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Guests for the holidays
Avner Hoffstein
Published: 23.08.07, 16:56
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1. Welcome - enjoy your trip here! Its great that people...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.23.07)
see what a wonderful country this is for so many reasons that they want to vacaction here. Study Kabala, see Jerusalem, see the creative energy of Tel Aviv, sit in mineral mud at the Dead Sea, go up to the gorgeous Galil and Golan! And talk to Israelis of all stripes. Its all great. Sh'tehenu!
2. as long as they stay in tel aviv
yoni ,   jerusalem   (08.23.07)
we can use their presence to promote some kind of value to judaism but it definately gets out of hand. let them do their thing in tel aviv and stay there. i hope they dont go around polluting the rest of israel...
3. 2 stop this negativity-they are welcome!!!!
noa ,   israel   (08.23.07)
4. Madonna is not a Jew.
JK ,   NYC   (08.23.07)
Madonna continues to affirm her belief in christianity, so what is the big deal, she is involved in a quasi jewish cult and she is not jewish by her own admission, by explicitly stating her very clear christian beliefs.
5. This is the best year to go
virginia orrall ,   Canada   (08.23.07)
since all the high holydays fall on the right day;it only happens about once every 7 yrs.They will have Yah's fullest blessing of protection and peace from His Shekinah Glory.
6. kabbalah Israel
Fireball ,   Boca Raton FL USA   (08.23.07)
Andy, Thanks for you well wishes to the groups coming from ALL over the world to Israel. Yoni... "quote" ~i hope they dont go around polluting the rest of israel~ The sages dating back to Abraham say this month's interpersonal activities are preparation of our vessel to receive a new dose of Light and love in the New Year. We have just a few weeks to make our whole year a better one than the one before. Much love and light to you!
7. Madonna, Kabbalah etc.
Juan ,   Spain   (08.23.07)
They can do what they like with their New Age rubbish.
8. yawn! that's nice dear!
9. #4 JK, NYC: Rabbi Yeshua said his followers must become Jews
Rivkah   (08.23.07)
in their hearts. If Madonna is not a Jew in her heart, then she is not a Christian. Most people who call themselves Christians are not Jews in their hearts which means they follow another Jesus, not the Rabbi Yeshua from Israel.
10. Kabbalah Course
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (08.23.07)
We are offering a Kabbalah course at our school here in Bat Yam. In Hebrew, of course!
11. Bravo #8
But this sort of rubbish is, after all, Ynet's joie de vivre, and raison d'etre.
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