The enemy within
Uri Ariel
Published: 13.08.07, 15:03
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31. Poverty breeds violence is all rot
Dave ,   Australia   (08.14.07)
People who have lived through a depression with soup kitchens and no shoes did not succumb to violent acts. The poverty stricken true refugees in Darfur do not turn to terrorism. The Tibetans do not eschew violence to reclaim land stolen from them by the chinese. Get real folks, people who are going to be violent will be, they just have to have an excuse so that they will not appear so bad. I am a bit too long in the tooth to fall for that garbage. Seems the younger generations cannot take responsibilities. Many a poor person has risen to great heights because he overcame his obstacles instead of hugging them to his chest. Those who go by the words of Jesus will agree he said the poor you will always have with you. Our job is to help them, yes, but not to excuse their bad behaviour.
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