UN summit: Boycott Israel
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 31.08.07, 00:08
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1. Abbas statement
Doron   (08.31.07)
He should be punished severely for this, and it should be made clear that any future peace progress or meetings with him will be contingent on him not supporting this kind of garbage. if you get in bed with the anti semites, don't expect any progress when you need it, jerk.
2. So What Else is New?
Bluto ,   Cincinnati, U.S.A.   (08.31.07)
3. "This is a conference of Israel-haters"
enzo ,   london,uk   (08.31.07)
I agree with Mr Adam Mouchtar, Director of Bnei Brith's European Union Affairs Office. I would have disrupted the conference from the very beginning...! What a pity you didn't take me with you, Mr Mouchtar!
4. #2 My thoughts exactly
MARK ,   USA   (08.31.07)
Was this a great surprise? NO
5. I believe Poland did not attend.
MARK ,   USA   (08.31.07)
They were against attending this event. Is this correct?
6. Did Germany attend?
MARK ,   USA   (08.31.07)
Will Germany boycott the Jews? They did this 60 years ago.
7. Israel should boycott the UN. Countries stand up and defy
them anyway, just ,   ask the monkey!!!!   (08.31.07)
8. the worthlessness of these people...
Korem ,   New York, USA   (08.31.07)
It's unbelievable how not only do these people lack knowledge of current events and the situation, and thus the ability to come up with a solution for qassam fire on sderot and israeli presence in the west bank (IE, real balance), but stick with a barrage of BS against one power (even though Israel has been remarkable in its recent operations in that it has killed hardly any civilians, almost exclusively islamic jihad members or hamas rocketeer cells), and try to boycott with the intent for "peace" when all a boycott will do is drain Israel of the resources needed for any hypothetical west bank pullout and also make already impoverished Israeli children go to bed hungrier. Sick trash. Essentially these Europeans want a binational state in place of Israel and thus a civil war which will ultimately kill millions. Their boycott can only help to destroy Israel and not to stimulate any peace gesture by Israel. Not that Israel hasn't been offering a multitude of concessions recently.
9. Leftists jerks again... You call this a news?
Handel   (08.31.07)
10. Margaret Thatcher called Mandella a terrorist.
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (08.31.07)
11. Who cares....
Arthur ,   SF Ca   (08.31.07)
what united goyim of the world will say? they will say it anyhow... just a mere thought that Jews exist bothers them. A word of advise to all of them: we've outlived all our haters and prosecutors - and most certainly outlive this organization as well.. Whereas all of those who seeked to destroy us are nothing more that a dust of history - Am Israel lives forever!
12. Bunch of Thugs
GreatSatan ,   USA   (08.31.07)
This organization is purely just a bunch of thugs who get worldwide attention thorugh this organization to spew their nonsense. It's like "Chavez Syndrome', bash Bush and you can be on tv like a rock star. Rational nations have tried to make a go of it, but you just can't when you're dealing with a bunch of backward haters. Sadly, because of political correctness pressure, these thugs are getting more and more powerful. The world has gone crazy again. Will the thugs and haters have to commit extreme atrocities like before WWII before the rational nations realize something must be done and the trendy ignorant lefties in all western countries realize how insanely gullible they're being?
13. Evian Conference
Zeev ,   USA   (08.31.07)
Only if so many people turned out for the Evian conference...I dont understand how so many people can be so ignorant about the difference with South Africa and Israel...i guess when the factor of anti-semetism is added it does make it so much clearer
Potsie Weber ,   Waubeshau, USA   (08.31.07)
u.n., GET OUT OF THE U.S.A. !!
15. UN
Eynav Benjamin ,   stormville ny USA   (08.31.07)
a bunch of jew haters in blue helmets what a joke and how cares.
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (08.31.07)
or would that be way too out of character for you to do your job like addressing Iranian nuclear proliferation? Get Off your ridiculous agenda of "Israel condemning" and focus on real issues that will impact the welfare of all humanity in the coming decade.
17. The Jews will not be bullied by Europe...
Micha   (08.31.07)
or the arab world. We will resist. Resistance in this case is not futile.
Andrew ,   Dartmouth, NS,Canada   (08.31.07)
here the website with all the groups and speakers
19. Let them all rot in hell.
Hook ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.31.07)
The UN mainly is a collection of petty tyrannies and beggar nations. It's collective opinion is now worthless. Let them lig in drerd.
20. Again a British Connection
ralphrant1 ,   USA   (08.31.07)
Again a British Connection. It makes you wonder why the British are so Anti Israel.
21. British Anti Semitism
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (08.31.07)
Please don't censor this. Another example of British Anti Semitism is there something of a pattern here.
22. Then who will feed the Palestinians?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (08.31.07)
23. If they are looking for apartheid....
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (08.31.07)
The Palestinians are better off in Israel then they are in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudia, etc. The Arab countries know how to REALLY do APARTHEID!
24. The UN needs a bit of a reminder.
Jeremiah ,   Israel's Jewish Land   (08.31.07)
Watch and remember:
25. Boycott Palestine
eric ,   EU   (08.31.07)
I think a similar conference should be held against the palestinian terrorists and against those who are funding them. Why does the EU support the palestinians with billions of euro ?
26. Apatheid in Zionistan
Persian CAT   (08.31.07)
In spite of the spineless and money hungry American politicians the American people will soon raise their objection to their money being squandered by giving illegal weapons to the Zionistan military to kill civilians on daily basis.
27. Israel needs no help demonizing and delegitimizing itself
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (08.31.07)
If demonizing and delegitimizing Israel were the goal, the EU would not have had to have a conference as Israel has and still does a fine job of doing that though its own actions. This meeting, on the other hand, is not about the image of the regime that is the belligerent occupier of Palestine, but about the inalienable rights of the protected persons who have suffered for 4 decades under a brutal illegal occupation of their homeland. It is time to hold the US and EU accountable for aiding and abetting Israel in the commission of crimes against the Palestinian people, as without their consent to the acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide, Israel would have been stopped by the world long ago. But that can all be discussed in Nuremburg or The Hague when the time to make those involved face justice finally comes around.
28. THe Cesspool Which Calls Itself The United Nations
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (08.31.07)
The ONLY apartheid in Israel is directed against nationalist Jews. While Arabs in Israel are free to illegally build ALL over Israel, Jews are denied rights in the heartland of their homeland. While Arabs in Israel are in the Knesset, are judges, academics, journalists etc, Jews in Arab countries are almost non existent. In many of these countries Jews are forbidden to even enter! Therefore, the cesspool of the UN has to be deligitimized by ALL free societies. If they had an ounce of integrity they would be demanding that Israel treat its Jews as daintily as they treat the Arabs!
29. They have whom to learn from.
Avi ,   Quebec Canada   (08.31.07)
When born & bred Eurepean anti semites see the hatred that Israeli leftists have to their own people - relegious, settlers, haredi etc., what better could you expect ??? Did Germans, French, Swiss ever expel their own people to satisfy their enemy terrorists and give them guns to destroy their own people and land ?? Do you really expect such stupidity to create respect & love ????
P henry ,   COLORADO-U.S.A.   (08.31.07)
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