Settlers slam IDF general
Efrat Weiss
Published: 12.08.07, 14:12
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1. beginning 2 sound like Aug 1995 it was followed by 041195
violent words lead 2 ,   violent acts beware!   (08.12.07)
2. Why has the IDF turned on the Jews?
Steve ,   US   (08.12.07)
Why do IDF soldiers expel Jews from their homes? Don't they have any Jewish self-respect? What is wrong with this once great Jewish army? Why the hatred toward fellow Jews? What has happened to this once great IDF that they now take pleasure in expelling innocent Jews from their homes?
3. Who are the real crazies ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.12.07)
The right on settlers and religious Jews are often denigrated and called crazies by the elite of Israel who surrender land and release killers for lies from the Plaesatinians in return. They follow the horribly failed agenda of a sinking Titanic, has been superpower even after it's failure of the Gaza surrender is evedient to all. I point my finger at the rulers of Israel and the IDF Officers who follow their orders as the true insane fools who bring Israel to certain disaster by their crazy actions for nothing but lies in return. There is no peace coming from the plkans of Olmert and Kadima,Labor only war cuased by your weakness and appeasment.
4. General Stern
Petra ,   USA   (08.12.07)
What did he expect? Sounds like the Germans at the end of WW11, " we were just following orders". Israel is so wrong to give up any land from any Jews and worse, to force the military to turn against its own. Sad for all involved. Stop the land give aways. It's an act of heresy.
5. The settlers want the IDF to disobey orders so there
Rivkah   (08.12.07)
will be anarchy. The land grant to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob from the Lord is not recognized by an international community. When the Messiah comes, that land grant will be honored. Israel was given certain borders in 1948. Attacks on Israel caused wars that increased the land mass of Gentile Era Israel, but put at risk the future of a JEWISH state since there are so many arabs. A future Jewish minority is not acceptable. Israel wil be attacked and attacked until the Messiah comes to deliver Israel. It is not the Jews people hate, it is the Lord. And that is who will judge the people of the Gentile world who did not honor the land grant to the Jews by the Lord. I would rather be persecuted as a people of God than to have no persecutions and be separated from God after death for all eternity.
6. General Stern
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (08.12.07)
The ''crazy settlers''once again have showen their extrimism, insultining a high ranking orthodox officer is totaly unwarranted and disgraceful, It does them more harm then good and once again prouve who dangerous they can get, my grandson who spent three years protecting the fanatics in Hebron was on numerous occasions called a Nazi, that was their way of showing apprecaition for some one who althoug disagreeing with them obayed orders and even arrested trerrorists.
7. Why live in the eye of the storm?
Donna s ,   Netanya   (08.12.07)
If the residents of his own 'settlement' curse him on the day of his child's wedding (which is vile) perhaps the family should up and move to a place where they can live without the bile of their so-called "neigbours." To stone him and his family is a page out of Saudi Arabian. Don't start cranking out the political comments. Harassing and endangering his family is uncalled for. A stone can kill, as can acid poured onto soldiers.
8. Religious-Zionist Dilemma
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.12.07)
To whom is my loyalty when there is a conflict? The State or my co-religionists? General Stern chose the State. They pay his salary afterall....
9. IDF stay out of politics - how can they
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.12.07)
when they keep following the governments political orders
10. hooligan settlers .(not all)
y igal ,   north   (08.12.07)
We are very fortunate to have the likes of Stern, as IDF leaders. He Is a gentleman and an excellent officer.The man Is a humble person, smart and those who know him through his carreer, will attest to his courage ,common sense and charisma. I say this, because I knew him, as a young recruit In 1976. He was already then, marked for greatness.The IDF did good In assigning him to this Important post.It Is too bad , that some self proclaimed "true zionists",take It upon themselves to harrass this man and his family.Most of them , will never mount to a fraction of his personality and achievements, ever.
11. "The IDF and those .....................................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (08.12.07)
12. Seetlers slam IDF General
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (08.12.07)
People and Settlers should stop blaming the IDF for carrrying out orders of the Government. I have every sympathy for the settlers and all those who are anti disengagement have been proven to totally correct but you harm your cause. Getting rid of the worst Govt in the History of the State -Sharons legacy- is what you should be doing and leave the IDF alone .
13. #12
Ed ,   USA   (08.12.07)
The IDF and its current policy of destroying synagogues and expelling Jews from their homes, carrying out the government policy of Judenrein is part of the problem. Reforming the IDF and making sure that traitors like Stern are ousted from their position is part and parcel of removing and replacing the current government in Israel. However this will not happen. Israelis still don't see the IDF for what it is. They don't realize that in its current state it is part of the problem and you are a perfect example of this.
14. In a place where if you say DROP DEAD they might jail you
Bobby Solo ,   Italia   (08.12.07)
one should not express his thoughts about General RONKOWSKY Stern...
15. #5 Rivkah
ER ,   Canada   (08.12.07)
I have noticed that on many occasions you have preached your god on this site. Why would I change to your god where it is possible to be separated from him for all eternity? If you are right, your god must be finite and inferior to mine that is one. My G_d is infinite and therefore is ONE. As there is nothing but him, it follows I cannot ever be separated from him.
16. Pathetic
EM ,   Ra'anana   (08.12.07)
Thank goodness we have people like Stern in our army and in our country. What a shame that he has to be confronted by these pathetic settlers who, for years, lived in gilt cages thanks to people like him.
17. Haredim attacking Stern at the Kotel? What a non-sense!
Avraham ,   NYC   (08.12.07)
I'm positive that hareidim did not attack Major-General Stern. They did not have any beef with him over Gush Etzion as this particular issue was not as close to their heart as for the national-religious (dati leumi) sector.
18. Ed #12 is right about IDF and Jews in Israel
Steve ,   US   (08.12.07)
I cannot imagine a job is so important to me that I would jettison all principle for a pay check. Were I ordered by Ariel Sharon himself to do something unconscionable, as an officer, I would go to the prime minister and tell him "This is going to destroy the morale of my fighting men. Can't you see what you are doing to our country Mr. Prime Minister?" Then I would be faced with a choice like General Ariel Sharon himself was faced with on the battlefield during the Yom Kippur war. Should I obey an immoral order that I know is clearly wrong or should I disobey and accept the consequences? I pray I'd have the courage to disobey an immoral, unconscionable order as General Ariel Sharon himself later wished. But in Sharon's case it was a military order; not an immoral order to expel fellow Jews from their homes. Sharon: "In an interview I gave to the newspaper Ma'ariv on January 25, 1974, I told the interviewer that those who gave the order did not understand the situation on the ground as I did....I should have disobeyed an order I knew was wrong. I should have disobeyed and accepted a court-martial for my disobedience." Ariel Sharon, An Autobiography: WARRIOR, page 331
E.S. ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.12.07)
The settlers are the korban of the modern post-zionist israeli society. Sad to say, but even in the head of IDF officers like Stern, it's what they feel. They're expelling Jews (to you) but to them, the settlers are just normal citizen that must obey to the 'raison d'├ętat'. What I don't understand is why on earth the israeli government don't help them buying another houses - they are just giving them a small amount of money, and we know some of them (like after the Gaza pullout -- strategicaly, a major faux pas) cannot find the same house, or a job.
20. #15 So who is your G-D?
Samuel ,   Israel   (08.12.07)
MIKE HAMEN ,   USA   (08.12.07)
22. to #16 - Raanana poor little EM
E.S. ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.12.07)
Dearest EM, from Raanana, I guess everything is "pathetic" as you said. You are just reminding me the french queen Marie-Antoinette's famous reply, when the french peasants circled her Castle of Versailles: - My Lord, why are you rebelling? - Because we're hungry! We don't have bread to feed our children! - No bread? Then why on earth are you not giving them cakes? Pathetic, as you said. We'll discuss this point the day the first kassam or katyousha will fall on Raanana or north TA. Until then, kol tov.
23. Why is the IDF protecting these idiots?
Karen R ,   USA   (08.12.07)
Why are the soldiers of the IDF risking their lives (and the financial resources of the State) to protect people who spit on the State? Israel can't afford proper medical care for Holocaust surviviors but it can pay for protecting illegal settlers? Yes, I know - they volunteer for combat units. Fine. Let them start their own combat units and get the money from their friends abroad. The IDF can pull out of the territories and leave the settlers to protect themselves.There will still be plenty of soldiers for the IDF, and without the incitement of the settler movement, there might even be a chance of some kind of lasting truce with the neighbors. "Persecuting" the men who are saving their lives - what hakaras hatov.
24. #20---Samuel
ER ,   Canada   (08.12.07)
Without attempting to define my G_d, he is the Knower, Knowledge and Known. And this rules out Jebus.
25. when we have posse commitatus
i ,   jerusalem   (08.12.07)
and the political whore paycheck generals are depoliticized, then they will be immune from political comment... and action
26. #17
Avraham ,   NYC   (08.12.07)
I meant to say in my earlier post, Gush Katif, not Gush Etzion. Thank you.
27. Don't be so hard on the IDF
Canadian Otter   (08.12.07)
They have been told they have to follow orders from the M. of Defense and the PM. But they must realize that they don't have to. Not this time. Not when they are beiing used for political purposes and ordered to turn against the Jews. The IDF should be offended that they have to execute orders that are inmoral and opposite to their mandate. The IDF and the people of Israel should unite in their condemnation of those orders. The government WANTS a divided Israel: everyone against the Orthodox, everyone against the settlers, settlers against the IDF. Don't you see what's happening? The treasonous leadership are deliberately dividing the population so that they can manipulate them while they destroy the country. They send religious Jews to expel other Jews to paint a false dichotomy of discipline against mutiny instead of what it really is: abuse of power against the right of Jews to live in their property, in their land. IDF, you make us proud when you defend Israel, when you give your lives for Israel. Please, commanders, make it clear to the government that you won't make war against the Jews ever again.
28. May I answer for #15?
Steve ,   US   (08.12.07)
The Holy One of Israel? The ineffable (with due respect) 'YHWH'?
29. Karen R: destroy the settlement movement, destory the nation
Steve ,   US   (08.12.07)
Is this what you really want Karen? Do you want to destroy the Jewish state / nation? Because surely yours' is a prescription for the annihilation of the Jews. Lasting peace? What do you know about peace? Peace with whom? Peace with an enemy dedicated to our annihilation? But then maybe way down in the depths of your heart you long for the annihilation of the Jews. What else are we to conclude?
30. re: Henry Weil
John   (08.12.07)
"that was their way of showing apprecaition for some one who althoug disagreeing with them obayed orders and even arrested trerrorists." Oh what a great concession that must have been to those "fanatics" that he "even arrested terrorists" for them! I'm sure he'd much rather have been expelling Jews from their homes than arresting terrorists... Maybe your grandson was called names because he displayed the same hatred and disrespect for those he was charged with serving as you are displaying now for your fellow Jews. Gee, I wonder where he learned such ignorance and bigotry...
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