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Chinese toilet wins crowd over
Muna Saba
Published: 18.08.07, 11:26
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1. Public toilet culture
nms   (08.18.07)
No matter where you live or what you do , public toilet culture remains the same whether in China or elswhere. Yes, it is a global village and as such the play fits other nations all over the planet.
2. I was there!
Ramy   (08.18.07)
It was so funny! Good descirption...I can't wait for the next Chinese play!
3. Inspiring article, lovely writer
Frankie   (08.18.07)
4. Toilets
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.18.07)
There's a pretty funny clip on Youtube under Niagara Love Toilet. It's short, but tastefully funny. The first time I went to Paris as a kid, I was fascinated with their public toilets; not because of what they were but by what you heard from passers-by and the people waiting for you to get out. That's where I learned my first really to-the-point French cuss words.
5. Invite Prince Charles to see it.He collectsminiature toilets
6. toilets
mr ,   israel   (08.18.07)
Please change the subject.
7. Interesting Article
A.M   (08.18.07)
Strange subject for a play but also true. I wish I knew about it in order to see it.
8. A view of Chinese democracy
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.18.07)
showing their version of the Knesset
9. I love to spend time in the toilet, best place to cut off
cover my exerts?   (08.19.07)
my best ideas come up when I'm sitting there! Imagine a place where no one can distrrb you, or even know you're the one inside. Btw, letting a cell phone in turns the toilet into a telephone cabin, moreover the acoustic qualities of my toilet leave no doubt at the person on the other side of the line. Sometimes my gf calls, but when she calls it's nice :)
10. To #8
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.19.07)
If it weren't for the laughs, I'd just have to quit Ynet, and you certainly made me laugh. For what it's worth, I'm sure, it's the same in Washington. And as if open sessions weren't rot-gut enough, they form committees that are even worse. Of course, I really like the parliamentary sessions in Japan where they physically beat the s--t out ot each other. "Democrazy" at work!!! It beats hell out of all that proper "hear, hear" of English parliament sessions. Since we're paying for that sport, we want to see some action!!! If not, we might as well watch frigging Friday night wrestling on tv for free. It does make one wonder how humanity has survived this long or why we can still take ourselves so serious. The visual of my oh so dignified Senator's sitting on a toilet with a serious case of constipation no less is more than I can stand. Gawd, I better stop, while I'm ahead.
11. Quote:
Rula   (08.19.07)
"If you don't cover up your excrement, you'll get buried under it." Hahaha, brilliant!
12. sick
does prince charles really collet toilets? isn't that a bit sick?
13. lovely article
Jamil   (08.19.07)
it's a very lovely article, the idea of the play is a brilliant one, shame i didnt know about the it earlier.
14. Nice article.. when does it play again?
Master G   (08.19.07)
WOw.. It sounds like a nice play... I wish i was there. It protrays the complex dilemma between living the moment and building a better and a more successfull future.. Good work.
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