Qassam hits empty house in Sderot
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 30.08.07, 13:09
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1. lucky this time
Nada ,   usa   (08.30.07)
Well, the residents of this house were lucky. But they might not be lucky next time. And the residents of the next house and the other houses might not be lucky either. Better evacuate Sderot. But then, Sayyed Nasrallah declared recently that Hizbollah has rockets that can hit ANY SPOT in occupied Palestine...ANY SPOT! Meaning Eilat, Tel Aviv, and ALL the settlements. And having the stupidest PM ever in office means he might do something stupid any moment and put all the "Israeli" settlements -and settlers- under fire. As I see, you still have no adequate shelters in Eilat, Ashdod, Jerusalem, Jericho, Be'er Sheva, Mitzpe Ramon, etc... And as we all know, there is one and only one international airport in "Israel", located in Tel-Aviv, that will absolutely be also under fire in the next round. Now smart "Israelis would pack their bags and evacuate, not only Sderot (which is under Qassam rockets, not Khaybar 1 and 2, or Raad 1, 2, and 3), but all occupied Palestine, as soon as possible (while there is still an international airport available). And let me remind you here that you have either to believe that this "Israel" is God's promise to you-meaning He promised you permanent insecurity, crimes, corruption, psycho problems, and Khaybar and Raad and Katyusha; or this is NOT God's Promise. Meaning you are either self hating Jews who believe God promised you hell on earth, or you understand that this is the Zionists' "Israel", a trap to exploit you, where they can always replace you by importing new ones like cattle, whenever too many of you die in their pointless wars.
2. #1
Chatich   (08.30.07)
Nada, eh? Seems a perfect description of the area between your ears. Who do you think you're convincing, exactly? Stupid people? Good luck to you.
3. sederot
jj ,   montreal canada   (08.30.07)
Doesn't any body see the daily miracles Hashem is doing in Sedrot? Better wake up and start thanking Hashem for these miracles and miraculously the Qassams will stop.
4. # 2
nada ,   usa   (08.30.07)
Do you live in occupied Palestine? Were you there during last war? Any where between the borders with leb and Haifa? Did you enjoy it? Next time you won't be able even to compare it because it will be much much worse, and you know it because Sayyed Nasrallah declared what awaits you in next time will be the biggest surprise- and you probably know by now how "impressive our surprises are. So would you like to stay their in such conditions? Do you believe this is what God promised you? If so, you're just not my targeted audience. You'd be much more stupid than for a logical and reasonable advice to go through for you. By the way, nada in arabic means "dew". Pity your name is "Chatich". (what does that mean? slaughter children maybe?)
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