State snubbed war victim, family says
Ahiya Raved
Published: 30.08.07, 18:12
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1. Typical of a pro-Arab government
Canadian Otter   (08.30.07)
This government has no sympathy for Jews. Its policies and its justice system are geared toward the welfare and empowerment of the non-Jewish population. No matter. By sacrificing himself to save his loved ones, Hamoudi Don Salum behaved like a hero and he will always be remembered as such. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends. Unlike this hero, however, this government will go down in history as a disgrace and a shameful chapter in Jewish history.
2. With all due respect
MIKEUSA ,   LOS ANGELES   (08.30.07)
I feel for the family...but what is Israel to do, when Israeli-Arabs were dancing in the streets, calling for more rockets to hit Israeli civilians? And now when it backfires at hits the same Israeli-Arabs, you cry 'where is the help?' Come on now guys...u cant have your cake and it too.
3. The government paid the hospital bills which is
Rivkah   (08.30.07)
something to be thankful for. I read that over 22,000 American war wounded soldiers were discharged with war inflicted injuries PLUS a personality disorder medical certificate which prevents them from getting pensions or assistance because that is a paper that means the injuries were prior service. They were shot up in Iraq, but the injuries were prior service??? While visiting Sheba-Chaim Medical Center last year, I noticed war wounded at the hotel I initially stayed at who lost limbs or were paralyzed from past wars, one in 1967. The government was STILL paying for artificial legs and hotel bills and hospital bills. They were not living in a stinking rat infested Veterans Administration hospital like American disabled veterans from wars were, like Walter Reed Hospital. See the video "Born in the USA" about American Viet Nam war wounded vets if you want to appreciate what Israel did for your son. I am sure the American government did not visit the VA vets any more than the Israeli government visited theirs. When I went to VA hospitals to help out as a volunteer on quadraplegic and paraplegic wards in Virginia, many vets had not seen their RELATIVES in many years. Wives divorced their war hero husbands rather than stand by them. Their children forgot them,too. Be thankful you are in Israel.
4. Sue Hizbollah
5. # 1 you ignorant twit
bob ,   potomac md usa   (08.30.07)
Salum was an Arab--and a citizen of Israel. Maybe the govt. didn't show interst in him becasue of that fact.
6. #1 read it again!!!!!!
ykl ,   nyc   (08.30.07)
they are not jewish but arabs. thats why they don't recieve any help. so, who is pro arab?
7. Did he or his family serve in the army
Mordechai   (08.30.07)
The question I ask is did he or his family serve in the family to protect the state he lives in, or was he loyal to the Arab brethren hoping for the day Israel would be destroyed.
8. With all due respect...No. 2
Marlene N. ,   New York City   (08.30.07)
Excuse me, but this person was a citizen of Israel and he deserved to be treated as such, equally, without reference to his religious or ethnic identity. However, this is not the way in works in racist societies, and your comments are indicative of one who supports that kind of society. The place where he was initially injured happens to be the Arab sector of Haifa, therefore, the rockets did not discriminate against who it would hit or whose house it would hit. Shame on you..
9. #7 - What's your point?
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.30.07)
Should his family have sung Hatikva outside of government buildings or sign loyalty oaths to get what they are entitled to as victims of the war? That's BS....if they are entitled to compensation as citizens, then end of story. If not, then they have no beef with the State. You can't start with a presumption that these people were/are disloyal so they don't get government benefits.
10. #3: Bless you for recognizing that
Israel, formerly USA   (08.30.07)
12. #7 Mr. Don was a lifeguard
Israel   (08.30.07)
Since Haifa's beaches are not segregated, chances are he served Israel more than any MBA parasite who did army service.
13. #11
your comment: "well said marlene n" agree with EVERYTHING that marlene n is saying right? ok, under this assumption, that you agree 100% with what marlene is saying....then explain this to me: marlene n also said, "the place where he was initially imjured happens to be the arab sector of haifa. therefore, THE ROCKETS DID NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WHO IT WOULD HIT (meaning, hizbullah didn't aim to hit military bases in israel, but in fact aimed to hit and kill as many civbilians as possible) OR WHOSE HOUSE IT WOULD HIT. aren't you negating what you always claimed in your talkbacks.....that hizbullah always hits military targets and only military targets while idf hits ONLY CIVILIANS, according to all your posts? you, sir and your vehement hate for israel and jews has a lot to explain. you sir, are one of those numb brains in the usa who believes everything in the arab media when in fact you know nothing of what is going on at all on the present battle field.
14. big shocker! olmert et al. don't care about Israel!
dante ,   uk   (08.31.07)
15. #13 Noname
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (08.31.07)
I have never said that Hezbollah only hit military targets, as once Israel started targeting Lebanese civilians they did retaliate in kind, but it was only AFTER Israel drew the first innocent civilian blood. And remember, Israel has admitted that their attacks upon Lebanon were pre-planned for months and they were just looking for an excuse, or inciting an incident to use as an excuse, to attack Lebanon once again. Irregarless of that reality, what Marlene said is absolutely true, that as an Israeli citizen and a one living under Israel's so-called democracy, he deserves to be treated equally and without reference to religous or ethic identity, which is 100% true, well except to racists like yourself. And don't even try to hide your racist ideology by claiming that by speaking out agaisnt Israel's abhorrent racist behaviour makes one a Jew hater, as that argument no more merit than to say that by opposing the actions of the US makes you a Christian hater. Bottom line is that Israel is not a very nice country, its people are by and large very arrogant, rude and obnoxious, and as the decent Jews flee Israel for greener pastures, the percentage of racists and extremists is rapidly increasing.
16. More of the same
marya ,   sacramento, USA   (08.31.07)
More blistering evidence that this government is for itself, by itself. A disgrace - that's what Israel has become because the people allow this to go on. Your government should be run out of town on a rail but still they sit and fiddle while Rome burns.
17. To the Salum family
GR   (09.01.07)
My deepest sympathies to the family. I think though that their anger should be vented to the real culprits: Nasralla and his band of murderers.
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