Polish MEPs boycott UN conference
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 16.08.07, 20:49
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31. What if this conference gave you credit ?
simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church VA USA   (08.17.07)
And if Poland Stood with you Doesn'tmean it is your saver,remember that you have a strong good friend behind you. any way best of luck to you all in the region
32. Yet more hypocrisy from worthless UN
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.17.07)
Giuliani, in his Foreign Affairs article, writes: "The UN has proved irrelevant to the resolution of almost every major dispute of the last 50 years. Worse, it has failed to combat terrorism and human rights abuses." Yet the UN puts its political weight only behind the Palestinians. The Kurds, the Tibetans, and others have no comparable "inalienable rights". It will hardly break a sweat over those suffering in Darfur. Its institutional bias against Israel is there for all to see. Anyone counting on the UN for moral leadership or simply to "do the right thing" is seriously naive.
33. Maybe you should get educated!
Darek ,   Mount Prospect, USA   (08.17.07)
Poles saved thousands of Jews during WWII risking their own lives. There are bigots everywhere and Jew spreading lies about Polish antisemitism are as bad as some in the Polish community who actually hate Jews. Poles always take the side of justice and honor.
34. 11.
Darek ,   Mount Prospect, USA   (08.17.07)
I am Polish and I don't understand Palestinian whining and complaining. It's not about your rights. It's about your hate against Jews and your plan to take ALL of the Israel from them. It's not going to happen. They have as much right to the land as you. Can you tell me the time in history when a country named Palestine existed?
35. Dziekujemy Poland!
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (08.17.07)
36. #2 and his ilk
C'est Moi ,   Canada   (08.17.07)
I am sure if you stayed in the motherland of Poland then you would have this dude as your MP!!! So why dont you stick to the motherland and go back there and vote for him. I am sure you guys hold an EU passport. Just listen to the wise man Avraham Burg.
37. Poles boycott UN MEP Conf
I.Kemp ,   Nahairiya Israel   (08.17.07)
Good for the Poles ! It must be hard to have to associate with the rest of the European filth at the UN. Top of the Euro list being "Englandistan". The good news is that with the UN being as useless as it is it should be as ineffective as everything else it is supposed to do but fails in.
38. 11 Inalienable right of what and what do you really think
freedom ,   canada   (08.17.07)
you know. I can chop that whole position into pieces in minutes or less. Illegal occupation, yeah sure, what about the rest of those that have lost property due to a war, especially those in Europe, yet no one clamors there for any special treatment. Maybe we should have a conference on the worlds displaced peoples and their so called fair recompense for their territorial and physical losses in the many wars that the world has experienced. What a novel idea.....
39. #20
Maciek ,   Gdynia, Poland   (08.17.07)
I think that at the end old EU members will say: "Poland makes a problems again!" (just like it was said many times before when we did not agree with some stupid EU directives) But somone has to show what is right and what is wrong! At that point Poles and Israelis are very similar - we always have OUR own point of view.
40. europe is anti israeli
paulo2005 ,   lisbon,portugal   (08.17.07)
One should not forget that the persecutions against the jews took place in europe. Europe is antisemitic , therefore anti israeli. In a portuguese message board, 4 years ago.., people wrote that " too many jews and nazis survived world war II". Others claimed jews were racist. Thats europe.
41. evryone helps ANTI-SEMITISM. even Jews.
Atilla Liman ,   Karagözoğlu   (08.17.07)
you know how ? Jews say "we are great" than world get sick of this. they become anti-semites. I dont think too many sick antisemites as hitler. TODAYS ANTISEMITES ARE JUST MAD, CRAZY PEOPLE. NOT DANGEREOUS REALY. I am not an antisemite. But I dont like Jews say they are chosen. I believe I am chosen. just me. only me. dont be anti-atilla please. I am a nice guy. last night I seen dream about Tali. I was looking for her. bye.
42. #11 well said
43. one more ineffective country wouldn't hinder
44. Equitable and practicable peace plan for Palestine:
Uzi ,   Haifa   (08.17.07)
(a) Israel should let Hamas to depose Abbas and smash Fatah in Judea and Samaria, or even help Hamas to do so. (b) Then everybody would like to abolish the PA and wipe it off the world map and consciousness. (c) It will also open the way for the Kingdom of Jordan to take charge as the only viable nation state of all the Arabs of Greater Palestine. (d) Having got rid of the PA, Israel and Jordan should agree on the border between them in Judea and Samaria and maybe cede Gaza to Egypt that would sort it out quite smartly. (e) Everybody, Jews and Arabs, should continue to live in peace where they are and nobody should move from their homes or land. Israelis who would become residents in the Kingdom of Jordan should be given rights and conditions like the Arabs in Israel and an option for Jordanian citizenship.
45. Ad 11. Poles know the truth...
Absztyfikant ,   Poland   (08.17.07)
46. #16 the US anti-missile shield in Poland; started or not yet
observer   (08.17.07)
you mean that Israel is against the Muslims; Not the Arabs and Not the Palestinians.
47. #46
Maciej ,   Gdynia, Poland   (08.17.07)
i know what you mean - saing that Poles are against Muslims doesn't mean that we hate them, but take a look what is going on in Europe nowadays. Look at the streets of old EU countries, thousands of Muslims are replacing Europeans traditions trying to turn Europe into Muslim-Zone. I am not against decent Muslim who work and live here in peace, but I can't stand the actions of Muslim's radicals just like this in EU Parlament. If they (Muslims) want to be here - OK, but no actions against EU or firends of EU (USA, Israel).
48. Thank you Poles !
It is reassuring to notice even one spot of light in an ocean of enmity. These are enemies who have been constantly tinkering and plotting to destroy Israel. Guess who are these modern-day Satans ? You guessed right - all those millions of brainwashed, senseless and bloodthirsty Arabs, the so called Palestinians and so many of their disgusting, traitor puddles hiding under names like N.G.O.-s and,unfortunately, U.N. What do all these gangs of hatemongers want to achieve ? Nothing more and nothing less than the destruction of the state of Israel and, of course, all the Jews within Israel. For such a criminal purpose, such N.G.O-s use a choice of words which circumvent straight criticism, straight call to kill and destroy, but they are insane if they believe we are so stupid not to get their death message. SO, LISTEN CAREFULLY JEW HATER NGO-S AND YOUR BACKERS, YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE ANYTHING OF YOUR DESTRUCTIVE PLANS SIMPLY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL IS ALWAYS READY FOR YOUR CRIMINAL CHALLENGE. And if the European Parliament want to house such dubious activities, I hope there are enough wise people there (i.e. Geremek,etc.) who should think twice before falling yet into another anti-Semitic and anti-Israel trap.
49. Israel is denying many Pal's basic rights, what's biased ?!
polani   (08.17.07)
Maybe the fact Bronislaw Geremek's brother lives in the Qerayot makes him so indifferent about Palestinian's rights, and for Israel, or maybe he's just another ex-politician who's been toppled along with his party (Freedom Union:P) from power, after leading a capitalist policy which led many people to poverty (and brought us Kaczism:). Todays Israelis themselves finally admit the mistakes either towards the palestinians in the occupied territories, or even holocaust survivors who have to fight on the streets for miserable 100 sheqels. In Israel if you don't stand up for your right and make a big noise and most importnat you don't adress the international community, you can forget about your rights. This country fears only the WORLD PUBLIC OPINION and doesn't give a damn on its own citizens (or people it controls).
50. Jews DONT hate Poles-only those who helped Nazis loot&kill
Alan ,   SA   (08.17.07)
51. Europe is insane...
This is par for the course for the EU. They can't wait till Eurabia is a reality. They truly hate themselves so much that they would rather have this post-modern 'diverse cultural appreciation' (read: the death of Western culture, society, intelligensia and cessation of western people(by being demographically overrun with 'minorities') They EU can't wait to show how much they hate Israel, America and themselves to the rest of the world. Thankfully, the Poles ken the score. Other Europeans, this needs to be fought. Right your MEPs and tell them that you are pissed that an anti-Israeli conference is taking place!
52. ALL EUROPEANS - Write your MEPs here
(08.17.07) Ask them to condemn the unhelpful rhetoic and to reconsider the aim of the conference. I am all for conference on Israel-palestinians, but where it is simply an exercise in demonizing one side, then it is not helpful useful in providing assistence in finding a solution. PLEASE WRITE! This is how democracy works
53. Polish MEPs boycott
Tomek ,   Warsaw, Poland   (08.17.07)
Israel You can always count on Us !!!!! Friend from Poland
54. Jolly good show Poles!
Ariel ,   London UK   (08.17.07)
What a surprise! So there are Europeans that are willing for once to stand for what is right. Good on you Poles.
55. Thank You Tomek!!!
MARK ,   USA   (08.17.07)
I appreciate your kind words and support. Poland will be blessed for blessing Israel.
56. Remember Hitler killed many Poles
Mark ,   USA   (08.17.07)
The Holocaust killed many non-Jews and that often gets overlooked because Hitler's main target was all Jews. He had other targets in addittion to Jews that were killed and tortured. We must never forget the 5 Million Non-Jews killed.
57. Glad to hear that :)
B.Tyszkiewicz ,   Wroclaw   (08.17.07)
In fakt, nothing to say, but yes! yes! yes! Best regards fm Poland :)))))))
58. Many Poles saved Jews during WW II
MARK ,   USA   (08.17.07)
We must always remember that. We must Never Forget the Righteous Gentiles who saved Jews as well as those that murdered them. It is too easy too focus only on the killers! I sadly am guilty of doing that and I have to catch myself. I want to thank those in Poland that saved Jews during WW II. I focus on those that helped the Nazis kill Jews in Poland and I need to Remember those that saved Jews. I am sorry if I offended any Poles and my statements were insensitive. I came across as bashing all Polish people. Please Forgive Me. I am very sorry. My deepest and most sincere apology to those I offended in any way with previous talk back comments.
59. Darek , You are 100% correct
MARK ,   USA   (08.17.07)
I want to Yad Vashem, Holocaust Memorial and were amazed to see how many trees there were from Poland, (of all the other European countries). Each tree represents a righteous gentile that saved Jews. There were many from Poland. It was wonderful to see that . Thank you Poland. Many of those trees are from Polish people.
60. #56: TWELVE million non-Jews were killed in Nazi camps.
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