New Supreme Court judge sworn in
Aviram Zino
Published: 27.08.07, 15:46
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1. Supreme Court
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (08.27.07)
What is this court supreme of ? There is no constitution, only a "basic law" which can be changed at the will of the current power. So , in effect, the findings of the court are simply the subjective views of the majority of the court . This is a government of men and not of law. There is a crying need for a constitution, but unless the multiplicity of parties is simplified, nothing will happen, and true democracy will suffer !
2. supreme court
payer ,   planet earth   (01.24.11)
why has the zionist/rabbis state of "israel/yjsrael" only a" basic law" and not a constitution? when a country wants to be a democracy/constitutional state it needs at least a constitution. even some dictatorships have one for instance china, although i donot like the chinese regime.
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