IDF: Syria's antiaircraft system most advanced in world
Alex Fishman
Published: 13.08.07, 09:38
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1. capability and intention
alun ,   london uk   (08.13.07)
The mistake Israel made in 1973 was to consider the arabs intention which can easily be misconstrued and not to evaluate their capability which is easier to evaluate .this is why the disaster of the Yom Kippur war took place .The arabs capability will only encourage them to use it .Thus Israel should remove this capability immediately.
3. And our gov't sat around watching this ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.13.07)
and took no action. Very smart. Just like they watched Hezbollah for six years, just like they watch Gaza arm to the teeth, just like they wait for Iran to nuke us. What happened to the idea of preemptive action? Dead after Oslo. Now our political hacks waste their time & effort in useless talks with an irrelevent nobody named Abbas. Our own gov't has become similarly irrelevent in defending us. We have essentially been paralysed since Oslo, watching as the threats increase over time. And perceived weakness invites aggression. The basic characteristic of our Arab enemies is that they are bullies who only attack the weak. The other characteristic is opportunism - their perception of our weakness is too tempting to pass up. And lastly, the depth of their hatred towards us is boundless, driven by an ideology of hate. Our leaders failed us in the 1930's & 1940's but then, we had no army to fight back with. Will our leaders fail us again? Sure looks like it.
4. S300
Yan ,   Petach-Tikva, Israel   (08.13.07)
Syria doesn't have S300 SAMs. It is very expensive AA system and Syria can not allow to it self to acquire it.
5. Most advance AA system would not defy Isaiah17:1
john ,   nz   (08.13.07)
So don't fool yourself ASSad. Your fate and Damascus is written in stone.
6. Thank you Peres, this is your treachorous legacy
freejay ,   Israel   (08.13.07)
9. Syria
Monique   (08.13.07)
Syria has the most advanced anti air craft system in the world and according to Harretz in English Barak is not going to order the gas masks distributed to the homefront because he is afraid that the Syrians will intepret this as getting ready for war! Seems to me that Syria is already readying itself for war with the purchase of such a system,so it is a mute point.Barak get off your Butt,order the gas masks distributed, or order the enitre Knessett and their families to return their masks so they can be like the rest of us without any protection when Syria or Iran attacks! They are not any better than the rest of us, so let them suffer along with us when the attack comes!! If not handout the masks in a way that Syria cannot findout about it,and ready the home front !
10. The only real solution for peace,is golan for syrian people
mclister   (08.13.07)
11. #3: Which jewish leaders failed you in the 30's and 40's?!
abdullah ,   ashkenaz   (08.13.07)
Certainly not the religious jewish leadership at this time in morroco, egypt, iran, iraq, afghanistan, india, syria, lebanon, tunisia, libya, yemen and the list goes on, who helped Jews of these lands remain attached their inherent torah-based jewish indentity and survive centuries of *tempting* assimilation and were relatively safe from the tragedy of the shoa (divine intervention?). And in the 30's and 40's the zionist movement did have an armed *resistance* movement in europe, so it could have fought the nazis and, if it wanted it could (legitimately) demanded german territory after the war as compensation!! There're many views as to what *caused* the shoa, but it was certainly not the lack of an army as the jews of africa and asia lacked an army but were mostly spared. On the other hand in europe the zionist movement had an underground and the capability of armed resistance but failed to deter the nazis. So if you're looking for the path to safety, perhaps trust more in the religious lessons of the jewish tradition. Perhaps it is what saved many african and asian jews from this tragedy in the 30's and 40's. And insh-a-ll-a-h, it will save Jews in the future. In all of human history it is the only approach that jhas ensured the survival of any people. The most powerfully armed nations of yesteryear are not with us today but am yisro'el is here today.
12. Monique
English guy ,   London   (08.13.07)
You and others misread the article - anti-aircraft missiles are defensive weapons. Now, I know you despise Israel's neighbours and consider them little better than barbarians - but do you not think that anyone living next door to Israel would be an idiot not to protect themselves. This article is no more than a hysteria raising piece of non-news. So the Syrians defend themselves. What do you expect them to do? Welcome 3 million cluster bomblets? Not protect themselves? Do try and raise the level of discussion beyond a simple "we hate Barak" and "we hate the Arabs" not to mention "we hate lefties" and "we hate gays". It's really tedious.
13. The Bible says "though you mount your defenses to the
Rivkah   (08.13.07)
heavens, I will bring you down." It is difficult to know for certain who the Lord is referring to that He will bring down, but it may be a country or area with strategic defense shields. Isaiah ch 17 in the Authorized King James Version Bible "Damascus is taken away from being a city and it shall become a ruinous heap." Syria is greatly in debt financially to the Russians, and it is Russia (Magog) who will lead the attack of mostly Moslem nations listed in Ezekiel ch 38. Already, the Russians are building a military base there. Instead of tb-ers blaming Israel's leaders, I suggest they fall on their knees in thanks and praise to God will deliver Israel inspite of the mistakes of leaders who are but men and women who are not God. Remember, that unless the missile shield is hardened and the satellites are not knocked out in space, all it takes is EMP to put out their electronics and all their expensive military equipment that is not hardened will not work. The phones, the cars, the trucks, the airplanes, etc. will not work after an EMP attack...and I am sure Israel's military is aware of that. How specific can EMP attacks be? That is what this war will tell the world. EMP is Electro Magnetic Pulse. A nuclear weapon detonated high about an area kills the electrons and puts out the power and anything fiberoptic dependent for months. I have read that most nations of the world have experimented with launching missiles from merchant ships. It just takes one nuclear explosion 65 to 200 miles above the earth to put the world back into the 1800's. There are hand held devices that shut down even cars for an hour or so. Maybe that is why the Russian led attack may be with horses, literally. Even the WEU has a calvary because horses are not detected by radar. Much will be learned from the wars that are coming.
14. This will force Israel to use Nukes
MARK ,   BOSTON   (08.13.07)
Israel will have no choice to use Nukes if a war comes about or seek land for peace.
15. s400
zimors ,   slovakia   (08.13.07)
russia have s400 system a they can sell it.
16. Correction to #13. One nuclear weapon detonated high above
Rivkah   (08.13.07)
the earth puts out the electricity and fiber optics in the area beneath that, not the whole earth. A US Navy line Captain giving a lecture to a Navy League meeting I went to in the 1990's said it would take two such explosions, one launched from submarines from each coastal waters to put out all the electricity in America for months. Of course, America would have no choice but to then put out all the electricity all over the world in retaliation and defense, as a self protection, in my opinion.
17. #12
monique   (08.13.07)
You only arm yourself with defensive weapons when you expect to go on the attack.Then why according to the J.Post is Barak saying he will not handout the gas masks to the population because he is afraid that Syria will misintepret the handing out of masks? Gas masks are a purely defensive item as well,so are shelters! Israel never attacked another country uless it was attacked first,Syria on the other hand has in the past,and is the main conduit for weapons to Hezbollah!
18. #15 that is not a good idea,if Israel use nukes,Iran too
Frederik   (08.13.07)
and pakistan probably too.Today a nation that use nukes in a war,is a suicide for this nation.The nukes are symbolick arms, for gain respect from other countries,but no more.It is not recommendable use it.Today, the first country that use nuclear arms,will provoque the major tragedy of humanity on all the world.
19. #13 what a load of
English guy ,   London   (08.13.07)
The subtext of your note is one which is a jumble of mytico-religious bellicose-ecastatic nuclear-cavalry. In short, it seems you spend far too much time trying to interpret the apocalyptic verses of the OT - and look where it has got you? I don't believe I have read such an amount of rubbish in one short space in a long time.
20. As Menachim Begin once said...
Michelle ,   LA   (08.13.07)
About Iran & Iraq's war.... I with you both great success!!! This is coming from a Lebanese woman. Ah, the Middle East will be such a beautiful place when you have wiped each other off the map. ... And perhaps Iran will turn the Spring Hill into a Spring Ditch!
21. no prob! hit them with ballistic missles and cruise missles.
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.13.07)
crush the head of the snake
22. So we will just have to out do them...
Yoel ,   Netanya   (08.13.07)
I'm sure we could come up with a jamming system or other defensive measures. we should use our sharpest weapon, our smarts.
23. you are all hypocrites...
Faisal ,   dubai, UAE   (08.13.07)
Why is Israel allowed to spend billions and billions and billions and billions and billions on defence annually and Syria is not allowed to have missiles??? Israel and Syria are enemies, so Syria has every right to arm itself to the teeth so as long as Israel is doing so. If you look at recent history Israel has comitted much much much much more war crimes against people in the region only this last year than Syria has done in 50 years...Syria is allowed to have weapons and if Israel is panicked, then they should get out of the Golan Heights and respect international laws...such hypocrites.
24. Come on little Bashir, take the bait. Here kitty kitty.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (08.13.07)
25. no - just way to make the russians richer
andrew ,   miami,fl   (08.13.07)
26. 1967 all over again - without a Moshe Dayan
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (08.13.07)
Hamas is starving its people in order to bring in 1000's of missiles; Hizbullah now has 1/3 MORE missiles than it had a year ago, Syria is armed to the teeth, and Olmert has sent new guns to Fatah. Olmert says that all is fine, and Barak refuses to hand out gas masks because he is AFRAID he might upset Assad of Syria. Israel, I am begging you, BRING DOWN this evil regime before it kills all of you... your enemies smell how inept your gov't is, and is preparing a mass attack. Get your reps to pull out of Pharaoh Olmert's lethal gov't NOW before (chas v'shalom) your children die for his sins.
27. #2 Terry, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!
Gary A. MD ,   Boston MA USA   (08.13.07)
28. #12 English Guy
Andre ,   Israel   (08.13.07)
Although anti-aircraft missiles are generally seen as defensive weapons, I would like to ask you to think about a simple scenario: Think about last summer conflict... what was Israel main force against Hezbollah rockets? Airplanes. Now imagine that Syria and Hezbollah start a war of attrition against Israel, relaying mostly on surface to surface missiles and rockets. Considering that Syria would have a highly equipped airspace defence system, there would be few chances to avoid a ground invasion in which israeli forces would be fighting inside enemy territory. The difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is that people within the democracy tend to whine much more. As another article recently posted, with such a fragmented society, the home front is Israel's Achilles' heel. In my opinion however, Assad is relying to much on his partners (Iran and Russia). At this time in history he should have learned that the Bear wont help him that much as the same way it didn't help his father.
29. #10 - Not until they ACT peacefully!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.13.07)
30. Correct
Abraham Mitzrahi ,   Aleppo -Syria   (08.13.07)
Correct!!! u win a Rocket Condom
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