Crematorium CEO: We knew haredi terror would get us
Meital Zur
Published: 23.08.07, 19:44
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1. I am so happy I can't wait for Israel to turn into Iran
BUSH ,   USA   (08.23.07)
When residents are complaining of a smell going on in the neighborhood and the stupid f-ing CEO says it is psychological is more Iran in disguise than I have ever seen. Israel where is your democracy? You suck. Thanks to whoever did this. You proved to be democratic by fighting against this disgusting place. Just like he doesn't care about the residents in the area we don't care for him. That is democracy in action.
2. Psychological
moshe ,   israel   (08.23.07)
"at times it was hard to breathe." - i would find it hard to believe that residents are now imagining it was hard to breathe a month ago.
3. UPDATE???
Debbie ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.23.07)
Other sources are now reporting that the owner started the fire for the insurance and blamed it on hareidim.
4. No perps have been identified
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.23.07)
So Nativ is blaming the "haredim" but there is an ongoing investigation. This reminds me of a couple of years ago, someone threw a burning bottle into the lobby of a Masorti synagogue. Everybody was 100% certain it was "haredi terrorists" but when police finally arrested the perps it turned out to be some secular hooligans.
5. Terror?!
Josh   (08.23.07)
I dont feel any terror. Did the TASE market take dip. Are people afraid to leave their homes or send their children to school? Are local vendors closing up shops because people are too afraid? When will it stop? Those terrorists really know how to effect us - hmmmm. Ok so I am being sracastic. Really who cares enough to be terrified? Terror - don't you think your using the term incorrectly? I bet there are actucally people rejoicing. How can the bones be resurected if they were all cooked up? The genetic codes of these individuals lost for ever in a furnace. It doesn't bother me that people have to burry their love ones now. Maybe they will be cloned back to life in the future. Besides how ecologically bad is it to expend large amounts of fossil fuel and generate polution? We can all sweat it out when global warming takes effect, so that someone a large number of peaople can do the equivaleant of a funeral pire. Open up a fallafel shop and stop instead.
6. his "haredi terror" brings him under defamation law
7. No permits for Katif residents, only for crematorium
Steve ,   USA   (08.24.07)
B"H It is rediculous that those expelled from Gush Katif do not have permits to build houses for themselves. Yet this creamatorian gets a permit to make a stench. Why does Israel permit burning of dead people to ashes in an approved area, but cannot find room for the living Jews to permantly locate again to get on with their lives?
8. #3 interseting - makes sense
Josh   (08.24.07)
Lets see what develops. I must say opeing that type of business amoung Jews is like trying to sell air a vegitarian a hamburger. What Jews patronized this place as it is against the idea of the bones being resurected? It would make sense that an owner of this type of business in Israel would have financial problems. As an ex-firefighter, it is not unusual for bad business to seek an insurance solution. They have a name for it on the mostly Irish Catholic fire department, and it is antisemetic. They call it "Jewish Lightining". Problem with this is most of the owners are Christian or Aethiests, so maybe they should recoin the phrase "Goyim Lightning". Or maybe call it simply fraud. Hope they catch him if he burnt it. And if he did it, they should also convict him him for slandering the religious.
9. It's hard to breathe?
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (08.24.07)
well, maybe it's because you're 75... ever thought of that?
10. How much is Aley Shalechet paying YNET?
Shmerel ,   USA   (08.24.07)
How much is Aley Shalechet paying YNet to run all these infomercials disguised as "articles"?
11. "Terror?"
Nathan ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.24.07)
Referring to the burning of his crematorium with the same phrase used to describe attacks against buses, children, schools, shows that the owner of the crematorium has only one thing in mind, i.e. himself. He appears to be totally disconnected from the realities of his country, it's people, and its beliefs.
12. Nathan, Montreal re: terror
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (08.24.07)
How else do you call it when the Orthodox try to intimidate the rest of the country into doing what they want? When they burn trash, tires, throw stones (into Lupolanski, for example), attack women in not so baggy clothes with acid (as was the case in Bnei Brak), cut off girls hair (girls whom they don't know)? What if one of the crematorium's employees was there? They'd burn him too... I love hearing from Orthodox that Jerusalem was destroyed 2 millenia ago because of hatred among Jews... Guess what - nothing changed! In fact, some Jews are still ready to burn and attack others! If we don't stop, don't learn to be and let be - we will have the same end result.
13. Lets say Kaddish and Baruch Shepatranu
Jewish Yossi   (08.24.07)
Mr.B's kids won't have a tombstone at which to say Kaddish on his Yahrzeit. The groisse liberal leftie doesn't even let them CHOOSE! WHAT a role mode this wannabe nonJew is! I puke, once again.
14. Holocaust Comparison
NYC Girl   (08.24.07)
If people are offended by the crematorium, that's their right. However, to compare a person making a conscious choice about something that will take place after their death to those poor, beknighted souls who were murdered, and their bodies shoved into ovens is really obscene.
15. #12 is ZAKA a terror group?
‘I bless the person who did this,’ ZAKA chairman Meshi Zahav says according the Israel's definition of terrorist groups, and yours; ZAKA is !
16. Comparison
charles ,   petach tikva   (08.24.07)
Remember the kristallnacht , there Synagogues were burned . Here honest businnesses [ this non kosher shop in Netanya , now this ] share the same fate . Those were extremists in nazi germany , here we have the same extremists who want to impose their life style on others . There are limits of tolerance , seculars have enough of those non contributors to OUR country , we are no more living in the dark middle ages . If they don't want to be burned , no problem , they can be buried on the classical way . But let those who have other ideas make their free choice . If someone don't want his children to say kaddish , it's his freedom . It's he who has to be taken in account . You don't need to say kaddish to remember your loved ones .
17. You don't take that choice away
from your children unless, as here, YOU are far more important than they are. 'It's all about me' as usual, for the wannabe non Jew.
18. Forget the holocaust...
Jo Jo   (08.24.07)
cremation is against Jewish law - I don't know why - but the law is the law and thats that.
19. to # 18 Jo jo
charles ,   petach tikva   (08.24.07)
against Jewish law , fine . But there are many GOOD Israeli JEWS who don't observe Tora laws .
20. Burn in Hell, not Israel.
Jake ,   ISRAEL   (08.25.07)
I am secular, to the highest degree. But in this matter, I am very sure that cremation in a Jewish State is a very bad idea, at least symbolically. Jews, religious or not, do not burn their dead --it's a political issue, not only religious. Those who want to be cremated will have to make alternate arrangements.
21. Sagi Charles don't you get it? It was an ILLEGAL opperation
Jeremiah ,   Israel's Jewish Land   (08.25.07)
It did not have the proper permits to operate. It was not an "honest business" it operated in secrecy at night, it was breaking the law. I wonder if the ambulance crew who were bringing the bodies were breaking the law or if they were getting payed off by the crematorium? This should be looked into. Even the GOOD Israeli secular Jews in Hibat Tzion didn't want it and would have shut it down if they knew about it. You know, if you believe in Democracy so much, then understand you'd be out numbered in your support for this crematorium. Even the Muslims would be against it. All religious Jews and many secularist wouldn't allow such a thing. Remember a lot of Jews in Israel may not be defined as religious but as traditionalist and they wouldn't agree to this either. If you don't like it go back to Russia. You can live in your secular haven there and can also have yourself burned there if you like. Everyday Israel is becoming more religious, Baruch Hashem. So like it or lump it.
22. Hareidi terror - Tali Farkash for comments please.
23. Jeremiah , burning as businnes is legal ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (08.26.07)
Nobody may take the law in his hands . If he was working without permits , you could complain to the police . One day you will regret that Israel is becoming more religious , when you will be alone to do everything the seculars do today .
24. Illegal
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (08.26.07)
You forget to mention that this operation is in violation of the Law as he had no permits from any of the Ministries which regulate such things.Let him ship the bodies to Auschwitz, I am sure the Poles will allow it!
25. 18 & 24 = great posts!
Yaakov ,   Los Angeles   (08.28.07)
26. You sound like Christian zealots
Moishe ,   NYC   (03.25.09)
You all should be ashamed of yourselfs, you sound like Christian zealots who want to force everybody to live by their laws.
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