Guards chief: Iran missiles can hit warships in Gulf
Published: 15.08.07, 21:17
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MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.16.07)
Irrespective of coments given in talk-back under the is stupid on the part of some commentetors to assume that the USA will leave the Persian Gulf with minimum damage should they decide to attack Iran.
32. #27, thats higher than the figures I have seen
Danny   (08.16.07)
but lets go with yours. Five "unserviceable" out of 400 deployed. 22 tanks "penetrated" out of 400. So Hizbollah with all it's advanced weaponry managed a 1% destroy rate and to penetrate 5% of the tanks. Not exactly the Egyptians in 1973 really is it. I think most people would be proud of a tank that protected over 90% of the people in them.
33. #29
eugene ,   israel   (08.16.07)
check your info before making a fool of yourself next time..
34. Zionists Manner
Amir ,   Dusseldorf   (08.16.07)
35. Nostradamus said about the fleet of ships in the Arabian Sea
Rivkah   (08.17.07)
which is now called the Persian Gulf: "The Punic (Libyan) treachery...When the he-mule (Democrat US President) will be satiated. Fleet sprinkled, blood and bodies will swim."..."In the Arabian Gulf a great fleet will flounder"..."One will see blood rain upon the rocks. The sun (atomic bomb?) in the East, Saturn (the rim Reaper) in the West."..."War near orgon (Southern France), a great evil seen near Rome (the submarine terrorist attack mentioned earlier). The ships melted and sunk by the Trident (millile)." This is from a John Hogue book obtained from
36. I really wish you guys would take care of this
Don Mei ,   Essex, CT   (08.23.07)
Look lets be honest. The US doesnt have the political stomach to bomb the iranians back into the stone age. So most of us patriotic Americans would really appreciate it if you Israelis would do it for us. You're much better warriors than we are anyway. Good luck and Godspeed. Don
37. To #35 Rivkah
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (08.24.07)
Rivkah, John Hogue may be an astute scholar of Nostrodamus, but he is not the finest mundane astrologer out there. He is just one who promotes more, and writes more books. His sources for the translations of aramaic, or any references to Torah or Zohar are incredibly off, incorrect, and skewed by enough bias to question his sources' motivations. Look for astrological works by Nancy Sommers. Her work has been far more accurate, and she is not biased. She is far more respected by the Astrological community because she does not make money by "shock value". Her work times precisely with Ezekiel, Joel, Obidiah, Zechariah, Daniel,and the Zohar. She is a far better mundane (political-event) astrologer.` Nostrodamus is only one source. But as you know, he did not give dates or define things clearly. He was afraid of the church at that time, and being persecuted. Therefore he intentionally kept his writings obscure. In professional astrology, riddles are not acceptable delineation. Mathematical precision, proven event timing, is. Read Nancy Sommers astrology blog. Then compare it to the writings of the ancient Jewish Prophets- the accuracy will amaze you, and you will get a far better understanding of what is happening. For the most reliable, scholarly accurate, rabbinic translations of the ancient GogUmogog Prophecies- go to I hope this helps.
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