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Arabs surf Israeli porn sites
Adar Shalev
Published: 22.08.07, 11:33
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1. Jews selling their daughters online?
wowwwwwww   (08.22.07)
2. YNET Runs out of Ideas, As Usual
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (08.22.07)
Is this what you call journalism? Porn will always be a good business - nooo - really? Have some shame, and report some good *news* for a change.
3. LOL!
Talula ,   Israel   (08.22.07)
Shame we can't get any exact figures as to how many Haredim surf the same sites.
4. So, what's the answer???
Do they really serve in the IDF??? We're waiting.
5. shame on us
maeer ,   israel   (08.22.07)
am ashamed selling israeli girls is a bad picture and reflectionn. its harmful to society. after all its human nature!
6. Kosher Porn???
Zanveleh Der Treger ,   Meah Shearim   (08.22.07)
It might be Israeli, but to sure ain't kosher.
7. This was really hilarious!
enzo ,   london,uk   (08.22.07)
You made me laugh out loud, Ynet!
8. you cant even access Ynet from the Arabic countries
A Bethlehemite   (08.22.07)
let alone access porn sites. While traveling in the M.E., I couldnt even access any Israeli news website. They are blocked. So I do not how the article states that Saudi internet users for example can access Israeli porn. No doubt all these countries mentioned do have porn viewers maybe using DVD etc but I doubt they get the material from Israel.
DIS   (08.22.07)
This a disgusting side to Israel . You should be a light to all nations! The more you try to woo them and be like them , the more they will hate you ! This fact has been proven through history
10. Porn should be banned by Israel
Harry   (08.22.07)
A society with no morals is doomed to fall.
11. To #8
Sexy Arabian Guy ,   Saudi Arabia   (08.22.07)
I do not know if you are Isralie first of all. Then how will you get to Saudi Arabia if you are so. If not, then how did you say that you can not access Ynet from Saudi Arabia. I am now in Saudi Arabia. I can read this. Say something true please.
12. Integration
Marty ,   USA   (08.22.07)
If Israel wants to become integrated into the Middle East it has to change its character. It is exactly the secular character of the state that is perceived as a threat by its neighbors.
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (08.22.07)
14. Not that I agree with porn sites....
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.22.07)
But arabs seek us for everything ,don't they? They can not live without thinking on us,that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! We are the center of their lives! What a boring thing! (Sorry for the owners of the site,but they don't have to care:as much as we speak,as much they'll glue on you!)
15. disagree completely with #10
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.22.07)
Pornography, music, art, free expression, free press, free ideas and free thinking is what being a light unto the nations is all about. giving people the freedom to make their own decisions. banning anything you don't consider moral is a taliban/ayatollah concept, and there are quite enough states like that in the middle east already
16. No wonder...
Lior ,   London   (08.22.07)
No wonder the Arabs self-identify so strongly with the concept of victimhood. They are the eternal victims. They are the victims of American aggression, they are the victims of European colonialism. They are the victims of Islamophobia and racism in the West. And they are the victims of the eternal injustice of Israel as an unwelcome entity in their midst. And they can't even make their own porn and have to rely on the accursed Jews in Israel to get their jollies. I can see their point in a way... I mean, if I was sworn to eradicate the Zionist Entity from the face of the earth and drive the Jews into the sea, then my self-esteem would go more than limp if the only place I could get hold of 17:23 minutes of whack-off time was thanks to my implacable enemy. Carry on rubbing their noses in it, I say. If they already feel so inadequate, it can't do any harm. We should launch a campaign: An Israeli Stroke Book For Every Arab Home. Just to keep the victims happy in their self-deprecating moral squalor.
17. Have you seen their women!?
Josh   (08.22.07)
What would a muslim website show, a woman with here wrist bared. Ooohooo!
18. Site names please
Adam ,   Australia   (08.22.07)
What are the sites referred to? I'd like to see this kosher porn
19. #8 - Can you read? The article explains....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.22.07)
how somebody with more technical savy than you CAN access our websites even where they are blocked. "In many places Israel is blocked, at times the entire suffix "" is blocked. Users connect through proxy servers and reach us that way."
20. and how many Israeli surf Arabic porn site?
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (08.22.07)
21. go back to europe please
ayman ,   jersey usa   (08.22.07)
go back to europe or russia where this is ok. In the ME we dont sell our soul for $$ like the european zionists do. you dont belong here you people have no moral or ethics all you know is $$$$$.
22. I thought Islam was against porn?
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (08.22.07)
Whatever happened to modesty? Arabs are the biggest hippocrates of all, it is not ok to listen to western music (basically nothing western), not view porn )what is really funny here, is that Arabs hate jews but like watching jewish porn?!) on the other hand it is ok to blow themselves up! Oh the irony!
23. Marty, Why should they?
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (08.22.07)
This world is big enough for people to have their own culture, by your post, your saying that Isreal should live under the Arab rules and customs? There is a thing called tolerance. Arabs do not have that word or meaning in their vocabulary, nor do they know what it means.
24. In Response to #15
Asa ,   U.S.A.   (08.22.07)
I cannot imagine how you get that being a light to the nations involves porn. The other contributions that are mentioned are just the result of being a "free" secular society, which is acceptable, but not a light. HaShem called us to be a light to the nations by living as a Torah observant nation where the Presence of HaKadosh sets us apart from all other nations. It does not make us better it simply causes others to want that relationship with G-D. Pornography is not a light it is utter darkness. The Torah is not in any way close to taliban/ayatollah rule. It is sad that you think so. It is this lack of respect for HaShem and His love for His people, that has placed us in the posistion we are in know. Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Echad! You would do well to return to HaShem, instead of snubbing you nose at him with your false view of freedom. If we obey the Torah and love our G-D then all that we need will be added to us. Freedom to make your own descisions yes, the freedom to serve HaShem. If you trully serve Him you are free. Barukh HaShem!
MIKE ,   usa   (08.22.07)
26. to # 24 I Totally agree to # 15 read this
Harry   (08.22.07)
Let me just add How our Rabbis define freedom "Ain lecho ben chorin elo me sheosek Batorah" A Free person is the one that Occupies himself with Torah if not he is subjugated to the schemes of the Yetzer Hora and his Neshomo is in Total Exile
27. Israeli Pornography surfed by Arabs
Miriam ,   USA   (08.22.07)
The real news to me is that Israel seems proud of its thriving sex trade business and Pornography and worse, uses women as "soldiers, cops or Mossad" in these salacious sex films. That said, males are males and easily amused with visual smut. However, that Israelis make big money trafficking in women promoted as bimbo sluts and degraded by playing such roles is a greater insight than WHO is pays to view it. The fact that Arab men who are seen as the "enemy" pay to view such DENIGRATION is not surprising , but that women are routinely disrespected and used as film sluts should outrage Israeli women--particularly since Israel has one of the highest RAPE rates in the world and is likely a symptom of its hyperaggressive machismo that DOMINATES the whole society. How low does Israel have to sink before citizens with any conscience leave? Oh..they are leaving in the thousands.
28. Haredim surf PORN...?
Miriam ,   USA   (08.22.07)
boys'll be boys...LOL...hypocrites, too ....
29. #15...aaron in ra'anana
Miriam ,   USA   (08.22.07)
'banning' things ? you mean like TRUTH about Apartheid or seizing cameras, photos and films that show the racist nature of the country? But heavens not your PORNO chazerai.
30. Saudis and Iranians are BIGGEST Perverts, disgusting
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.22.07)
My wife runs a stock photography websites and pornography is NOT allowed, nor are any nudes, but I check who is looking at our site and what search words they use. The biggest perverts are from Saudi Arabia and Iran. Digusting. Some conservative religion. They are a bunch of phonies.
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