MKs outraged at Olmert's 'distinction' between Shoah survivors
Amnon Meranda
Published: 19.08.07, 21:43
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1. Olmert cares about 3 people
zionist forever   (08.19.07)
HIMSELF His approval rating is just 3% his policies are damaging and disliked by the public but he still refuses to resign and carries on with policies the voters dont want. ABBAS He talks about him being the great moderate and he must do everything possible to strenghen him .. even at the expense of Israels interests. During Olmerts Lebanon war because of lack of recources there want enough ceramic vests for alot of reserves and they either went without or bought their own. Olmert has issued hundreds of brand new vests to Abbas so he can be strenghened politicly along with giving him hundreds of thousands of rounds of amunition and new guns. Everything Abbas wants Olmert gives. ASSAD Assad has been isolated by the US & EU for supporting terror and the UN for his invovement of the Rafik Harriri assasination. Olmert instead of pushing for deals based on Israels interests he is trying to help end Assads international isolation and doing a secret deal with him thats going to involve giving up the Golan and its all going to be done on Assads terms evenb though Israel is now in the best politcal position to make demands now than it has been since 1967. Olmert loves his arab friends but he snubs memorial services on the 1 year aniversry of his Lebanon war. Iran, Syria, Hamas, Fatah, Hezboillah non of these are a threat to Israels continued existance it has only one threat and its called Ehud Olmert
2. #1 Why don't people protest?
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles   (08.20.07)
Your assessment is correct. Yet we don't see any show of solidarity with the future expellees; we don't see any sign of protest against Olmert's policies; we don't see any interest in stopping this rush to self-destruction. Would someone please explain to me why so many Likud members didn't even bother to vote? And of those who did, they voted for the guy who's going to pursue the same plan as Olmert? Zionist Forever, it is so very hard not to lose hope about Israel.
3. Olmert makes Selections?
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (08.20.07)
Any Jew who would cause further suffering to those who survived the Shoah, is a disgrace, and an evil in the face of anything decent and humane. Olmert is not fit to govern, nor make decisions regarding the Sacred Gift Hashem has bestowed upon the Jewish people. He is not even fit as a human being. How can anyone be so calloused? So uncaring? Hasn't this evil man done enough harm? He'll give plenty of money and benefits to the Arabs who would destroy Israel, but to survivors of the Shoah, he gives little. They have not suffered enough? Their losses are not filled with pain? Do these poor souls have to experience selections, yet again, in their own land? Thy shall not cause the widow or orphan to weep.
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