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Arabs surf Israeli porn sites
Adar Shalev
Published: 22.08.07, 11:33
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61. Yawn
Novartza ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.09)
Half the Israeli girls serve in the army, nothing special about our female soldiers. So some of them look good and make money of it. It's their own affair. The "Mossad agents" have of course no actual connection to any Intelligence agency, they are just porn stars. So Arabs are humans and like porn, and Israeli porn ignites their fantasies. Israeli web admins exploit this. Yawn. What else is new. I wonder with Rami how many Israelis watch Arab porn (probably more than would care to admit). Where there is demand, there is a market.
62. sex
neeraj ,   india   (03.11.10)
i like sex
63. chatting
besto ,   egypt   (02.09.12)
64. sex
mohsin ,   sodia   (07.11.12)
65. 736758696
nam ,   aden   (02.17.17)
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