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'Establish Islamic state'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 05.08.07, 16:26
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31. #3 - Really, Mordehcai, wow! Tell me more!!
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (08.05.07)
So this is Islam?? Wow! I did not know that! Neither did any of my friends! And we're Muslims! Can you enlighten me with some more of your Islamic teachings, "Mordechai"?? Sounds like a pretty Muslim name to me!
32. What A Joke
Mark ,   South Africa   (08.05.07)
They preach a Muslim caliphate, they hate Western society & capitalism, yet they llive in Western orientated Christian capitalistic Britain. Theysound like a bunch of hypocritical 2 faced idiots. Why are they not in Gaza ??? Talk is cheap-now muslim hypocrites, go walk the walk.
33. A United Islamic state, a caliphate
Reader ,   from Edmonton   (08.06.07)
Heady stuff. Some people might feel threatened, but there is nothing wrong with wanting an Islamic homeland. It's quite understandable really, that people of like beliefs live under their own governance.
34. #31 Puleez. His name is no more muslim than u are jewish.
You are a fraud!! ,   get out of Israel!!   (08.06.07)
35. #26 - Nashashibi
Eric ,   Toronto   (08.06.07)
Allah is with the Jews. Even your koran states that the Jews ARE God's chosen people. Nothing can destroy completely the Jews as they are as eternal as God's promise to them.
36. To Nashashibi #12. Otherwise --
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (08.06.07)
You write :" it is the will of Allah ...". First, you SHOULD become a vegetarian. Otherwise -- you will NEVER ever be able to understand the will of Allah !!!!
37. Caliphate knows how to rule without poverty
Dave ,   Australia   (08.06.07)
Now this statement intrigued me. The last Caliphate - head quarters Turkey - became so impoverished they started to even sell off parts of its 'lands' to Christians and Jews just to that it could continue. So history shows that Caliphates don't work. Or don't they read history????
38. UK you will pay!
T.I ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
Uk wakes up!, movements like Hizb Ut- Tahrir must be kicked out, they are waging a strategic war against you! from your soil, every muslim neighborhood in Europe called according to Islamic Aimams is from now on: "a muslim land", they widespread like rabbits, you must vanish, them and stop immediately all the muslim emigration into the Westren civilization and legislate a bill via whom supervise all the muslims activities in the West, too many of them are'nt suitable to the western values. The Islamic regimes regarding to the islamic movements leaders would slain jews, christians and polytheism. If mohammad was still alive, I am strongly believing he was one of the commanders in the Islamic's terror industry, I read the biography's of the prophet by karen Armstrong last year,I am knowing very well what I am openly speaking about. There are many bigotries reflections in the Islam.
39. To Jalaluddin, Mustafa, Shaker. WHO Would Not ?
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (08.06.07)
Jalaluddin said :" Islam solves every problem ...". You mean, you chop off the head of the journalist because he is not a Muslim -- that is how you solve every problem ?? Great religion you have !! Mustafa "lamented the state of the Muslim world". WHO would not ? With all the suicide bombings done in the name of religion. WHO would not ? With their call to kill all the Christians and Jewish People. NO wonder the Muslim world is in a bad and obnoxious state !! Mustafa asked "How come Afghanistan is occupied ?" Mustafa, how come you forgot 9/11 so quickly ? ARE you suffering from some brain damage -- having been hit by one of your suicide bombers ? Abu Shaker said :"The infidels want to extinguish the light of Allah ". THEY may or may not want to -- but you and your cohorts ARE doing that personally, for sure : by calling for the destruction of all Christians and Jewish People - and by the suicide bombings. Abu Shaker said :" We look forward to the rising new dawn of Islam ". You mean, you will now stop with the suicide bombings ? You mean, you will now stop calling for the destruction of all Christians and Jewish People ? LET's HOPE. BTW you are calling to kill Jews. WHY ? There are ONLY 26 miilion Jewish People in the world. While there are 1 billion Muslims in the world. This means you guys ARE very intolerant of other peoples. CONCLUSION : rascals like you ARE the factual racists of this world !! You guys should be ASHAMED of that !!
40. To Nashashibi #26. Even Allah Will.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (08.06.07)
You write :" It is not me you have to fight ...". With Allah we have NO problems. But we DO have problems with barbarians like you, for calling for the destruction of Christians and Jewish People. So, Nashashibi, even Allah the Great One will fight AGAINST you and your cohorts -- and will smash you !!! BE SURE of that !!!
41. UK likes Islamists becuase of their anti-semitism
42. #37
ARABS NEVER READ HISTORY. they just invent it.
43. #12 - G-D - Master of the Universe will Rule - NOT man!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.06.07)
And the L-RD will be king over all the earth; in that day the L-RD will be the only one, and His name the only one. Bible, Zechariah 14:9 The G-D who is merciful not in mere word, but in acts and deeds of mercy. G-D's mercy is real!
44. It's all on the book Londonistan by Melanie Phillips
Canadian Otter   (08.06.07)
Melanie Phillips also has a website with regular columns. "Ed Husain, in his book The Islamist, and another former radical, Hassan Butt, have made the case that the doctrines to which they once subscribed are rooted in nothing other than a fanatical desire to Islamize the world. But while these courageous people are telling Britain that, far from being motivated by despair, Islamist terrorists kill as an act of religious exultation, the new prime minister, Gordon Brown, has banned his ministers from using the word ‘Muslim’ — and presumably ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ — in connection with the terrorist crisis. He has also put an end to the phrase ‘war on terror.’ Accordingly, in her statement to Parliament about the attacks, the new home secretary, Jacqui Smith, referred to them as ‘criminal’ acts rather than Islamic terrorism and talked about ‘communities’ that are involved rather than Muslims.... ... it means the British government is pandering to the refusal by most British Muslims to acknowledge that Islamist terrorism is rooted in their religion and that this is a problem with which they must themselves deal." (From her column "Britain's war against ... well, you know")
45. #26 "He Always Wins?"
GZLives ,     (08.06.07)
"You can try to do this but your efforts would not be worth anything. He always wins and his will is always done." If he wins everytime, why have you lost every war you've ever started with the handful of Jews in Israel ? If he's so smart and omnipotent then how did he chose the idiot doctors who blew only themselves up in their own car bombs in Scotland? He loses everytime you mean, In fact, he's caused the Islamic world the distinct honor of falling backwards in time instead of progressing with the rest of us. What's the modern Islamic contribution to the world ? A "Suicide Belt"?
46. Torah, Koran, Bible
Reader ,   in Edmonton   (08.06.07)
47. Torah, Koran, Bible
Reader ,   from Edmonton   (08.06.07)
These old folk tales sure bring a lot of misery to this world.
48. post 9
yigal ,   north   (09.03.07)
An ignorant comment on your b ehalf. Al Quds(jerusalem , as you claim), was under jordanian rule in 1953. you should direct your sarcasm towards jordan, mr. anonymous.
49. #12 - a little eye opener for you
Steve ,   UK   (11.12.07)
Though I seriously doubt you'll listen to anything but your own prophecies.
50. Caliphate Equals Peace? Har, Har
Philip Saenz ,   Houston/USA   (12.31.07)
So the Muslim crazies think that a Muslim caliphate will bring world peace. What a joke. In the 1,400 years of Islam, this insidious religion has brought nothing but hatred, ruin, death and destruction. Never in history has Islam brought peace, not even for one day. The Muslims not only murder Christians, and Jews, they are also murdering each other on a daily basis. Witness how the Wahabbis, the Kurds, the Sunnis, the Shiites and other Muslim sects are murdering each other every day. A person would have to be an idiot to think that a Muslim caliphate is the magic that would bring peace in a Muslim world.
51. To Reader of Edmonton
Philip Saenz ,   Houston/USA   (12.31.07)
Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto written by atheists have brought the same type of misery into the world as the Qur'an. All the authors, of the above works, Adolph Hitler, Karl Marx, and Muhammad were equally ungodly. Not one believed in obeying The Ten Commandments found in the Holy Bible.
52. typical maggot
TPBIAMFG ,   Panama City, Panama   (12.31.07)
If he is so brave, send him down to Panama, and we shall feed him to the hogs - alive. But of course, this paper will not have the balls to print this. Then they shall see what the Crusaders can do when pressed
53. khalifat
sue ,   paris fr   (01.05.08)
utterly ridiculous!
54. Establish Islamic State article
Gary ,   Rougemont, USA   (04.15.08)
It seems typical, a view by this or that Islamic group not viewed equally by others is a cause and or sufficient reason to kill. This has been the history of it I believe, go back into history and it is truth you will see the fight against that regime was a fight for the freedom of the world, to keep man, woman and our children free. Free to learn, free to be great, free to use our minds to do great things. I would dare say, had Islam been in control, you would have had no Margaret Thatcher, now no Queen. You would be back in time traveling by horse back, living in stone houses and controlling your/our women with a litteral rod. Should I keep going or does one get the point. I hope the Prime minister of England will soon take off the blinders and open his eyes to truth...
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