Every November, once in 30 years
Gadi Baltiansky
Published: 24.08.07, 15:02
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1. Baltiansky needs little courage
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (08.24.07)
To tell Olmert to resign and move with his family to Sderot to live there for several years. He (Boltiansky) himself must tell us where he gets his money for taking huge airplanes with oeople to Geneva. Why not to give this money to help poor people of Sderot. Then he all all Geneva supporters must move to Sderot.
2. Completely detached from reality
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.24.07)
"the head of the Palestinian Authority is prepared to make dramatic concessions, and that there is a solid majority among the Israeli public and in the Knesset in support of such a move." WHAT THE F%&K????
3. America doesn't want a man with courage to lead Israel...
Nannette ,   London   (08.24.07)
All that Bush and Baker wanted is a yes man with a big ego, and Olmert is exactly that. A smaller Israel is an unsafe Israel, and most Israelis won't notice until the kassams start landing in Tel Aviv. But to compare Olmert with Weitzman, Ben Gurion and Begin, is an insult to the memories of those great men.
4. This article sounds like Olmert spin! He needs the courage
redmiike ,   tel aviv   (08.24.07)
to resign! One can almost smell these planted articles from their headlines. The public, around 97% of it and a growing number of Kadima MKs want Olmert to resign and that is a 'brave step' that would win him a little kudos. We could then say that at least he finally did the correct and courageous thing. To even compare Olmert wih Weizmann, Ben-Gurion and Begin is shameful and I shall add Gadi Baltiansky to my don't bother to read list!
5. Olmert Needs Courage To Resign.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.24.07)
And the next PM needs the courage to stop talking about peace & talk about winning. And Gadi could use some courage & look carefully at what Oslo brought us instead of parroting the same line of crap that has brought us only a deterioration of our security situation.
6. Yes,we must appease Arabs to make the " Nov7" miracle happen
Rich LefIist Idiot ,   Ramat Aviv, Israel   (08.24.07)
7. courage without common sense and G-D ?
virginia orrall   (08.24.07)
forget it there will be no peace this way.the prophecy written in the tanakh by our prophets is for war-no peace till Messiah brings it-and olmert is no Messiah-his ethics are totally estranged from G-Ds.
8. Peace
Don Quinne ,   Canada   (08.24.07)
All this sounds reasonable if the zealots on both sides go along with it.
9. Olmert needs more than courage
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (08.24.07)
He needs a new job
10. courage
gewroge ,   barrie   (08.24.07)
Olmert has no courrage, zero, and has no chance of ever getting courage. Ramon is another dreamer, a crony of Olmert who would sell Israel at the drop of a hat and move to US.Whatever peace could be worked out with Hamas rather than Fatah, one thing should be clear: Pre 67 Israel should not be conceded. To give PLO control over a route from Gaza to WB divides israel in half. PLO will rocket from one side and station 20,000 troops on the transit route and force Israel to surrender.This is madness. Enough is enough. Israel cannot take much more from Olmert and he had better step down now or fires will start burning him out of office.
11. And I was born in November. So what?
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.25.07)
Each of these November events was of a sui generis quality. In 1917 the homeland was sanctioned, reconfirmed in 1947, but it had to be defended in 1948. 1977 began the unraveling of the 1967 victory. Now in 2007 the author wants to complete that process, leaving Israel ever more vulnerable. He continues, "Israel's prime minister understands that only a dramatic act will save him from the negative footnotes awaiting the description of his premiership." But Israel's fate shouldn't be put on the block just so Olmert can walk away with a paper legacy. And here I thought his primary responsibility was taking care of the country's security and wellbeing! It's no wonder the Geneva Initiative went nowhere with such shallow thinking, divorced from reality.
12. Courage?
Frank ,   Canada   (08.25.07)
No courage is needed to surrender to Arabs. Arabs don't want peace, never wanted peace and are not likely to want peace anytime soon. Real courage is to live in the real world and not in fairy tales, real courage is telling this truth openly and publicly, real courage is rejection of any foreign pression.
13. Nannette #3 is right about Bush.
Steve   (08.25.07)
Bush is not a man of moral courage. He is a very little man. If Bush were a man of courage, he would want a man of courage to lead Israel. It was well known in Israeli political circles that Mr. Bush wanted a little man like himself to lead Israel.
14. olmert needs conviction, courage, tenacity, integrity
dante ,   uk   (08.25.07)
of the 4, the only one that he has displayed in his public life is tenacity... for his own career, his own advantage. such values as he has are tethered to career and personal advantage. he is, by far, the worst PM Israel has ever suffered. and, he shows absolutely no insight into his own defects and errors. he is clueless.
DR Wills ,   Ohio, USA   (08.25.07)
Like in the Wizard of Oz, these folks are all living in Fantasy Land. You have Olmert, the Cowardly Lion, who "lacks courage", evidently. Of course, there must also be the Tin Man, who "has no heart"--Barak will do fine. But what about the ScareCrow, the Straw Man, who "has not brains"? I vote for the writer of this ditzy editorial....
16. Just who is the extremist?
Yisraeli   (08.25.07)
It is you Gadi the author of this tripe of an article, you are the extremists and you are the one who will take us back to the stone age with your stupidity.
17. Every November
gabriel ,   santiago of Chile   (08.25.07)
So, it's that easy, Gad ? Just enough a good will ? What about Gaza and Hamas, what about the killers of Fatah, the will of most palestinians to destroy Israel ? What about security for my daughter and grand sons who lives in Israel, Gadi ? The only really will is your will to mistaken yourself, Gadi.
18. Olmert cannot be saved by a "peace" agreement
Frank ,   Canada   (08.25.07)
Olmert will not be saved by a "peace" agreement which will bring more war. The unavoidable failure of such an agreement will kill him politically. Olmert is a looser and he must resign. Olmert has only one exit strategy: defeating Arab terror which involves the rejection of all kind of appeasement and addressing the Iranian threat.
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