Report: Youth killed in clashes between IDF, gunmen
Efrat Weiss
Published: 17.08.07, 21:10
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1. Mr. Olmert, please give Fatah more weapons!
Cynic ,   USA   (08.17.07)
2. How do we know that 16-year-old was not one of the gunmen?
Mutually exclusive? ,   Definitely not!   (08.17.07)
They often are. A few months ago, there was an interview with a Palestinian family in Jenin. Every boy in the family, FROM THE AGE OF NINE, had their own M-16, carried it around and practiced with it. Palestinians of this age have repeatedly been caught throwing explosives. Why do people automatically assume that because he was under 18, he's 'innocent'? Bad assumption
3. awwwww shucks.....
4. Once Again In The Eyes Of The World
emanon ,   USA   (08.17.07)
Israel is in the wrong because the terrorists use human shields. What, using human shields gives someone a free pass to do what they want? I'm sorry the Israeli's did not have better aim, but clearly the terrorists are to blame for the death. If they were not intent on performing their evil deeds, they would not need shields to hide behind, human or any other type.
5. #4
sajjad ,   Pakistan   (08.18.07)
Yes Palestinian are committing great crime against gods chosen people because they want their homeland back from occupier from all over the world, this is really a heinous crime! When you people will understand that there is no difference between any one blood?? Well You can kill the body but you can’t kill the truth and truth is telling it self that what a mad person you are.
6. For those who follow the Doonsbury comic strip
Gary ,   New Jersey   (08.18.07)
Last week there was a story about a Foreign Minister from a terrorist government who hires American lobbyists. One of the characters observes that now terrorists are getting elected. They have become legitimate governments. Furthermore, one could add that now terrorists are even given a state of their own by the freedom-loving, terror-fighting Republican government of the United States of America. Here are some quotes from that comic strip: Lobbyist Duke: "This guys's the Foreign Minister? Are you sure, Earl? He looks like a terrorist." Lobbyist Earl: "He IS a terrorist. They get elected now." Lobbyist Duke: "The goal of the campaign would be to rebrand your pariah state as a valued partner in the war on terror, so that you'd then qualify for a military aid package of, say, $25 billion! In conclusion, we'd like to position your country as a stable, reliable partner in the war against terror."
7. The truly brave do not wear masks and
Micha   (08.18.07)
do not shoot from schools. They wear uniforms designating them as part of the military. The only groups that wear masks are rapists and murderers. Which are the people in gaza and wb?
8. Boy killed
Iamashamed ,   UK   (08.18.07)
The IDF have no qualms when it comes to killing Palestinians. Age or gender does not matter. Just look at the hit-count for the last month.
9. School as hide out for ambush.
Helene ,   Israel   (08.18.07)
HOW '"ingenious". WHY not use the building for much needed summer holiday activities in stead? Will Pals EVER do something positive for their country?! And they keep crying and whining that they don't have this and they don't have that. Give a Pal three stones and he will be just fine! One to throw and two to hide behind.
10. OK, I'll try again...
Helene ,   Israel   (08.18.07)
Gazans (obiously) do not need schools. Schools should be - you guessed it - for studying. Now, what a Gazan person(obviously) needs are three stones: one to throw and two to hide behind. Let's just hope that the Well wishing West doesn't provide that. Too! (What a waste!!!) For your approval or NOT.
11. Yasser Arafat Brigades
paulo2006 ,   lisbon,portugal   (08.18.07)
The name of arafat is Abu Amar. Thats the way palestinians know them.Instead of calling the Abu Amar brigades by a name only a few do know.., you should call the brigades by its name : Yasser Arafat Brigades
12. the attack
took place in a SCHOOL YARD in late evening. what is a 16 years old doing in a school yard in very late evening with terrorists in the middle?
13. he said 16 to claim his virgins; but he was much younger
14. IJ operatives chose a SCHOOL to hide in. THAT is the crime!
observer ,   USA   (08.18.07)
Why do numbers 4 and 8 not condemn THAT behavior? According to international law, a place cannot be immune to military attack, merely by virtue of being a civilian structure: If it's being used for military purposes (aka for hiding gunmen), it can be attacked military. But also according to international law, hiding out in a school if there were students there (which Islamic Jihad operatives would have known, as opposed to the IDF troops) IS A CRIME.
15. #5
trobadour ,   Portugal   (08.18.07)
First fo all I am not Jew, but I can see very well what's going on in the land called Israel+Palestine, Jews bought land there and later established the state of Israel the arabs attacked and lost land, no country gives land back, land they won with the blood of their people, only Israel does this and it is always called the Satan, bad guy whatever. I agree that Israel didn't do what was correct every time but none do and much less the surrounding countries. There are no Palestinians, read history and learn, there were arabs living there and there arabs now there but they managed to put the name palestinian on them to reclame land and a country. Arabs lost land to Israel in wars they started they have no right at all to any of it.
16. #5you can talk when you give pakistan back to india .
The Arab countries kicked out Jews who lived 3000 years before Islam was invented ....will they give back the territories?
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