeing it on the shelf, I asked him. His reaction, incredulous, but how would a person like you (read mainstream) know about fenuigreek? I asked him whether this was a business or a political venture, if the former, simply sell me it. And there it was, worth all of 99 cents.
2. offended yemenite
hanina   (08.02.07)
3. Offended Non-Yemenite
JewishDragonfly ,   Torrance, CA, USA   (08.02.07)
I'm not Yememite and had been a reader of Yated Ne'eman. By and large I liked the paper. (Yes, it's biased, but it never pretends to be not advocating a particular possition.) However, I agree that this is beyond the acceptable. It isn't only the writer, but the editors who should have known better. Someone has to brush up on ahavas Yisroel if they think it is an acceptable thing to say. If someone doesn't like fenugreek, then don't eat it. But don't bash one of the oldest Torah communities in the world because their customary spices are different than the ones you prefer!
4. someone once said I smell bad after sports practice
jack bauer ,   usa   (08.02.07)
But I had practice 5 days a week in the afternoon, and a game on the weekend. So almost everyday I smelled between 4 - 7pm everyday I had to go and wash the stink away. Surely it was was my right to smell funny and the comment was obviously bigoted. where do I sign up to sue for my thousands?
5. Ynet, did you have to???
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.02.07)
Although the article may not be funny to Yemenites, putting a particular add below the article is hilarious. That on top of fennugreek, and I'm never coming to Israel. This is not helping your tourist industry :-)
6. Haredim and Yemenites
David ,   Anchorage   (08.02.07)
Are these the same Haredim who are hostile towards Israel for cutting off the zimanim (payot) of the Yemenites upon arrival in Israel? Now they bash the Yemenites? By the way, I don't know if there is any truth in the claim of the Haredim that Israel cut off the payot of the Yemenites. I know that is one of their accusations against Israel.
7. I'm Ashkenazi, religious, and LOVE hilbeh
sh   (08.02.07)
And I believe in personal hygene, showering daily and wearing deodorant.
8. insulting words
Bijuna John ,   toronto, Canada   (08.02.07)
That is very insulting thing to say . One cannot help the way they are. It is what is inside the heart that counts
9. #7 You are one of the few who do!!!
10. amateur hour
avi ,   ny   (08.02.07)
Do any of the writers of YNET ever consult a dictionary. Racism refers to negatve prejudicial views of another RACE!!!!!!!. Yemenite Jews are the same race. David#6 the labor dibs did cut off the Yemenite payot. They wanted gay transvestite singers more than torah Jews.
11. #3 - Thank you.
12. It smell like racism
L. Bara ,   usa   (08.02.07)
And ynet smell like s---t. You will do anything to put your religious brothers in the dust, but this is sick, you feel guilty to be a non-believer, when everything indicastes to the contrary. I know you, I was like you...
13. YNETNEWS the biggest instigators of hate between jews.
jack ,   usa   (08.02.07)
good job again! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!
14. PLease forgive your brother it wasnt meant to hurt.
yaakov   (08.02.07)
NO Matter what the Media Says. I Am Charedi I am your Brother in everything you do. I love you I care for you and I pray for you. Dont let the Media try to instigate fights within Our Family. If there is anything I can do to help another jew please email me. I will not let those self hating jews rip OUR family apart. Am Yisrael Chai. Yaakov Shalom
15. YNet, you are disgusting
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.02.07)
The Yated writer used poor judgment, she was stupid. It is a fact that if you eat a lot of garlic, you will smell like garlic, if you eat a lot of jalapenos, you will smell like jalapenos, if you eat a lot of cumin, etc. That is why I eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies. :) YNet's articles about religious Jews are a hundred times worse than anything Yated wrote about the Yemenites.
16. smell.
j. hardisty ,   usa   (08.02.07)
As a vet.,from the Yom kippor War,that eats pork,I hope you rel. thank the many non-relig.that put their lives on line. While you sit in your rel. schools. B,Shalom,Le,Kol Israel.
17. Like Litvak Mitnagdim in the Jerusalem summer heat
Jake   (08.03.07)
They just smell like roses, don't they?
18. They reek of pungent spices?
Cameron ,   USA   (08.02.07)
Be grateful your noses are faced with such a mild problem, Israelis. Brother, that is nothing to compared to having to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on a crowded Chicago bus at the end of a hot, humid summer day.
19. To #15
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.03.07)
Do those cookies work? All they do for me is lay on the blubber. As for smelling like garlic, look at it this way: #1 the Italian Jewish guys will follow you home and #2 you will never end up with ticks. :-)
20. A small boy brought home letter fr Teacher"Your son smells!"
Alan ,   SA   (08.03.07)
21. I sed my son to school to learn not 2 B smelledMother replid
22. Sinat chinam. You guys should know better.
Rivka ,   Israel   (08.03.07)
I am a charedi, half ashkenaz and half Yeminite.So which half of me smells???????? Set a better example and practice what you preach.
23. Fenugreek (Hilbe) cured me of diabetes!
David Hagadol ,   Israel   (08.03.07)
Years ago, I had very high glucose levels, a sign that my diabetes condition was deteriorating, and my doctor warned me that they may have to amputate me left leg. A Yemenite friend (who is also a doctor) told me to try fenugreek, and I did. 3 spoonfulls a day, for 6 months, and my glucose was back to normal, and the people in the diabetes clinic were amazed! If the idiot who wrote that article wants her family or friends to die of diabetes, it's HER PROBLEM! Just don't go around offending other people and their VERIFIED folklore cuisine/medicine!
24. title should include "human rights abuse"
izzyd   (08.03.07)
there was no racism but stupidity. and the story is obvious. the social activist has got his "sensitive tentacles" sniffing the air for a possible "injustice" and what seems like "discrimination" and even worse "blatant abuse of hurting peoples feelings" and he has gone off and convince a yeminite spice dealer who would be at the heart of the matter to go and complain., the writer of the remark was stupid and should apologize, but far worse damage has been done by the well intentioned but wrongly directed social activists. is long live bush!!!
25. No. 5 M. Hartley
NYC Girl   (08.03.07)
Believe me, it's not just fenugreek that's a problem. I often had the misfortune of having to ride on a crowded NYC subway before they were air conditioned, and if you're surrounded by people from certain ethnic groups whose diet includes a lot of garlic, you would quickly become aware of the fact that the stuff literally seeps through their pores, and the same is true for curry. The problem, in this case, though, is that some of these ultra-Orthodox Eastern European Jews have an unfortunate tendency to denigrate Israelis who originally came from Arab countries. What's so ironic, though, is that smelling crappy is an accusation that's often aimed at the Haredim because of the fact that they wear heavy black clothes in the hottest weather, and their personal hygiene isn't always as scrupulous as it should be.
26. To #25
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.03.07)
Way back, when hubby and I were dirt-poor and had to take the bus everywhere, I taught him a little game that, when we could afford cars, he almost missed. We lived in one hot as hell place known as B'Ham AL, just to give you a background. That man would get bent out of shape over how people smelled. So, I suggest that we close our eyes at every stop and try to figure out the country of origin or the color of people who got on the bus and passed by our seats. The "loser" would spring for a hotdog, a major treat at that time. Once hubby got the hang of it, he'd be almost disappointed, when nobody showed up with a different BO from the run-of-the-mill type. He had no idea how many of the locals, especially those non-drinking Baptists, were, according to their BO, knee-deep into beer, when I, of German origin, didn't even touch the stuff. On the other hand, he became an expert with respect to "Curry People." Now that he's gone, one of my fondest memories is his sitting on a public bus, howling at my off-handed comment that, instead of griping, he should be damn' thankful that we all didn't go barefoot in addition to eating weird things. I do, however, know for a fact that we never encountered a Yemenite or we would have had to track down the scent for that fennygreek. After all, neither one of us had known about curry, either. As with everything else, it's not what's going on, but how you look at it, and I liked my Sweetie a lot better, when he wasn't angry about something over which we had no control, e.g. other people's BO. Heck, with all this airconditioning, deodorant stuff and going around encapsulated in cars, you no longer know where people come from, and I, too, kind of miss that. Now, I have to wait till they open their mouths to hear the accent. Trust me, I have no compunction to ask them where they're from, either, and I've, yet, to meet anyone who resented my question. After all, they hear my accent and have been wondering about it, too. If everybody smelled and talked and thought like me, I couldn't stand the boredom. Based on the bland, pre-packaged junk I now eat, I'd be a big zero on any bus or subway, if it weren't for that accent of mine. I really do, however, hate to hear this kind of nonsense from people who, instead of sticking together for what they have in common, go after each other based on differences in dress, how they wear their hair or smell; the very excuses based on which they have been hounded for so long and in so many places.
27. It smells
charles ,   Petach tikva   (08.03.07)
And what when you are sitting near heavy smokers ? As i lived for a certain time in Rosh Ha'ayin , where many Temanim live , i encountered them often on buses . The only thing i observed with them was that they were much more smiling people than many of our other people . Smiling People , with smiling faces , GREAT .
28. Rivka
charles ,   petach tikva   (08.03.07)
One half of you smells Yemenite , the second half Aschkenase . Maybe that this mixing makes you smell as a rose ? Who knows ?
29. Apology ? Not good enough....
Saadia Terry ,   Yemen   (08.03.07)
My opinion is if you cant stand the heat keep out of the kitchen. In other words if you cant stand the smell "back off ". Yemenite cuisine is the most tastiest and heathiest food in the world , not to mention their culture!!!
30. Fenuigreek is HILBE???
ahkenaziyawho adores ,   teimanim   (08.03.07)
I ADORE it, and beg borrow or steal it whenever and however I can. On soft challah, yummy, nothing like it. Ynet fanning and spreading hatred nonstop as I wrote an hour ago... Ynet has a fixation with chareidim, due to their own meaningless empty lives no doubt.
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