'Anti-Israel conference' slammed
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 03.08.07, 13:28
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1. Why these likeminded people not choosing Mecca as venue??
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.03.07)
2. What about the in-alienable right of the jewish people??
andrew ,   miami,fl   (08.03.07)
3. Old story ....
Hans ,   Markdorf,Germany   (08.03.07)
EU should read Tora and will find (like in Balaq 22,12 and Yirmeyahu 2,3) HIS view about the holy people.
4. ISRAEL ,better start showing some teeth
Marcel ,   Floirda   (08.03.07)
The weak and timid ,the tired of war and appeasers do not survive in this neighborhood. Olmert is the image of a defeatist soon to be extinct people. Better send him and Peres to the dog pound ,maybe someone will adopt these two old goy dogs ? It's time to end the weak and cowardly restraint,retreat and surrender of your land for nothing but lie in return.
5. The UN is a sham..
Evan ,   Israel   (08.03.07)
6. dismantle UN
Micha   (08.03.07)
it's all propaganda from the saudis. controlled by arab money. truly disgusting. a sham and phony. It needs to be outed and routed. Time to have a conference to show the true face of the UN. Why not a conference on human rights abuses in the arab middle east or specifically by moslem majority countries??? Or are people too scared or doing this for fear of being beheaded. The reason people pick on the Jews is because the Jews generally don't fight back. And certainly don't fight back violently.
7. Israel in under the spot
John ,   London,UK   (08.03.07)
UN knows Israel is occupying Palestinians land for 40 years. Israel has consistantly violated international laws and ignored UN Resolutions. Everyone can see how Israel oppresses the Palestinian population. It is time for Israel to stop its occupation of other people's land. World is beginning to dislike Israel, a lot.
8. Start using that stamp!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.03.07)
Start using that "Banned from Israel for 5 years" stamp at the passport control. Racist delegates and journalists whose business is bashing and demonizing Israel and taking a one-sided view to the conflict, should not be allowed to enter Israel. Let them enjoy the Hezbollah, Iranian and Hamas hospitality instead.
9. NGO Monitor is full of crap
George W ,   Chicago IL   (08.03.07)
These clowns can't role out of bed in the morning without smearing 10 innocent people with accusations of anti-Semitism. Anyone who doesn't support hardline Avigdor Lieberman-style bigotry 150% is Hitler incarnate. Anyone who doesn't agree that Israel has the right to shoot anyone it wants and steal any land it likes is Eichmann come back to life. Sure there are anti-Semites in the world, but NGO Monitor is so full of crap they are a joke. Besides, does anyone seriously believe that Israel, a nuclear state with the strongest army in the region and a populace that shows absolutely no signs of surrender, is going to be destroyed by NGOs? Has anyone ever been to an NGO, or worked for one? Most of them couldn't destroy a wet paper bag, much less destroy a state.
10. Biased NGO Monitor
JZ   (08.03.07)
NGO Monitor from Jerusalem probably sees anything that's not 100% pro-Israel as being anti-Israel. If any group held a conference that said ONE bad thing about Israel, NGO Monitor would call it "anti Israel propoganda." Just because people rightly criticize Israel for many of its' policy does not mean that they want to destroy Israel or that they are anti-semetic. Many rightists do not know how to handle criticism and therefore they recoil and use the standard tactic of saying your "anti-Israel." Same thing happens in the US, to some, if you dare question the Iraq War or any other policy you're "anti-American." The only way to make these people at NGO Monitor happy, is probably to not say anything negative about Israel at all!
stude ham   (08.03.07)
And the world will stand by wringing its hands at how oh so awful this 'civil' holocaust is. The good news is that the UN will be too deeply involved in the cattle dung of sudan to give this proposed racist conference any particular priority.
Atilla Liman ,   Karagözoğlu   (08.03.07)
over over OVER AGAIN.
13. john the biased of londonistan,
simple simon   (08.03.07)
your constant claim of the 'world' really means nothing more than your biased, lopsided, warped prejudices against Israel. I am also of the world, but I empathize with the Jews. I learned a lot of their plights and sufferings, through the Bible and through human history. Go on, stay being blind, prejudiced, warped-minded yourself, but STOP pulling me along.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.03.07)
Although I have been censored of lately,lets give it another try. A big part of this anti Israel sentiment,is to blame on the israeli media and their unrelenting pushing of the secular zionist agenda. Their articles are clearly anti religious,they promote for jews to be evicted from our land and yet they have the gutspah to expect the nations to like them. There is one lesson our hellenists have never learned, the more they try to emulate the nations , the more they will hate us. One can give many examples in our long history were this occured,including in germany before ww II. It is surprising that we are still in the UN , but that is only because of the USA. Seeing the detoriating level of (hate to use this word) of journalism here i n Israel,one can only expect increased hatred towards us.
15. Why am I not surprised again and again?
NGO Monitor and 6-pence-a-dozen of other NGO-s may pave their road to hell with their best intentions like "peaceful intentions", "a two state solution" and many other, but they keep on failing miserably to convince even a child in Israel. Why do they fail time in and time out ? Simply because their real intentions are the DESTRUCTION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL. It has been going on ever since the begginings of our existence in the Holy Land, then of modern Israel, with lots of innocent victims throughout the history, but we NEVER gave in. We will continue to stubbornly oppose all your cheap and transparent attempts of destrying us even if some of you are backed by the UN and the EU. Start getting used to it and finally, for your own sanity, lay off our backs. We have our Torah, you have your anti-Semitism. Instead, you may focus on plenty of real crime spots. What about Iran's "willing executioners" ? What about abominable Hamas and Hezbollah crimes ? What about Arab fratricide from Pakistan to Syria? What about starting to get really worried about overboiling Arab populations in Europe who are dissatisfied with the European "inequities" ? Haven't you noticed they have already started to "fix" these "inequities" by jihading around the UK, France, etc. ? So, once and forever, go speak whatever you want whereever you please, it won't budge any of us !
16. i wonder
how many jews and pro israel speakers were invited to attend and speak. the whole premise of these conferences is to give the arabs and terrorists a legitimate platform for the request of the "final solution" for the israeli state under the unbrella of a "legitimate conference".
17. John in Londonistan..while getting off his
exposing John,Rustum ,   Londonistan   (08.03.07)
Prayer mat.......spews antisemite garbage in his cokney accent. You are no diffrent than Jack Philby. An antisemite in disguise.
18. Herr Wolfgang Grieger, another German Israel Basher
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (08.03.07)
Herr Wolfgang Grieger is another example that many Germans remain Jew and Israel bashers / antisemites.
19. Well said #17!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.03.07)
These scumbags keep spewing out the same hate-filled messege over and over in the hopes that people will actually buy into their propoganda. Whenever Israel does something that contradicts their position, they are silent. The same with palestinian actions that hurt their case...silence. Pure, hypocritical garbage!!!
20. really folks,
alll these gatherings amount to nothing at all. you see, in the late 20th century and early 21st century, it is absolutely in bad taste to say kike, yid, bash the jews, show public antisemitism, has become taboo and politically incorrect. since those antisemites and jew haters cannot come straight out and say exactly what they about jews, they create "legitimate forums" AND "LEGITIMATE CONFERENCES SUPPORTED BY WORLD LEADERS" to thurn their antisemitism into a politically correct bashing. they vent their hate through "legitimate conferences", "legitimate boycots", but never really admitt the underlying reasons for these get togethers. they are now finding it easy to bash israel and jews by condemning the "inhuman israeli occupation of palestinians". after all, it is a legitimate reason in thgeir eyes....."we are not antisemites, just anti occupation". these people could care less about the palestinians and their conditions. they, as well as tghe 21 arab nations use them as pawns to hit israel psychologically and politically. again, these people that head these conferences glorify the arab cause because they wqould like nothing better than to see "jewish and israeli trouble makers disappear".
21. I do not support these foolish conferences
Jack bauer ,   ashamed of the EU   (08.03.07)
And most of the people in my town (except the moslem immigrants) support Israel and do not listen to the trash thrown around the airwaves everyday. Those morons setting up the conference that were EU politicians are a joke...and everyone knows it! I didnt vote for them...and nobody else did either. But hey, you dont have to vote for someone in order for them to get into those positions. The elections should have been void since the turnout was so abysmally low. You think tzipi, olmert and company are bad? think they dont represent well? didnt vote them in? Most of the EU is the same.
22. It seems that none of you read the second half of the story.
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (08.03.07)
It is much more satisfying to read a few words and then launch into tirades about anti-Semites. Apparently everybody is an anti-Semite. The whole world wakes up in the morning intent upon harming the Jews and goes to bed at night plotting their demise instead of sleeping. Its amazing that anything gets done in the world. Where do the anti-Semites find the time to engage in other activities?
23. #22 sorry buddy, but I read that part too
jack bauer ,   usa   (08.04.07)
and its a joke. oh and the whole world does not wake up mornings intent on harming jews.....just about 1/3 of them but thats a shocker, right? Since you probably think that jews manipulate and control the "whole" world
24. NGO's not interested in rights of Jewish refugees
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (08.04.07)
How can there be a peaceful settlement if the jewish refugees from arab lands are not included. As usual the stinking europeans are giving support to a group against the jews.
25. #7 You are tarnishing my good name
john ,   nz   (08.04.07)
Don't you worry, London, UK will be Islamised soon. Then you can stick yor Arsk up 5 times a day
26. american anti-semites
bri ,   phil usa   (08.04.07)
lets see five million american jews 13 in senate and 30 in house close to forty million blacks 1 in senate and 41 in house now where are the anti-semites in america?
27. #22
this is the question i am asking you too. from all your posts, you do indeed spend tons of time bashing jews and israel as a country, caling it all sorts of vile names. so,why do you spend so so so much of your time contributinmg to something you find distasteful time wise? seems to me that considering you post your garbage on ynet 24/7 with great frequency, i do believe you are exactly the kind of person that is antisemetic, a jew hater and an israel basher.
28. In my part of the world Israel is admired and respected
Carlos Murphy ,   Red Hill Auatralia   (08.04.07)
In my part of the world and in many other parts of the world,Israel is very well liked. It lost a bit of it's shine,because of the Lebanon fiasco.But all in all it is still very well regarded. Lonny leftists aren't the only people on this earth.
29. 27 Perhaps you haven't noticed that the Israel - Palestinian
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (08.04.07)
problem is one of the most important issues of our time. One does not have to be anti-Semitic to spend time studying the situation and arguing on one side rather than the other.
30. Marcel-you should go to this conference- You hate Israel.
Da'vid ,   Netanya   (08.04.07)
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