Lieberman: Not the time for military action against Iran
Ronny Sofer
Published: 28.08.07, 00:32
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george ,   usa   (08.28.07)
When people talk tough, they do not sit down & ask what will happen next. Bomb this country or that country, regime change. OK if & when that happens, what is the result of such action. remember when the CIA overthrew mossedeq? another brutal dictator took over - Shah of Iran, that resulted in the take over of khomenei. so if US bomb Iran & change the regime - prepare the result of such action. Iraq is still a mess! LEARN FROM THAT MISTAKE!
2. Flip Flop comment is BS
David ,   USA   (08.28.07)
The Shah stood for close to 30 yrs until Jimmy Carter sold him out to the Ayatollahs. Carter viewed Khomeini as more of a religious holy man in a grassroots revolution than a founding father of modern terrorism. Carter’s ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, said “Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint.” Carter’s Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, said, “Khomeini is a Gandhi-like figure.” Carter adviser James Bill proclaimed in a Newsweek interview on February 12, 1979 that Khomeini was not a mad mujahid, but a man of “impeccable integrity and honesty.” Carter was and is a fool. A dangerous fool.
3. Lieberman- the mountain that turned into a molehill.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (08.28.07)
4. Let's Sanction Fairly - Hit Israel and Iran at the same time
Fred Farkelsteinman ,   Burbank, CA   (08.28.07)
So far, other than unsubstantiated rhetoric from the already discredited Bush administration, the Iranians have proven that their intentions are peaceful and inspections have found no WMD's what so ever and are allowing IAEA inspections to prove it. But it is also come to light that, like Iran, Israel also hid its nuclear program from the world and may be in possession of nearly 200 nuclear bombs already, so before any sanctions are levied against Iran, they should first be applied to Israel until it allows full IAEA inspections and monitoring as Iran is, and dismantles its WMD's. So in lieu of Iran's cooperation, the IAEA should be now concentrate on the one regime that is still hiding a nuclear weapons program from the world and the sole regime opposing a nuclear free ME, and that regime is Israel.
5. The Shah was a brutal US imposed Dictator
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (08.28.07)
The Shah was a brutal and murderous US imposed dictator who was no better than Saddam Hussein in the eyes of the Iranian People, and had the US not harbored the Shah and prevented him from standing trial in Iran for his many crimes agaisnt the Iranian people, the hostages would never have been taken and the US and Iran might still be friends. Carter's mistake was not handing the Shah over to Iran to stand trial and be executed for his many crimes like Saddam was. One could imagine what the US would do if a country were openly harboring Osama Bin Laden, and you can be sure taht it would be far worse than taking Embassy workers hostage.
6. Iranian listener responded positivly to Liberman's interview
Close listener ,   NY USA   (08.28.07)
7. To Mr. Lieberman
JD ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (08.28.07)
Mr. Lieberman, if you want to change the face of other governments start with the face in the mirror. In other words, quit the Olmert government and force elections. We need to change our government first.
8. 2 A republican, 4 and 5 democrats.
freedom ,   canada   (08.28.07)
Call a spade a spade. Who showed weakness, one could argue a democrat as is possible when the Iranian hostage crisis happenned in 1979. 4 and 5 take heed. 2 One must find a way to exit Iraq as the thought was good, but the local population is not so interested at least not enough are. Iran is a rogue nation, no one insults Israel more than Iran it would seem. Again, 4 and 5 take heed of that.. cheers.. You guys are interesting to listen to... opposing views should meet somewhere in the middle and find a solution.
9. Fool Again
Sexy Arabian Guy ,   Saudi Arabia   (08.28.07)
The SAM said that the sanactions are the most effective way to deal with rogue Islamic republic. You are totally right. The sanactions is working in the other direction. They are making everything now. We hope more sanactions so more progress and developments. You are right again not military actions, as what happend in Lebanon War II. Iran is a heavy country that was developed so fast. They tested some of ther power in Lebanon and they freaked the hell our ot Washington not only Tel Aviv. What peace you are looking to? Killing people in Palestine and Lebanon, is that your peace?
10. I voted for Leiberman last time but not next time
freejay ,   'israel   (08.28.07)
He has shown his true colors by not quiting the Olmert government and now is trying to say sanctions will work.......Has Olmert finally broken him?.........have sanctions ever worked with oil producing countries in the past? no! Leiberman is as bad as Olmert in being only interested in retaining his own position. A traitor to the people! He wont get my vote again!!!!
11. A gov't that cares about the people of Iran
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.28.07)
What? Since when are you so empathetic towards anyone. We have over 25% poverty in Israel and what is being done about that? If you really cared about Israeli's first and did something about it,then please do what you can about the Iranian people. Until then it's bs as usual. How freakin sad we have become.
12. SCARY!!!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.28.07)
To think that lieberman is supposed to be our strong man. It is impossible to figure out the isaeli mindset in politics. On a cab ride recently the driver told me that he would vote for him again. When I pointed out to him that lieberman was sharing seats with our master flip flop looser olmert and co, it was just like hitting a brick wall were any understanding was just not there. Meanwhile with all the money lieberman sucks away as another minister, there is no startegic plan for any future attack. Lieberman now refuses to see any similarities between pre hitler germany and iran . It seems that anyone joining the circles of power here, picks up the same brain virus, leading to moronic stupor.
13. #'s 4 & 5 are the same person, looking to provoke
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (08.28.07)
14. "Economic sanctions best way to..." NO IT'S NOT!!!
Helene ,   Israel   (08.28.07)
But, we are not prepared for anything else at the moment.
15. #8
David ,   USA   (08.28.07)
#8 My comments were not as much about Iraq as Iran. I am not a Republican. I agree that compromise is what is needed. I suspect #4 is no Dem either. Only a supposition though. Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty., Iran is. Therefore Iran must abide by it, while Israel needn't. Whether Israel should adopt it is another argument, but the point s moot relative to the discussion.
16. to #2 - so david, you mean that
george ,   usa   (08.28.07)
US never installed & supported dictators? HMMM
17. response to #16 George
David ,   USA   (08.28.07)
Where in my post did I say or even suggest that? I said the Shah fell when Carter dumped him. In fact, one might infer from what I said in my previous post that I accepted the fact that the US supported dictators. And nowhere did I say the Shah was a swell guy, that the Savak were misunderstood, or that any of these issues are Democrat vs. Republican.
18. I lost any respect I had for Liberman long ago
zionist forver   (08.29.07)
He is very spoken out on many right wing issues thing she thinks the government is doing wroing but he doesnt have the courage to stand up to his princibles and leave the coalition bring Olmerts oposition a step closer to getting rid of him and his crokked policies. Now Liberman who was once a big talker about being tough on Iran saying Israel shouls act alone if nececary now he has joined the people who have been fighting agsinst the idea of millitary action against Iran The man is a complete hypocrite and has no real policies or values all he has shown is that he is all talk no action and not worth the time of day.
19. 4
zionist forver   (08.29.07)
Iran is party to the Neuclear Non Proliferation Treaty that forbids them from posseing nukes. Israel has not signed that treaty meaning that its allowed to have as many nukes as it wants. The IAEA have trhe legal authority to make sure Iran doesnt get nukes while they have no standing in Israel and have no legal authority to tell Israel not to get nukes while they do have that authrotiy over Iran. Iran probably doesnt yet have any nukes thats why they wont find any WMDS because they are in the process of DEVELOPMENT and everybody wants to put a stop to it before the nukes are DEVELOPED Iran also hasnt been allowing the inspectors everywhere it is also a FACT that Iran has the largest stockpile of chemical & biological weapons in the region. Israel did hide its nukes not because they were illigal but because they didnt want the rest of the world knowing what it had especialy as these were the days of the cold war and the US wasnt as friendly towards Israel as it is today. Israel keeps quiet about some of its even most basic conventional weapons so fir sure the nukes would have been covered up.
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