4 Palestinians killed in Gaza, West Bank clashes with IDF
Efrat Weiss
Published: 25.08.07, 07:57
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1. Hey Olmert, keep deluding yourself about Fatah.
Cynic ,   USA   (08.24.07)
There is just as much terrorism coming out of the west bank as there is in Gaza.
2. Does anybody know how cancers are cured?
Micha   (08.24.07)
you don't pick around the edges. You don't pick out the "worst" cells. You cut it out completely, including edges that are often clean, so that you know you have completely removed the whole thing. It can sometimes metastasize. It can sometimes recur. But this is the best way to remove. Of course that or irradiating it completely and letting it die off. But that often can hurt the individual itself. Surgery is much better. But just picking off cell by cell is completely ineffective and will eventually kill the host.
3. Jewish occupation & peace can't coexist in Palestine
sal ,   usa   (08.24.07)
jewish occupation & terror against palestinians are preventing peace & stability in mideast. No wonder mideast has been in turmoil since Palestine was wiped off the ap be Jewish terror groups in the 1930's & 40's.
4. #3 Sal, are you really that ignorant?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.24.07)
Or have you just been brainwshed since birth to believe this crap? There is no occupation in Gaza or the WB anymore, but does that stop your heros from terrorizing Israel? NO! How come we never hear your voice when Palestinians kill each other or when Muslims in Iraq kill, destroy and burn each other's mosques??? you and your like are all ignorant hypocrites with nothing better to do than to spread hate and lies. Thanks for playing though.
5. Hey Sal #3 : at least get your facts straight
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (08.24.07)
The terror is well documented against the Jewish population living in Palestine. It is easy to look up the 1920, 1921, 1929 ,1936 where Arabs massacred Jews. This was well before Israel existed and no land was "occupied" because of the Arab aggression of 1967 where Israel won the land in a battle for survival. So what was the Arab excuse back in the 1920's or 30's for killing Jews? Good old fashion Jew-Hatred.Right? Mark from Georgia
6. to # 3
Before 4 june 1967, ISRAEL WAS NOT OCCUPYING ANYTHING! And since 1948 to date, Arab states, arab terrorists have carried out WAR! SO THE WHOLE ¨ occupation ¨ crap is BS! Long Live Israel!
7. Sal has been watching a little too much CNN.
Cynic ,   USA   (08.25.07)
8. what?
Peace Now ,   World   (08.25.07)
You say "There is no occupation in Gaza or the WB anymore" Gaza I agree. but not WB See CNN 3 part series, about god's warriors, they show how many illegal settlements are there in WB If you still say there is no Occupation in WB or No injustice is done to any Palestinians then. I ask you to say Amen at the end of my sentence. "Anything Good or bad that happened to Palestinians from your people may it happen to you and your children, in the same way” If you feel you or your people have not done any injustice, you have nothing to fear just say Amen to my sentence and wait for God/H-SHEM judgment.
9. Equation for #3's comments
ny ,   usa   (08.25.07)
simplistic analysis + ignorance of history = uninformed opinion.
10. Well done to our soldiers!
Nora ,   Israel   (08.25.07)
11. Biased focus
Susan ,   DC USA   (08.25.07)
I am furious the way this report keeps focusing on the boy as tho' the IDF meant to hurt him - and as if the terrorists DIDN'T mean to use him as a sandbag for just this sort of purpose!! It is a sin and a shame that this boy is dead - and it is the fault of the terrorists, not the IDF.
Adi   (08.25.07)
13. God bless our soldiers,
Sara ,   T.A.   (08.25.07)
we love you!
14. Question for #8
Jason, Ph.D. ,   USA   (08.25.07)
Do you really think that if Israel unilaterally withdrew from every inch of the West Bank, that Palestinian attacks against Jews would stop? I am looking forward to hearing your answer.
15. #14
Edithann ,   USA   (08.25.07)
How would you know, unless Israel made an agreement and stuck to it? So far, I haven't ever seen an agreement and so the killings go on...Why is Israel to afraid of entering into a fair and equitable agreement with the Palestinians?
16. @jason. Yes there will be Peace
Peace Now ,   world   (08.25.07)
If ISRAIL withdraws from all Occupied territory and gives back illegally snatched homes/lands, by use of force and gives equal right to all its citizens. By equal rights Including right to return home for those Palestinians who were forced out of their homes. Right to marry anyone they what etc etc Remember the Nazis forced You out of their homes and snatched your homes and shops, I hope you don't appreciate that. Same way the Palestinians don't appreciate the same happening to them. How many Palestinians are in refugee camps, Do you know? how did they come there? they just love refugee camps, is it ? Well I say it again, just say Amen at the end of my sentence, if you think I am wrong. "Anything Good or bad that happened to Palestinians from your people, including having to leave their homes voluntarily or by force, may it happen to you and your children, in the same way”
17. #15 and #16 question for you two:
ny ,   usa   (08.25.07)
If the palestinian people want peace so badly, what were the two men doing trying to storm a security fence and firing guns at IDF troops? What was the Islamic Jihad "civilian" doing with a cache of AK-47's in his house? These are not the hallmarks of "peaceful" resistence now, are they?
18. #15 it's not that simple (wish it were!)
peace when... ,   usa   (08.25.07)
Do you really think Israelis PREFER to put their sons and daughters in danger by exposing them to constant threats of terrorism, rockets and gunmen? Ghandi used peaceful resistence and got an independent nation for his people. Why can't the palestinian leadership follow his example and give up their violent resistence?
19. Peace Now
Peace Now ,   World   (08.26.07)
To #17. I will pray to God, to keep u and ur children safe. Cause God’s justice will soon come, As there is no difference between a person who will go to someone’s house and rob. And when the owner of the house tries to beat you. You will say, he is the aggressor, and he tied to beat me. So I shot and killed him. Not only do you not recognize the injustice done to Palestinians people, you also don’t give them the right to stand up against injustice and for their rights. Remember there was day when Jews could not fight back for their rights or against injustice. I wish that day, does not come again, When want happened to Palestinians happens to you, and someone will be asking the same question that you asked me. To #19 unfortunately the Palestinians learn t from Jews, The Jews got their sate by using violent means along with other things. Look up what’s Irgun. Also Remember PLO laid down its arms and went the non-violent way, The Israeli PM was killed for doing peace. And at the end of the Peace deal, the Palestinians got only 80% of the occupied land, no right to return and no Jerusalem. So the Secular PLO failed and so did any hope for non-violence movement. Once you have Suppressed Secular organizations and non-violent methods what remains is extremist madness. Instead of asking the oppressed and week to use the non-violent methods, why does not the oppressor and the mighty initiate non-violent methods? Israel always increases the violence level. If a Palestinian kills an Israeli using a gun, Israel will kill him and his family using F16 fighter jet. If hezbolla kidnaps an Israeli. Israel will bombard and kill tons or 1000 of people and lay waste hundreds of cities. Have you ever taught about fighting back the non-violent way? Its no point putting all blame on Israel as Palestinians also done wrong things. Like not helping Jews during WW2, killing innocent Jews etc, etc Never less, I wish Palestinians, adopt the non-violent ways and not fallow the Jewish examples and try and out do them. The Christian British had compation, and humanity and respect for other humans, that is why non-violent method worked. See how much respect and compation do Nturia karta get, they are non violent. Just look at people in the talkback who are just happy that a Palestinian is dead. Never less I wish, Justice is served with no further bloodshed. Every one leaves in peace and harmony. If you think you are right and I am wrong then why? Till now no one has come forward, to say Amen to my sentence. are you afraid ?
20. #19
you are clueless sir. want the real truth, read efraim karsh book the new historians, about how people like yourself twist history for their own agendas.
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