Israeli mission to aid Peru
Roi Mandel
Published: 20.08.07, 21:57
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1. any arab nation sending help, by any chance?
2. The New Israel today..always ready to help others
Al   (08.20.07)
except their own Jews. They simply throw them out of their homes. PS Any nation that caused Jews harm were harmed. Read your history.
3. #1 any country help irakis or palestinians?
Ahmed ,   Egypt   (08.20.07)
4. to #3
Josh ,   Canada   (08.21.07)
you are comparing apples with oranges Ahmed. Number one makes an excellent point and if there are any Arab nations that are helping (which I doubt) then they should be congratulated as well. In addition, this is certainly not the first time Israel helps other nations including other Arab nations who often refuse their help.
5. #3
are you ignorant or just pathetically unread???? iraq is being helped and its citizens protected by american forces on a daily basis risking their own lives and bodies to fight the scum suicide bombers and religious fanatic murderers that murder their own brothers and sisters on a daily basis. you must be joking. america soldiers do protect and america sends millions of dollars to repair iraqi infrastructure and desires to rebuild the country and give its people a second chance at freedom and democracy. it is your muslim brothers that are targeting these efforts and it is your muslim brothers that are killing innocent iraquis by hundreds of thousands every year....and you complain about the usa not giving aid? as to the palestinians....there, you crossed the line of ignorance and stupidity. do you know how many billions of dollars the palestinians have recieved from israel, the usa and europe? billions! do you know how many billions anwra has recieved to help the palestinians? billions! do you know why no palestinian was ever helped with this aid money? do you it is because your muslim brothers, yes, muslim brothers stole these monies, put them in bank accounts in swiss banks, built villas worth millions of dollars in gaza and west bank, condiscated all the aid money into their pockets. arafat has accumulated 300 million dollars in aid money that was supposed to go to make the palestinian life easiet and more modern, to build infrastructure, to build apartments, to move palestinians from dirty refugee camps into new housing apartments. guess what, none of this money has ever been used to build these. not one penny. they still live in camps, no sewer, no hygene, no medical care, no adequate education, no agriculture, no business development of any kind. do you think america, israek and europe didn't take care of the palestinians? you must be joking. they are the buggest welfare recipient in the world. yet, the arab countries all together have contributed only a minimal fraction to make their lives better. only minimal compared to what we all contributed to the palestinians. you know why? because you arabs are using these poor people, feeding them lies and using them as pawns against israel. you can't win militarily, so you use human sheilds as the palestinians in your propaganda machines and in your hate messages and to be your shahids and suicide attackers and terrorists. you have made them what they are today. a desperate people without a home. you refused to nationalize them and kept them as your rfevenge tool against israel. shameful. shameful!
6. Six?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.21.07)
More people work on my car when I do my 15,000 km checkup.
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