Russian Navy to operate from Syria
Aryeh Egozi, Alex Fishman
Published: 06.08.07, 09:07
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1. Here we go again - Back to the Cold War
Barron ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
Ras-Putin is no better than Brezhniev. The bastards. Kissing arab ass again. Hope they get a lot more than a brown nose this time.
2. chechnya
israeli   (08.06.07)
israel should mirror russia's behavior invite chechnyan militia heads to israel for talks on how to solve the chechnyan occupation issues, sell them nuclear technologies, anti-tank missiles, maybe a few f16's, maybe even lend them a dolphin class submarine or two..
3. Another good reason for a preemptive strike.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.06.07)
The list of good reasons for a preemptive military strike to destroy Syria gets longer every day. Dealing with potential threats before they become operational will always be the best strategy for a country of our small size & population concentration. The only way to obtain peace & security (for us) is to give our enemies a massive military defeat which will take them years to recover from. Appeasement & weakness invite aggression - we cannot afford to become pawns in the larger game played by Russia & America or even the game played by Teheran with it's proxies. We will only survive by winning - the unfortunate truth is that in this world, everyone likes a winner & losers get stepped on & manipulated, even by supposed allies. Life is tough.
4. words of wisdom-Terry
charles ,   dubai   (08.06.07)
5. Better Pat than Mat !
Franklin ,   Paris, France   (08.06.07)
Israel can also threat to allow US Navy the same move.... Just in case. A Putin in LattakiƩ....An Ayatollah in Beyrouth.... Turkey Army and Saoudia...simple observers ?
6. And we cancel Visa requirements for Russian "tourists"?
The Doc ,   Haifa,. Israel   (08.06.07)
I don't want to generalize and of course it is not fair, but it would be stupid not to assume that at least SOME of these Russian "tourists" will be goo, ol' fashioned SPIES! Russia is again playing with fire - supporting Syria and Iran so I suppose that if Russia sees them as their "interests", we should also remember where OUR "interests" lie.
7. US will counter by increasing presence in & around Israel
klaus ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.07)
8. Attack Syria NOW!
Ben ,   USA   (08.06.07)
9. What is Israel waiting for - US Approval???
Melanie ,   Vancouver   (08.06.07)
10. #3: wouldn't that increase syria's dependence on russia
hizki ,   germany   (08.06.07)
.. and even justify it?
11. Russia chooses evil again!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.06.07)
Why Russia is a part of the decision making process in the international community is beyond me. This country backs terror regimes, kills and poisons its own spies, allows very little progress to its citizens and still feuls racist attitudes at home. Yet the US, UK etc. still give Russia a say in world matters....WHY???
12. A balence of power
Bob ,   Kuwait   (08.06.07)
I am not in a position to judge what who is evil or who isn't, but take a minute to look at how the US runs its foreign policy on a whim, and you would start to understand why countries that can make a play for power... do! What guarantees does any regime have that the US wont "unilaterally" decide that their time is up? and why on earth don't they have the right to do something about it?
13. It's the smart move.
woww ,   LA, USA   (08.06.07)
Syria needs money, protection and investors. The russians need a base in the Mediterrainian. Russia has all the oil, Syria has the refining facilities, plus the Adria pipeline that goes up to Croatia avoiding the ukrainian controll. They always had good relations. ....and nobody saw this coming? I find that hard to believe.
14. I totally Agree!
Matthew ,   Loveland USA   (08.06.07)
Israel must stand strong, and never give back an inch that Almighty GOD has given her. Those that bless Israel, GOD will bless; and those that curse Israel, GOD will curse. Read your Bible Seria, Damascus will lay in ruins. SAMSON OPTION!
15. Prophecy fulfillment
Bryan ,   Florida, USA   (08.06.07)
I find it so beautiful and comforting to see the end time prophecies being so evidently fulfilled right before our very eyes! With everything unfolding as the Old Testament prophecies taught, and in alignment with the New Testament book of Th Revelation, it is bewildering to me how so many people still do not believe. Don't fret Israel. You are God's chosen people and your country, especially Jerusalem, will be the seat of Christ's Kingdom here on Earth. AMEN!
16. Retards are well here
muhahaha   (08.07.07)
Between ludicrous religious zealots, armchair warmongers and simple retards, this talkback honor Ynet.
17. #14: "samson" option? More like canaanite option.
abdullah ,   ashkenaz   (08.07.07)
Shimshon sacrificed his life to save his people, he didn't sacrifice his people or pollute the holy land for millenia to save a warped ideology. It is the canaanites who were willing to sacrifice themselves and their families in defense of their false beliefs. Read the jewish torah to purify your thoughts and not the christian commentary.
18. #12, Bob paints such a nice picture!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.07.07)
BOb, when was the last time the US just attacked another country "on a whim?" You make it seem like there are no attempts at talks and diplomacy when it comes to US foreign policy. this is not the case and you are not being honest with us or yourself. There was a mountain of inteligence beore we attacked Iraq. We all knew that Saddam had WMD's and used them why the outrage? Russia is a nation that supports terror regimes by means of weapons and money. Russia has been known to do whatever it takes in order to oppose the US. \ No one wants the US to be the only superpowerin the world, But they are. The sooner people accept this fact and live with it,. the better the world will be.
19. #16...very thoughtful talkback!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.07.07)
What are you 12 years old? Do you come on this website to make fun of people who actually have opinions, or do you just hate what we have to say? What is your briliant take on this issue? care to share or are you afraid we will ridicule you?
20. Food for thought
Jay ,   Georgia, US   (08.07.07)
With the French arming the Libyans, the Russians arming the Iranians & Syrians, and the US arming the Saudis. Looks like everything is lining up just as planned?
21. Russian navy in Med sea so what RIGHT ???
M. Segal ,   Mpls America   (08.07.07)
I realize since Russia modernized or at least tryed to its geo politicial system to deal with the milienium change to 2000 which is entirely understandable now it wants to move back to 2 Syria sea ports big deal routine stuff another middle east war my opinion still needed but both sides are peace nik happy vying for usual position but it is 2007 not 1973 RIGHT ??? wonder if the bridge collapse in Minnesota has biblicial significance to make things happen kind of my own Moses effect BOO all you do is act like French politicians RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
22. to jay #20-don't forget that
george dubya ,   usa   (08.07.07)
190,000 weapons the US gave the iraqi army are missing.
23. Bad News for Israel, Use the Masada Option
john ,   nz   (08.08.07)
While the Russian navy is inferior, their missile technology is superior even to the US. It's too close for comfort. I do not think they are there to protect its interests in the region other than to assist Syria in the event of any confrontation with Israel. As far as Israel is concerned, this is another big player in the equation.
24. tightening the noose on israel
peter mochama ,   nairobi, kenya   (08.13.07)
israel should attack now...........let the war start before the russians arrive. if not then chances of a world war is inevitable. the russians want to come in so that israel will hesitate to hit at syria lest it hits the russians. hitting the russians will attract a response from moscow....which will attract the US. it will end up a US Vs Russia contest = the third world war may God help us all and may God help Israel.
25. Russian Navy to operate from Syria
Dan ,   USA   (08.15.07)
what goes around always comes around sooner or later. OR ! do onto others as you would have them do onto you !!! I remember the old days when it was said live and let live.
26. Wise move by Russia
long vega ,   London, UK   (08.15.07)
Russian presence would contribute to stabilize the region. Israel and US would have to think harder before (of course, Hizb has already made it hard) any military adventurism in the region.
27. bible prophecy
hughie ,   london england   (08.25.08)
God WILL help Israel! The book of ezekiel chapter 38 describes how Russia called Magog, will attack Israel along with its allies, chief of which is Persia which of course is modern day Iran.Jesus Christ himself will save the nation of Israel when they have no hope left except him.Zechariah 12:10 says they will "look on the one whom they have pierced, they shall mourn for him , as one mourns for an only child, and weep bitterly over him, as one weeps over a first born." remember, this is an old testament prophecy written hundreds of years before Jesus came and was "pierced".
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