UN summit: Boycott Israel
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 31.08.07, 00:08
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old curmudgeon ,   Los Angeles. U.S.A.   (08.31.07)
So what else is new. The well funded Muslim countries cook up a conference in Europe, and invite a bunch of known anti-Israel (anti Jews) and produce a negative vote against Israel. They've been doing that since 1948. You'd think the dummies would have learned some new tactics by now.
62. to #56 Hani
Aline ,   Kfar Saba   (08.31.07)
I'll be more than happy to lift the siege when they stop trying to blow me up.
63. Well done
I wrote it before many times here that soon you will be isolated ... here it's coming ... and still more to come if you will not change your way of thinking and your way of life and to relise that you are not better that anyone on this world .... live normal and think normal that the world respect you and forget that you are the chosen people of God and such stories which they washed your brain with it to use you for the personal interest of the old zionists ... God loves everyone who is good and helping the others , God will never be for children killers and land thievs , and you can not cheat the world anymore with your crocodil tears .
64. to 50
Menachem begin , Izak Shamir and more were terrorists too .
Moriah ,   Israel   (08.31.07)
The UN is and always has been anti Israel from its inseption. The Un is Pro Arab and Muslim for many years now,they ignore the racism and butchery going on in Saudi Arabia,Iran, Sudan,Congo, and instead focus all of their attention on Israel. The UN needs to be abolished as it is not surving hte purpose it was created for all those years ago. It is one sided and biased, and only supports the Oil rich arab countries not condemning their actions towards their own citizens(Sha& Sunni mass killings), nor did the UN condemn Iran for it's threats against Israel! The UN should be asked to remove itself from the USA, let it set up elsewhere!
66. I hope...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (08.31.07)
I hope this new is going to be very well spreaded and very well discussed throughout Israel and throughout world's Jewery,in order to prepare ourselves for the History's repeting,but by this time with the aim to put an end ,once and for all,on this illness called antisemitism.Our posture in face of these threats must definively change. These is the result of constant appeasings. Israel should have acted long ago in order to kick out these palis to the Arab Peninsula they belong to. And please,start by taking out that swastica in UN's building in Yerushalaim,Olmert! DIdn't you see that?
67. #39 Pro-Israel Orgs.
eh-oop ,   England   (08.31.07)
Don't always agree with you, Terry, but you're absolutely right here. The focus provided by a coming together of different groups, at an event, is the only way of that the voices of reason and justice stand of chance of getting the same exposure as those of bigotry and oil money. And it's the acid test of EC bias as to whether the same building would be made available, or not.
68. First class UN bull once again...!
Benezra ,   Israel   (08.31.07)
69. WHY?
Ram ,   London   (08.31.07)
Why does Israel complain about these meeting AFTER they have taken place? Why not make a fuss BEFORE of what it knows is coming so as discredit it as much as possible?
70. A word on the press coverage of this conference
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (08.31.07)
... would be NOTHING. I have looked in Swedish, Danish, French newspapers, and there is NO coverage. Nor in BBC, CNN, or ... Huffington Post. It is neither lauded nor derided - it is ignored. Good or bad, you decide.
71. Of course the fence doesn't bring peace...
Tobias ,   Germany   (08.31.07)
... and it has never been intended to bring peace. BUT it stops suicide bombers. That is its purpose. Destroying the fence also won't bring peace.
72. Boycott
I hate Israel ,   Palestine forever   (08.31.07)
Because Media does not cover what the world wants only cover what Israel wants, we have no Peace because Media does not show the real face of Israel, the face that wants all Palestinians out of Palestine and only want to continue the illegal occipation, end the occupation there will be boycott, wait and see. Israel has to repect the dignity of the Palestinians, respect the International Law, Human Rights and Geneva Convention, then who is going to boycott Israel when Isreal will abide to the Human Moral Values? Israel as a racist state will only face resistance and this resistance will continue at all levels until racist Israel will stop its racism towards anybody who is not Jewish
73. Never, Never and never again
Yara ,   Ca   (08.31.07)
"Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another. " Nelson Mandela End the Oppression of the Palestinian people!
74. Self-defeating dynamism
Johann Haefliger ,   Sion / Switzerland   (08.31.07)
Why do so many adherents to the Zionist ideology behave like the young woman having given birth to a child and pretending absolutely not to know how she got pregnant? Why not seriously ask in what way their ideology could have given origin to and keeps favouring a self-defeating dynamism, of which the latest UN conference in Brussels is just one further expression? It seems to me that such a critical attitude would be more helpful than to just keep crying ‘the whole world hates us and will always hate us’.
75. 49-Now for the Jewish perspective
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.31.07) . Check out what we have to say about the matter, not what non-Jewish roman displacement theology has to say. You all have a big suprise coming.
76. This is why I don't give any money to those NGO's
Robert Renders ,   mechelen belgium   (08.31.07)
The NGO's spend it the wrong way, and in the meantime, millions of people in the world need help and are being murdered by the same countries represented in this "conference".
77. #67 eh oop in England.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.31.07)
That's exactly my point. I would like to see the reaction to a conference of pro-Israeli groups by the EU. How would they justify NOT sponsoring our conference? We sit around & take this crap with barely a whimper of protest. We allow our enemies to take the initiative & define the conflict in their terms. Our enemies hide behind pretty words & liberal platitudes - a rhetoric that is far removed from any connexion to reality. Our leaders here & in the Diaspora behave like ghetto Jews, afraid to rock the boat, afraid of confrontation, concerned about political correctness & appearing reasonable. This is not a winning strategy.
78. CLARE SHORT is part of UK Loony Left. A lot of them are
Alan ,   SA   (08.31.07)
"sponsored" by Arab Money .Like the Jimmy Carter Foundation.
79. re #6: Did the USA attend?
Tobias ,   Germany   (08.31.07)
What do you try to suggest? No, Germany won't 'boycott the Jews.' Yes, Germany did boycott the Jews - 70 years ago. But since more than 50 years, the situation in Germany is quite different. Germany today is not Germany of 1933. Since 40 years, Germany has diplomatic relations with Israel, increasing economic, political, cultural and scientific relations with Israel. Today Germany is considered one of Israel's best friends in Europe - many say it's friend no.2 (after USA). And Germany today is not Great Britain today. All the boycott movements in Europe which I noticed in the last 3 years, came from Britain -not Germany. British journalists, british professors, British trade union - quite unimaginable that something like this happens in Germany now or in the next few years. And the jewish population in Germany - increased by between 300% and 600% in the last 20 years - through immigration from the former USSR - i.e. the number of jews in Germany is 4 to 7 times as large as in the late 80s. What do you conclude from that? Why did they come here? This is no sign of hate, boycott or bad treatment. This is contrary to the situation in Germany 70 years ago, when the Jews wanted to get OUT of Germany. Now they come in (in 2004, about 10'000 Jews immigrated from the FSU to Israel - and 20'000 to Germany).
80. Abbas is in deep shhhh....
(08.31.07) will be difficult to explain that to Olmert, he has to keep some image
81. The end draws near
Cato the Elder ,   USA   (08.31.07)
The UN is a totally corrupt, worthless organization. Not to worry, it's end is near. I would recommend, however, that one of the UN's final acts would be to organize a conference on the absolute apartheit that exists in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE among the too-rich, non-working natives and the semi-slave working populations imported from largely from the Philipines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, IndonesiaI, India, etc.
82. UN Summit
Joe ,   Israel   (08.31.07)
How come no one ever considers the rights of the citizens of Israel. Don't they have a right to live without being constantly attacked by rockets and suicide bombers?
83. Speak Loud and Carry a Big Stick
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (08.31.07)
Abbas, like the other thugs who surround him, is obviously trying to play both sides, apparing to be conciliatory to the West and US, while at the same time trashing Israel at every meeting. He wants it both way, and is getting his wishes. The real problem here is that it does say something about him and his goals, which should bother Israel. Is he being totally honest, or is he being cute with Israel? What about the right of return, a significant final stage area of discussion? If Abbas insists then it's all over. Israel should make it's own demands before the summit, and go by his response for any future talk. Or as we (US) say, lets negotiates, but with a big stick.
84. Boycott of Israel started with Israeli
I. Barr ,   USA   (08.31.07)
The famous Israeli song says "the world is against us, it is a very old story" yet this is not true anymore. The most violent anti Israeli, those who promote the boycott discrimination of Israel, are Israeli and in particular Israeli academics. They spit into the well from which they were drinking water. They are behind the British boycotteers and behind the European anti Israel activity. They are organized and well financed by British, Norwegian and other embassies. See who is financing Be'tselem. No wonder that any anti Semite who wants to see the destruction of the Jewish state will join the Israeli Jews who want to see their country abolished. Before complaining about the Durban/Geneva convension you, Israeli, have first to clean house.
85. # 70, definitely good.
At least, most of the sane people in Europe do not give a hoot about this creepy gathering.
86. Israel behaviour is racist
John ,   London,UK   (08.31.07)
Truth is always bitter butit needs to be addressed. The fact is that most people in Europe views Israel as worse then South Africa. London Mayor expressed his dismay on many occasions at the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. We wonder how is that people who has first hand experience of racism can be racists towards Arabs? Israelis and Jews should be last people on earth who would say or do anything that is even remotely racist. They had suffered enough in Germany at the hands of racists and now they should be the first to lead the fight against all forms of prejuidice and racism. Whole world would love Israel if it were go down this path. I hope Israeli leaders would do the right thing.
87. UN facts
eynav Benjamin ,   stormville ny USA   (08.31.07)
1. Out of 175 United Nations Security Council resolutions up to 1990, 97 were against Israel; out of 690 General Assembly resolutions, 429 were against Israel; 2. The U.N. was silent when the Jordanians destroyed 58 synagogues in the old city of Jerusalem. It remained silent while Jordan systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and it remained silent when Jordan enforced apartheid laws preventing Jews from accessing the Temple Mount and Western Wall
88. What Is The Opposite of Boycott?
emanon ,   USA   (08.31.07)
I propose all in favor of Israel go out of our way to *buy* Israeli goods and patronize Israeli companies. BTW, it is the Arabs that really don't want a Two State Solution. They want a One State Solution . . . THEIRS! A muslim only state with Israel totally gone. No Jews, no member of any other faith either. Then they will fight to the death over which branch is the "true" faith, Shia, Sunii or something else.
89. UN Conference Crap
Brod ,   USA   (08.31.07)
Dominated by Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists, this conference could be called the UN Conference of Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists. These are the dark forces of the world that have committed horrific atrocities to humanity since the Dark Ages to the present. It is time for Judeo-Christian America, who rescued the world from the atrocities of the dark forces in WWII, to tell this UN Conference Crap to go to Hell.
90. John #86 and his Plurale Maiestatis!
enzo ,   london,uk   (08.31.07)
WOW...! The London Mayor...!!! Double WOW WOW! Why don't you take responsibility for what you write and avoid "Plurale Maiestatis" ("We wonder", "Most people", "The whole world") when expressing YOUR personal opinions? I'm aware that the great majority of Europeans do not share your views on Israel. Have you thought what the Europeans think of the UK? Give us YOUR personal point of view...please!!! "WE" want to know...
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