Gaza's Singaporean dream turns Afghan
Ali Waked
Published: 13.08.07, 10:21
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1. Palestinian drop in the bucket of history
JPS ,   Efrat   (08.13.07)
It looks like that by the 22nd century the Palestinians will have gone the way of the dodo. Their national aspirations are not built on a national consensus shared by both the leadership and the people. The people do their own thing trying to get buy and add their bit to buid society. They volunteer, try to build businesses, educate their kids (for the most part) for a better future. Then there's the leadership, who tells the Palestinian people that instead of building a strong economy and educating their kids for the future, they're better of getting their kids to blow themselves up and kill Israelis. Or get a gun and kill somebody they think is a collaborator. The last things Palestinians will do is question their leadership or demand responsible government - the standard building blocks for getting a nation going these days. Nope, the Palestinians would rather have their leadership pocket the billions in aid, give cushy contracts to their Fatah or Hamas buddies (the two seem to be no different in their behavior), and reward merit with a bullet in the head. The way they're going, the Palestinians will implode and do themselves in.
2. pales. now reap what you sow - enjoy.
Yisraeli   (08.13.07)
3. Committing Suicide, Islamic Style.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.13.07)
This self-inflicted disaster deserves no sympathy. If Gaza has become a cesspool of fanaticism, poverty, & misery, they did it all themselves. But is it different from Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, or Iraq? Is it different from those on the brink of becoming failed states, like Lebanon, Pakistan, Algeria, or Bangladesh? How about the repressive dictatorships sitting on a volcano waiting to erupt in civil strife & anarchy, like Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, & all the rest? And what do these abysmal failures have in common? An totalitarian ideology of hate. A culture of violence & intolerence riddled with corruption & ignorance. Stagnant intellectually, socially, economically, & politically, they try to stave off collapse by brainwashing, repression, aggression, & hatred. They have only themselves to blame.
4. "Situation in Strip Worsens by Day ..."
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.13.07)
Continuing the quote, " dragging more & more people into poverty & religious fundamentalism". First of all, they were not "dragged", they went willingly. Second, there is some confusion as to cause & effect. It is Islamic fundamentalism that is the cause of the poverty & misery. Leaving aside the incredible blunder at Oslo of bringing a gang of thieves & thugs & expecting any positive result (and the continuing blunder of supporting Abbas & Fatah), the circumstances in Gaza are no different from anywhere else in the Muslim world & basically have the same cause - ideology. So, Mr Wakid should place the blame squarely where it belongs instead of trying to evade responsibility as usual. Poverty is not the cause of religious fanaticism, it is religious fanaticism which is the cause of poverty, and all the other ills afflicting this region.
5. no its not like this believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.13.07)
gaza is beautifruit we are building gaza and it looks good, we have everything and plenty of burkas and we dont need naught please world come to gaza for a holiday and see the long beards that all men have to grow now all we need now is more fertilizers like tons of the staff and also metal tubings for em em em oh yes we need them to build a new statue fo sadam hussain believe me blease come for holiday and bring ferilizers
6. "dragging more people down path..Islamic fundamentalism"!?!?
ENOUGH WOE ARE THEY ,   WORLD   (08.13.07)
7. Pity Dahlan's dream did not become true :(
8. Ali Waked seems to be blaming the Jews
Steve ,   US   (08.13.07)
Isn't it the Palestinians themselves that voted Hamas into power? Palestinians have created Hamastan in Gaza. Philanthropists bought all these greenhouses and related infrastructure for the "liberated" Palestinians in Gaza to farm. What did the Palestinians do? They looted and destroyed. If Palestinians tear down and destory, why blame the Jews?
9. Israel, come back!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (08.13.07)
I am sure the average Gazan is wishing for!!
10. Want to fix it? Stop voting for terror!
Instead of guns, ,   CHOOSE BUTTER!   (08.13.07)
11. and even this "journalist" is still blaming the jews
oritush   (08.13.07)
how tipycly pathetic of arabs..again its the jews fault that they r the misarable, disfunctional, poverty building, hate idoctrinated loosers! ali wakeed-wake up u looser and start looking at yo own ppl for what they r-loosers!!!
12. The HUGE difference is OBJECTIVES
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (08.13.07)
If Singapore had pursued smiliar goals like the hamas or fatah terrorist organisations, it would have become a banana republic. Despite widespread poverty and limited natural resources at the time of independence, Singapore actively pursued prosperity and peace for its people, as reflected in its national and international policies. It took lots of determination, time and hard work for the leaders and people to make Singapore into what it is today. Palestinians also have to decide what they really truly want. The first step is crucial. They can achieve similar success if they make the right choices.
13. Promises give hope until they are broken.
Rivkah   (08.13.07)
In Afganistan, promises gave Afgan males the courage to fight the Russians. When they died, the Taliban did not want to support the widows of the fallen, so they slaughtered them in arenas for sport, after first falsly accusing them of some infraction of Sharia law. That is what Gaza can hope for.
14. Dont mention Singapore.Gazans might start hating them too !
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.13.07)
15. Rashid, we may not be able to visit you
Benet   (08.13.07)
and enjoy the sights and the company of very bearded men and very covered ladies, but we'd love to send you fertilizer. Just give us your mailing address. In the meantime we're left dreaming of your museums, your magnificent architecture, the friendliness of the folk over there, the peacefulness of your beaches.... Ahhh... indeed, a great place. So you still haven't been able to get rid of your burka consignment yet? Strange, considering that they are the latest fashion around there. They should be in high demand. Well, keep us posted of your exciting life in Gazastan. Any thoughts of joining the Gazan navy?
16. Tell people what they want to hear and get all positive feed
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (08.13.07)
back. That's journalism at its best.
17. Gaza's Singaporean dream turns Afghan
Steven Katz ,   Forest Hills, NY   (08.14.07)
Can ANYONE please explain what POSITIVE thing we've obtained from evacuating 8500 Jews/Israelis from Gaza? I've have yet to see any shred of positive gain.
18. Why Arabs, antisemites or delusional leftists get married?
Uzi ,   Haifa   (08.14.07)
Because they haven't managed to blame Israel and the US for everything.
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