8 days in August
Yisrael Bardugo
Published: 17.08.07, 15:39
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1. A heart-wrentching article. Thank you for sharing.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (08.17.07)
May such images be engraved in our minds forever, so that never again will a horror like this be carried out by a Jew against his brother..... even if soldiers are commanded by their wretched government.
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.17.07)
Never again will Jews be ethnically cleansed from OUR land.
3. Oh, how touching!!!
Emad ,   UK   (08.17.07)
Come on! Everybody knows it wasn't really worth it...weeping over properties settlers never ever had, weeping over somebody else's land...? What's really touching and sentimental about that?!!!
4. Livni's Hamastan
Malcolm   (08.17.07)
Never forget her role in this dark chapter in Jewish history. She got Sharon the votes he needed for the surrender.
5. #3- You'd have to have a soul to understand.
LEE ,   NY   (08.17.07)
6. Gush Katif
Roman Rice ,   Kodiak/USA   (08.17.07)
It seems rather unfair (dare I say, racist) that Arabs can exist among a Jewish majority (Israel), yet Jews cannot exist among a Arab majority (Gush Katif, as well as the Arab world). Why is it that no Jews can live within a Palestinian state? Racism, pure and simple. The Arabs are the very racists they accuse Israel of being.
7. Pictures
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.17.07)
I don't have a clue as to the ultimate right or wrong that brought things to such a point, but to see grown people, especially soldiers, cry like that is about as sad as it gets.
8. Hey Yisrael,did you come back from brooklyn
moshe ,   migdal ha'emek   (08.17.07)
to do your service in the I.D.F.? Or were your in the habad "army"?
9. Heartbreaking!
Elisabeth McGrath ,   Australia   (08.18.07)
Try reading this article and looking at the pictures with "Yom Yerushulayim" playing in the background. Then try to get your heart working again. And try to stop your tears.....
10. #3 Ignorant!
Thomas ,   Cleveland, USA   (08.18.07)
If you think for a second that it belongs to the ":Native Palestinians" then consider this: When Palestinians were fleeing Israel during the War Of Independance, they were denied entry to Egypt and Egypt kept the refugees there until 1967! They were not allowed to recieve aid, they were not allowed to travel and if they tried to jump the fence they were killed. So don't think that just because your Arab "Brothers" decided to keep you in a concentration area until 1967 that it makes Gaza your land.
11. The soldiers don't cry
when they take a sandwich from an old Palestinian man at a checkpoint and throw it to the guard dogs. Nor do they cry (or do anything, for that matter) when squatter kids throw rocks at pregnant Palestinian women in Hebron. What a load of bull. These squatters had no business being in Gaza though the evacuation was a mistake. We should have just left them there without the IDF protection. They'd get along great with Hamas now!
12. Land
Guy ,   San Diego   (08.18.07)
Then whose land is it?
13. 6# Roman
Margaret   (08.18.07)
You said "the Arabs are the very racists they accuse Israel of being". No truer words were spoken. It's amazing over 1 million Arabs can live inside the so called "greenzone" hold seats in the Israeli government, and Israeli supreme court, be able to vote in Israeli elections,and have free speech to constantly attack the very existence of Israel, yet 9 thousand Jews living amongst a million Arabs is an unforgivable sin to Jimmy Carter,the UN,the EU,and other Jew haters of the world. If this isn't racism, I don't know what is.
14. Emad
Margaret   (08.18.07)
What makes you so sure it's the Arab's land anymore than the Jews? And why can over 1 million Arabs live anywhere they want in the Israeli "greenzone", but 9 thousand Jews living amongst 1 and a half million Arabs is an unforgivable sin.
15. #14: The reason
It's not Arab land. But the mere fact that Israel gave it away necessitated the fact that they had to evacuate the settlers. If the settlers stayed, we would have needed to keep a military presence inside Gaza in order to protect them. But if we did that, how would that be a "pullout?"
16. awful
tma   (08.19.07)
Just when I thought I couldn’t' cry any more from seeing such pictures, there you go, you made me sob all over again. It was cruel to make the young soldiers to do such senseless dirty work. G-d, why did this have to happen? I don't know who to feel sorry for the most, the citizens or the soldiers. They're all one family, right? I love that synagogue, it's so spacy, you can tell they wanted people there.
17. #14 Margaret, are you freakin serious?!
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (08.19.07)
"And why can over 1 million Arabs live anywhere they want in the Israeli "greenzone", but 9 thousand Jews living amongst 1 and a half million Arabs is an unforgivable sin." OK, if those 9 thousand Jews wanted to truly live amongst us, get stopped and searched at checkpoints like us, get electricity cut off just like us, have dirty water come out of the faucets just like us, occasionally get bombs dropped on their homes just like us, get arrested just like us etc, I think we would be fine with it. It's the fact that 1.4 million were stopped for hours at checkpoints, to protect these 9 thousand. These 9 thousand had the best water and electricity lines while the 1.4 million had polluted water and frequent power cuts. Anyways, that's why many saw it as an unforgiveable sin. And we haven't even discussed international territorial legitimacy.
18. #3 U r 100%
19. sharon, olmert, Bogdan Chemlenitzki would be proud of you.
Guy   (08.19.07)
20. To 17, everything you want you can get it.....if
Dan ,   israel   (08.19.07)
you'll accept to work for it. Stop crying, start working. The billions the PA got from abroad should help.
21. khalid #17
ash ,   gush etzion   (08.20.07)
ok, so lets talk international legitimacy. present me with one binding international legal document which says that gaza is/was palestinian? i await an answer....
AVI ,   TEL AVIV   (08.20.07)
23. The plight of the Palestinians
Quoting an Palestinian journalist many years ago: The plight of the palestinians today is they never had a Ben-Gurion of their own. Our Ben-Gurion was willing , in 1947, to accept a state of israel much smaller than the Land of Israel and to make out of it a decent place to live. Until the arab/Palestinian people act in such away their plight will never improve and they only have themselves to blame.
24. #21 ash, UN Resolution 242 is your answer.
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (08.20.07)
Israel "captured" Gaza from Egypt in the 1967 war. UN Resoultion 242 states it is "inadmissible to acquire territory by war". Do you need more proof than that? I don't need to prove that it's Palestinian, just that it's not Israeli. I don't care for my Palestinian leaders, neither Hamas nor Abbas, so give the land back to Egypt if you wish (although Oslo effectively gave Gaza to the PA). I'm sure once Egypt is given Gaza back they will rush to give it to Palestinians anyways.
25. To Khalid
Daniel Weltman ,   J-m   (08.20.07)
Dear Khalid, It is indeed heartwarming to hear you worried about the Geneva Convention. However, Gaza was captured by Israel in a defensive war, defending herself against 5 arab armies intent on destroying her and murdering all Jews present. How does that fit in with the geneva convention? If Israel had not been in clear and imminent danger of annihalation, Gaza would still be in Egyptian hands. (By the way, your water would be dirtier, and electricity spottier, under the Egyptians. Just so we are clear.) The blame for your dirty water and problematic electricity is on your corrupt and vicious government, not on Israel, which still provides water, gas and electricity to a population that wishes to destroy it! Further, acquisition of territory by defensive war is different than a war of aggression. So, the legality you quoted would actually mean that any land captured by the side that started the war (Arab) is not legally acquired, but land captured by the defending side (Israel) is. If the arabs and gazans stop trying to obliterate the Jews, everyone will live in peace. If you put down your weapons, no one will fight. But, Khalid, if we Jews put down our weapons, we will be dead by the next morning. Think about that.
26. YOU LIE - "many soldiers were subjected to acid "showers."
Avi P. ,   Yesh"a   (08.22.07)
This claim was widely reported n the media, but EVERY police investifation proved it to be 100% false - not one settler through acid on a soldier. The police sprayed the settlers with some type of liquid, and when the roof threatened to cave in from the weight of what the police sprayed, the settlers started pouring the liquid off the roof - onto the soldiers and polcie below. Anyone injured from the unknown chemicals was injured through the actions of the police. NOT ONE SOLDIER WAS INJURED BY ACID - this is a lie. If you had some journalistic integrity you would research this and print an apology, but I doubt that will happen...
27. Khalid - don't you ever get tired......
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.22.07)
of blaming us for the misery caused by your own war mongering so-called leaders? Don't you ever want to say "enough" lets live in peace and build a state alongside Israel? Don't you ever get tired of the lies you tell yourselves to justify the fact that your people CAN'T seem to get their act together? Doesn't it make you SICK that your people don't buy school and farming equipment instead of wepons? Don't you see how sad it is that you are not teaching your children to be proud of themselves and to build a future instead of wanting to die and murder for Allah? When you want a better future for your children, you will have one. With our without you as partners, we will continue to build our wonderful country. We would prefer peace with you, but it if it not to be, then it is not to be.
28. They already have.
Roberta ,   London   (08.30.07)
They already have. The BASTARDS of Olmert government are a DISGRACE to all Jews. I am ASHAMED of our government! What kind of EVIL has befallen us?
29. Eize CHUTZPAH!!!!!!!!!!
Roberta ,   london   (08.30.07)
What do you know of HISTORY and LEGALLLY PURCHASED PROPERTY??? How can you say it's SOMEBODY ELSE'S PROPERTY??? WHOSE property is it then? Got PROOF OF PURCHASE? nu??
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