Troops refuse to evacuate Hebron families
Efrat Weiss
Published: 06.08.07, 15:12
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1. Put them in jail
Aharon   (08.06.07)
Disgusting moral corruption. They will ignore their orders for a mere $600. Imagine if they did this during a war! Religion is just an excuse for them. Put them in jail, this is no difference to dodging service.
2. Army of God
David   (08.06.07)
"they will not take part in evacuation after consulting rabbis" Court--martial these soldiers of God and make sure no soldiers from that yeshiva get the special hesder-privileges anymore. Hesder-soldiers are among the best in the army, but if such soldiers listen to their mullahs rather than to their officers they have no place in the army.
3. jail them!
Andre ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
4. a good idea
smith   (08.06.07)
How about Olmert's children come and do the evacuation? I imagine if they did, Olmert's wife would stop saying that the IDF is a criminal organization.
5. The soldiers must
Sagi ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
be court martialed. More important than this, the Rabbis must be brought to civilian trial and charged with incitement, treason and sedition. There is one State, one Government and one law. This whole situation of a state within a State must be halted in its tracks. You don't like, go to New York and try your antics there.
6. American millionaire
David ,   Haifa   (08.06.07)
And the Israelis who collaborate with the American millionaire to promote mutiny should be tried for subordination, mutiny or whatever can stick to these Jewish counterparts of the Party of God. Btw, it must be fun being an American millionaire, not having to be bothered by army service at all, and make up for the fact that you will never do the right Zionist thing ( i.e. making aliyah ) by paying for mutiny in the Israeli army. Soldiers who enlist only to refuse orders that are not to their political or religious liking are way more dangerous than those who choose not to enlist at all. As always, les extremes se touchent, extremist rightwingers and leftwingers have oh so much in common. Pure hatred of the State of Israel - either because of its Zionist character or because it is not yet entirely based on Sharia, ahum, Halakha - is one such thing that they share.
7. Are you people stupid?
Adam Shapiro ,   Yerushalayim   (08.06.07)
Number 1 - how can you say that religion is just an excuse for them? An excuse for what exactly if they are still participating in training and still part of the army? Also, can you not see the moral corruption of a government bent on destroying the Jewish people?? Kicking Jews out of Eretz Yisrael - this is the most evident moral corruption ever! Number 2 - same as above. This article dares to compare these Yeshiva students to the other useless "refuseniks" who refuse to kick ARABS off Jewish land. Such chutzpah I've never heard before! THE JEWS NEED TO CATCH SUCH A WAKE UP CALL!!! Not only are the Arabs kicking us out, but fellow Jews - DISGRACEFUL!
8. Heroes
Stephen Shayes ,   Tel Aviv   (08.06.07)
No Jew shall ever exile another Jew from his or her home. For too long others have been doing this to us for us to now do the same... As for those that do not care for Jewish land, ask yourself would you have supported liberating palestine in the end of the 19th century when it did have more arabs than Jews? Do not fool yourself, the land had a people - the arabs. we are the historical owners, true, but to reclaim we had to remove the occupiers. Then I ask you how is 1948 different from 2007? All of Israel is Jewish, or none of it is
9. Soldiers refuse to obey orders
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.06.07)
When the day comes that rabbis, rather than officers in the IDF, determine what actions soldiers will obey, we may as well pack our bags, head for the airport, and turn out the lights.
10. Soldiers refuse to obey orders
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.06.07)
Any soldier who accepts a financial reward for refusing to obey orders should be court-martialed, and, if found guilty, dishonorably discharged from the IDF.
11. #2
Howard ,   Philadelphia   (08.06.07)
they have no place in the army. These are your words. Well guess what ? This is exactly the reason the hareidim do not belong in the army nor should they be drafted, for the same reason the Army can not expect Arabs to fight or evict arabs from jewish lands, you can not honestly expect hareidim to evict other Jews from Jewish lands, no matter what Doris Bonehead, nor BirdBrain Livni nor Ehud Oldmerde the father of 3 draft dodgers has to say, nor President Peres who never served a day in the IDF nor Yossi shoot em dead with my pen Sarid has to say! Hareidim do not belong in the IDF period!
12. the lesson of ww II: not every order needs to be followed
13. Idiocy
mark ,   raanana Israel   (08.06.07)
What kind of shortsighted, provacative idiocy prompted the army to order these men to commit this morally questionable act. Isn't somebody in the army acquainted with the expression LeHakdim trufah le makah?
14. Illegal Orders
mark ,   raanana   (08.06.07)
It would seem to me that any order given to soldiers to act against their own civilians is, ipso facto , illegal.
15. Theatre of the absurd
mark ,   raanana   (08.06.07)
3000 soldiers and police deployed against two families!! The lunatics are running the asylum
16. Don't evict them. The hitnatkut was a disaster
Russel ,   Tlv   (08.06.07)
I'm not dati but I'm Jewish, and this is a crime against the jewish people. Evict these people from Hebron you may as well evict the father of the Jewish people and his family.
17. So Jews can be bought off ? - interesting
J.S. Kariot ,   Nazereth   (08.06.07)
Here's a reinforcement for the Anti-Semetic claims of the world - that every Jew has his price. So a millionaire buys of the "Jews" not to obey orders. maybe the Iranians will start offering bribes ( incentives) to the Israeli Army to quit ?
18. # 9 Ger. One problem
Sagi ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
Under those circumstances we would have to get to the airport before the start of Shabbat.
19. # 11 Howard
Sagi ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
You Sir, are worse than them. Please stay in Philly and don't interfere.
20. #6 Amen to that David
Talula ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
This jerk in the states is playing real life chess with our soldiers. What an asshole.
21. Close the hesder yeshivot
Moshavnik ,   Haifa   (08.06.07)
Now is the time. The hesder students do less army service and their rabbis have the nerve to tell their soldiers to refuse orders. Are we a democracy or theocracy? This is the time to decide. EVERYONE (including haredim, women and Arabs) should serve either in the army or national service without exception.
22. Back to Torah! - the pashoot
Josh   (08.06.07)
23. #11 Sarid
Ger ,   (08.06.07)
Quite funny you should mention Sarid. I guess all those excited to punish these refusers forgot that Sarid wrote the most amazing explanation of the duty of a soldier to refuse orders they did not believe in. Attorney General Menni Mazuz also said he admires people who refuse orders that they find morally questionable.
24. Troops refuse
Marlene ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
This situation is totally ridiciulous, 3000 troops to remove 2 families. No money for survivors, pensioners, disabled but money to pay for all these troops. We must be the laughing stock of the world
25. Kol Hakovod!
26. TO 7 BRAVO AND THANK YOU, to th others, come and do it
SOLDIER   (08.06.07)
yourself, I am not in the army for this dirty "job" and I am nor religious neither from a yeshivat hesder. I dont need nor rabbi to refuse neither an american millionaire (???????) you lyers are discusting and ynet allways censure my talkbalks
27. Advice to the government and to the settlers
ex-idf ,   Israel   (08.06.07)
This is a job for the police not for the IDF. Leave the army out of operations of this sort. To the settlers-I did several stints of miluim protecting you, and although I was sympathetic to your cause you managed to turn me against you by your racism and cruelty. Obey the law or pay yhe consequences.
28. readers by Andras Bereny
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah, Shomron   (08.06.07)
Reading these shameful talkbacks I realise that Israel does have a serious problem: It is full of anti-Semites. Sad. Perhaps that's why the police is eager to evacuate Jews from Jewish-owned property and does nothing to evacuate Arab squatters from Mr. Herzkowitz's property in Jerusalem. Even if he has court order in hand after winning 15 years long legal battle. Only a few talkbackers said that a Jewish army should never be used against Jews. If you remove the Jewish character of the State in your anti-religious extremism, you are left with NOTHING. No Tel Aviv, No Ramat Gan, No Haifa. Sad, sad, sad. Jew, wake up!
29. Soldiers-refuseniks, you are heroes!
Nachum ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.07)
G-d bless and protect you, like He blessed in protected the Jewish underground activists and refuseniks in the former Soviet Union. The communist system seemed all-powerful, but it was crushed by a handfull of brave people, Jews and non-Jews. The same will happen in Israel, G-d willing. Hold on, my dear brothers!
30. Kol hakavod!
Aaron   (08.06.07)
Good for them and shame on Olmert. At a time when rockets are falling and we have 3 kidnapped soldiers...this is NOT the time to evacuate more Jews. Have we not learned the disasters of the past? How stupid can you get, Olmert?
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