UK charity targets Israel
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 28.08.07, 17:22
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1. UK Charity?
Ivri   (08.28.07)
An oximoron.....Talk about grave injustices throughout the the second millenium....not to forget colonialism,economic robbery of the colonies,slave trade,financing the 3rd reich,selling out to the radical left,apeasing islamofacism...etc ad infinitum. Great track record Great realy have solid moeal ground here....NOT. Pathetic. Watch for all the Rustums of the world to attack this talkback,as usual.
2. Why not condemn Hamas, Fatah etc???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.28.07)
Its easy to go after the "big bully", Israel. After all, the IDF is an advanced army that dwarfs the Palestinian terrorists. But, why not go after the brainwashing machines like Hamas,, Islamic Jihad, Al-quds brigades who not only tech their children to hate, but encourage them to kill Jews and to die in the name of Allah??? Why not go after the corrupt leaders who steal money and divest it in terror rather than the people?? These Brits are off their rockers. They have this whole thing so backwards and yet they fail to see thier own hypocricy. Trully patheitc!!!
3. Whatever
Jonathan H ,   London, UK   (08.28.07)
War on Want is a charity that George Galloway served as a leading member of for many years. The idea that it has any impartiality on ME conflicts is a joke. It is part of the insane, treacherous, Islamist-adoring left that has long been running a campaign of hatred and deligitimisation against Israel.
4. Can you say RACIST
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.28.07)
I knew there were good reasons why I was boycotting England and English products.
5. war on want
israeli ,   israel   (08.28.07)
this hilary dude should be waging war on his own want of common sense. His own stupidity is "one of the gravest" offenses "of the 21st century". UK, you make want to puke.
6. If I only listened to BBC,or read the guardian
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (08.28.07)
I too would feel the same. Now that I see from one talkback,that George Galloway served as a leading member for some years,I am not surprised that this charity,feels the way they do. Like I read once,"The world is losing it's wheels"
7. Why...
Jonathan Knight ,   Chicago, IL, USA   (08.28.07)
does anyone care what the UK does anymore? They are not some great power -- they're getting taken over by Islamists and they still aren't doing anything about it. So let the Brits whine, no one is listening.
8. Not an antisemite
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.28.07)
Hilary, like Lawrence of Arabia, is not an antisemite: he loves Arabs. Nobody asks the Arabs if they like being loved by such people.
9. Hypocrisy reigns sovereign...!!!
enzo ,   london,uk   (08.28.07)
10. Complain to the Charities Commission
Frequent Ynet Reader ,   UK   (08.28.07)
They aren't allowed to abuse charity status for political partisanry of any kind.
11. You should use this (charity!) money to
Helene ,   Israel   (08.28.07)
fight terrorism - - - in Britain! You obviously need it! (That's what you get for taking in and hosting terrorists.)
12. #1 and nonsense
English guy ,   London, UK   (08.28.07)
Why would I bother attacking your talkback? Your have dug your own pit and spouted sentences of such world-shattering stupidity that they do not even deserve a response. In fact, I felt ill when I read the total pile of anti-British bigotted garbage that was in post #1. I wonder what world the poster lives in, but it certainly ain't this one and bears no resemblance to life on earth.
13. Israel just fight fire with Fire
Andrew ,   Dartmouth, NS,Canada   (08.28.07)
Israel just boycott UK in the end the British will find themselves on the wrong side of this Boycott when they learn that the rest of the Western World have turn against them. Just remember all those North American Universities that want the British to boycott them. If you want to start remind them on how much land that the British stole and how many people they killed while doing it.
14. these people are crazy, plain and simple (end)
Jordan ,   washington, dc   (08.28.07)
15. Mr Galloway--BBC Profile
ER ,   Canada   (08.28.07)
Charity finances "But always, always the questions. In that same year, 1987, he faced inquiries over his financial stewardship at the charity War on Want, where he had been general secretary for four years. He was exonerated, after volunteering to repay some contested expenses: beyond, he stressed, the repayment required by auditors. As he noted, marching alongside Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams to campaign against British policy in Ireland did not exactly endear him to the Labour hierarchy. A maverick, a rebel, a dissident: all descriptions which George Galloway detests and disdains. He says such terms imply a "flibbertigibbet" approach to politics, a gadfly attitude to policy. Praise for Saddam In January 1994, he was shown on television apparently praising Saddam Hussein for his courage, strength and indefatigability."
16. dutch people are leaving holland because-
yahn goodey   (08.28.07)
they are tired of being abused,terrorized in the streets by the large numbers of muslims that have taken over their neighbourhoods -the dutch economy is being drained by all the services they have to provide for their "guests".apparently uk hasn't reached the point yet where charities such as war on want learn to worry about their own countries problems instead of meddling in other countries affairs.
stude ham   (08.28.07)
They might be a non-profit 'hate israel' organization dedicated to diverting funds to the muslim terrorists, but they are not a 'charity'.
18. #12 read your history and you'll find #1 is 100% correct...
Nannette ,   London   (08.28.07)
19. Why dont they cut out lies and call themselves"War on Jews"
Alan ,   SA   (08.28.07)
20. English guy , London, UK
it would be a good idea, if your UK "charities" try to solve your problems such as rampant drug consumption, child killers and homelessness before trying to solve the ME conflict.
21. Boycott the United Kingdom
MARK ,   USA   (08.28.07)
Boycott all British products.
22. #12 He is only telling the truth.
MARK ,   usa   (08.28.07)
The British refuse to take responsibility for their barbaric behavior that they engaged in the past. When will the British ever take responsibility for their actions? You need to take responsibility. Why are the British incapable of doing that?
23. #10 not sure that is the case
Danny   (08.28.07)
one can name Amnesty International for instance. What they should not be allowed to do is solicit money for a cause and not use it for another. It doesn't surprise that Galloway served on this charity. I am sure just like "Miriam's appeal" there is a disturbingly small percentage going to it's actual charitable target.
24. #13, these people aren't "the UK"
Danny   (08.28.07)
They are a tiny insignificant fringe. When the UCU voted for its members to be "polled on considering a report of taking into account Israeli academic's views when working with them" - aka "the boycott" - it's chair said that not only was the "boycott" call not representative of its members but most members didn't even care about it enough to vote for or against! To date not a single union or serious organisation in the UK has voted for any form of action against Israel. The courts have repeatedly backed Israel when "human rights abuses" cases are brought - with much media fanfare - and fail at the first hurdle - with much less fanfare.
25. #15, a better profile...
Danny   (08.28.07) His report on his stewardship of another "charity".... People gave over a million pounds and the poor girl got less than 10%. That's a pretty high expense ratio...
26. Usual nonsense from a UK "charity"
Danny   (08.28.07)
One of the gravest injustices? Darfur ring a bell? Iran's imprisonment and execution of thousands of people "failing" Islamic standards? Any former USSR asian republic's abuse of it's citizens? Shi'ite killing of Sunnis or vice versa? Egypt's suppression of the Muslim brotherhood? As for "expulsion" project, we really aren't that good are we. It took Serbia less than 4 years to expell 250,000 bosnian muslims. Israel conquered the territories 40 years ago and there are nearly five times as many arabs as in 1967. Isn't the point of an "expulsion" project that the number of people you are "expelling" goes down, not exponentially up?
27. The truth of the matter ANDREW
Marya ,   sacramento, USA   (08.28.07)
The truth of the matter is Europe - especially Britain and France are being over run by muslims. The Anglo womb is closed and is receiving payback for injury inflicted on Jews throughout history. Tata...have a nice day and don't forget your prayer rug...
28. #12
Not English Guy ,   3d world   (08.28.07)
English guy is apparently an arrogant colonialist who considers anyone who is not white and English speaking not human. You feel ill because of post #1? What about the genocide that established Canada and Australia? What about colonialism in India? What about "country building" in Pakistan and Iraq that left nations subjugated under a pro-British central rule? Do these not make you ill?
29. UK charity targets Israel
Mike ,   London   (08.28.07)
Does anyone know the location where the 'photo on this page was taken?
30. Truth or Dare
Baruch Nili ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (08.28.07)
War on Want's claims are not so easily dismissible by the good patriotic professor for being antisemitic. And most of the posts here sound and feel like people who wouldn't accept the truth about israel's antics against ordinary Palestinians if the soldiers commtting them themselves stood up and admitted to them. Its easy to dismiss from inside our little island and perpetuate paranoia, but what if the assertions are justified? Or is it that we know they are justified and won't accept them because its from the outside or worse still because we just don't care?
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