Knesset speaker apologizes to Shoah survivors on State's behalf
Amnon Meranda
Published: 20.08.07, 15:09
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1. Um, Anne Frank died in a death camp.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.20.07)
2. Zionists apologizing, even alleging NOTsharing in inflicting
the blight on Jews. Why they have not apologized to the Palestinians. May be because they are calling them SS (Shoah Survivors)?
3. truth be told
JL ,   israel   (08.20.07)
israel has not dealt with anyone in a just manner...except of course the people in government
4. knesset speaker dalia itzik-quite a lady:
yahn goodey   (08.20.07)
she has to do what decades of men didnt do-apologize for the neglect of shoa survivors
5. #4: I agree. Apologizing is a good precedent
eliyahu   (08.20.07)
One of the problems in Israel is politicians who never admit they were wrong. If you don't admit you were wrong, you can never fix it or move forward. That is why this country is just making the same mistakes over and over again, only more exagerrated with each attempt at covering up the mistake.
6. apology to Holocaust survivors
Susan Berger ,   New York, NY   (08.21.07)
And when is someone going to apologize to Norman Finkelstein, for ruining his life because he told the truth before the rest of the idiots caught on?? And this, this is just the top of the cake.... there is plenty more that will come out.
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