Israel, United States sign record-high military aid deal
Ronny Sofer, AP
Published: 16.08.07, 12:43
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31. So called English Guy..AKA Rustum
Ivri   (08.16.07)
You are so easy to figure out. Not a word about the Military aid flowing to the "light onto nations"Saudis....or the Nepotists Jourdanians,or the despotic soon to be nepotists Egypt....or the kings of the white sands...Emirates. All you condemn is the aid to Israel,and that is to be expected from an Arab(and you are...regardless of what you say)....occupying London and living on the Dole.(how is that for beggaring?) (see Rustum...I even left your mother out of it) -)
32. #9 Israel is thriving Hani
Lina ,   USA   (08.16.07)
Unlike the Palestinians, Israel's life support sustem is in tact and self-sustaining. It doesn't hurt to have good relations with several super powers. The Palestinians on the other hand thrive by failure.
33. Oh My God!!!!
Gurmit Singh ,   India   (08.17.07)
By the same tomekn, US army should be labelled as terrorist. When Iran supplies weapons then everyone cries. Why all silent on this deal now? No wonder noone believes the USA et el. World knows your tricks very well now fellas. Gone are those days. Stay home and you will be better off.
34. English Guy
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (08.17.07)
Oh poleease, Feeding the world's hungry, poverty and infrastructure will not bring world peace. We must fight those who threaten the free world and Israel on their terms
35. #5 mona "God bless America"
Moe ,   Lebanon   (08.17.07)
why is it that we always think that the ones with the most weapons and armies always vanquish? have you been listening/reading the news?after reading a few comments here,it seems some ppl actually do. America really need wars to boost their failing economy,in fact they are the most nation with budget deficeit,national debt,military failures(despite their capabilities),if i want to qoute but just a few,look up one of the most intellectual jewish writer of all time.....Uri Avnery.... he writes unbiased facts and you can really enjoy reading his articles. as for your beloved "AMERICA" mona,if you really follow world events,you will not be happy to be recieving this generous military "gift" from them. read this link and really try to understand what the USA are doing,and what will become of them.....its a rule of the world.......... its only then that you can start to understand....but still,refering to the "military Aid" from the USA,its like the story of "The white elephant" look it up!!! peace to all..........
36. SORRY!!!!!
Moe ,   Lebanon   (08.17.07)
Posted wrong link back there, this is what i wanted you to read:
37. English Guy is a Jealous Guy
john ,   nz   (08.17.07)
He probably thinks UK should receive that 30bil so they can spend on booze and royal farcical.
38. #20; English Guy, You forgot one item.
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (08.17.07)
You have to have a partner to deal with. When UN RES. 242 was written the Pals didn't exist as a distinct people. The borders were to be decided between the parties involved which were Egypt, Syria and Jordon. Israel has made peace with two of those three. Since the the Pals are not serious about peace i.e. Gaza pullout leading to daily rocket attacks, how can agreement be reached? So Israel has proved it 1) it can make peace 2) honor the peace agreement 3) kept and honor agreement with government changes(unlike the Pals which refuse to honor the PA agreement to accept Israel under Hamas). So how do you deal with people who say you don't have a right to exist? What sort of deal can be made? Why should Israel even deal with such unreliable and untrustworthy people who are well known to lie.? Submitted for approval...or not Mark from Georgia
39. #11; salam I think you misunderstood?
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (08.17.07)
Begging is what happened when Hezbo started the war with Israel. Remember Nasrallah already admitted he underestimated the Israeli response. That is why Lebanon / Nasrallah went begging to the UN to stop Israel almost immediately after they started the war. Knowing they couldn't win they went on their knee's to beg the UN to stop Israel ! They even resorted to Photo Fraud to bolster their case see here; I hope I cleared up the confusion for you. Submitted for your approval...or not Mark from Georgia
40. #39...even hard evidence won't work...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.17.07)
when you're dealing with delusional, brainwashed people. Great website with damning evidence agaist hezballah and the media outlets that tried to villainize Israel, but skeptics will call this fake etc. How do you deal with people who cannot reason???
41. DR, Florida ; I don't write to convince
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (08.17.07)
or persuade the person I'm responding to. Although it would be nice ! I take for granted that regardless evidence I provide they will remain unconvinced. We must remember that to agree with me / us is to go against everything they have been taught since childhood. Too refute their parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends since childhood. This takes great courage and can cost your life in Lebanon or PA areas. They simply drag you out and hang you, or worse. That's why there is no true free press, intimidation rules. So, I write just to present the other side, to other readers. Hopefully, people can make a informed decision with both sides of the story. But in the end who listens to us anyway, I don't know? Submitted for your Approval Mark from Geogia
42. Pay off - war?
Josh   (08.18.07)
The industiral military business of the US is so in control of Washington, it hardly represents a democracy anymore. There was once a criticism of democracy, that as soon as the people realized the could vote themselves money they would banrupt the country. Hmm? Now Israel is recieving a record amount of money when the US, Syria and Iran are standing on the threshold preparing to enter the theatre of war. Give the money back and make Israel a Jewsih nation unfettered by the war making industry. When the world learns war and children are fed with the blood money of the war industry, G-d is watching in wings. When settlers are moved from their homes to make way for a anti-Jewish non-Jewsih nation of our enemies so they can live amoung us, we should pause. When wars are canceled midwar so that Israel appears to be a looser to its own people, it is time for the people to question who is running Israel and breaking the will of its people. Is it the Jews of Torah or nations who spit from the pulpit. Jesus said he came to bring war. Dev 13 said you shall not follow this false prophet. What are we doing accpeting such a large package from waring Christian nations? Is not beng blamed for 911 enough for us to see what is going on? Did we learn nothing from the Troajn army? Lets make furnitaure, water treament technology, helath science, pharmacy, argicultural advancements, internet proiducts, but lets stop beating plowshares into weapons.
43. #15 how were the tepid sandwiches
Josh   (08.18.07)
Despite we did in fact stop these missles - I don't see any now. We leveled infrastructure cutting of electricity, uprooted tunnels, and moved back the enemy. We devastated terroist neighborhoods and watched as Lebanon wimpered to no answer from all its neighbors and allies. It is only because the US made us pull out that the entire objective was not satisfied. So Israel did not loose the war but came up short on its objective. If the lectricity was workinging you could have had tasty coldut sandiwches while wathcing the blow-by-blow on the TV news from the comfort of your own living room and not from the rubble while gathering under candlelight. Dont mess with Israel was a pretty clear and resounding message. It also allowed many changes to take place in Israel so the next war will have better logistics. I suggest you stay on your side of the border and dont kidnap soldiers no matter how many bottle rockets you own.
44. #33...Gurmit..learn something!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.22.07)
The US supplies weapons to Israel to defedn itself from terror-harboring nations like Iran, Syria etc. Iran and Syria supply weapons t terror groups like Hamas and hezballah who target civilians and actually state, quite openly, that their goal is to kill and wipe out Israel. If you can't see the difference between the two, then you need to lay off the spicy tikka masala and seek some help.
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