Peres: Suspicion over Israeli nukes is good deterrent
Ronny Sofer
Published: 01.09.07, 17:16
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1. Peres pacifism
Frank ,   Canada   (09.01.07)
Peres pacifism is creating more war, Peres is the opposite of a deterrent and is undermining Israel nuclear deterrence.
2. Sun Tsu, in his masterful book on warfare, said
Rivkah   (09.01.07)
the greatest art of warfare is to subdue the enemy without fighting. I am glad to see Exc. Mr. Peres sees the wisdom in that approach.
freejay ,   Israel   (09.01.07)
4. I guess IRAN could say the same, now QUIT OCCUPIED LAND
Wissam ,   Palestine   (09.01.07)
5. Peres
max durkheim ,   berlin,germany   (09.01.07)
# 3...It is not my job to say anything either. I thought this was a well reasoned response. no question.
6. "I declare the Middle East NOT FREE from the threat ...
Norway   (09.01.07)
of (nuclear) destruction," The elimination of the Zionist regime will be smooth and simple... M. Ahmadinejad Oct. 2005 The Zionist regimeis a dried up and rotten tree... which will be annihilated with one storm... M. Ahmadinejad April 2006 Israel must be wiped off the map... M. Ahmadinejad Oct. 2005 I warn the great powers, who fan the flames of Moslem rage. We will annihilate them all... M. Ahmadinejad July 2006 But that makes no impression on President Shimon Peres. "Peres also ruled out the possibility of talks with Hamas as things currently stand, saying, "Of course you can have a dialogue, but not with a wall." A WALL OF HATE ! Islam has an unchanging and clear vision: Hear the word of the LORD (GOD) ye that tremble at His word: Your brethren (the nations) that hate you, (the Jews) THAT CAST YOU OUT FOR MY NAME'S SAKE, HAVE SAID: Let the LORD be glorified, that we may gaze upon your joy,* * They (the Christians & Moslems) believe that they are the ones, who truly bring glory to God... BUT THEY SHALL BE ASHAMED. Hark! an uproar from the city, Hark! it cometh from the Temple, Hark! THE LORD RENDERETH RECOMPENSE TO HIS ENEMIES. Isaiah 66:5-6
7. Peres has never been part of the solution.
Persian CAT   (09.01.07)
This washed out Zionist hack should limit himslef to attending ceremonies because he never contributed to peace and stability of Israel and the ME in general when he had the opportunity. Peres is as rellevant as a potted plant.
8. #7 And you're as rellevant as a box of rocks!!!
American CAT ,   USA   (09.01.07)
9. # Sleepy Wissam, is still dreaming. Wake up!!
Jan ,   Eurabia   (09.01.07)
10. Nuclear Iran is too perfectly normal
11. Wisam.Boker Tov...soon Laila tov
Avi ,   Israel   (09.01.07)
With a 72 year old virgin.
12. #2 Oh puleez Rebecca, give me a frickin break hey?
Omri Sharon ,   Israel   (09.01.07)
Peres has NO WILL left to stand up and be a courageous leader for Israel. He has take on a larthargic and complacent attitude of land for peace and you know it. You tell us how many times what the prophet Ezekiel has to say about dividing the land. And yet you look at Peres as if he were the soon coming Yashua Mascheach. Olmert put this good for nothing has been in power so he could help him push through giving the land to the terrorists. Peres is NOT for the people. He lets terrorist free who will no doubt come back and kill more innocent Israelis. All Peres is is an olive skinned Jimmy Carter who loves the idea of being a state figure head more than he loves the people of the state that he is a figure of. So take off you love lorn rose colored glasses and get a good look of reality before your golden calf of a god Peres helps give your precious land away to the decendants of Ishmael.
13. Talk to a wall...
Reader ,   from Edmonton   (09.01.07)
...if yours are the only words you want to hear.
14. Open Israel nuke & WMD facilities to UN inspection if true
R ,   Florida   (09.01.07)
Or every country has right to arm itself with whatever it feels necessary to protect itself and its people, especially in mideast where Israel is known to have massive stocks of nukes and WMD.
15. another tongue slip is not deterence
and overshadowed by the fanatics of Maccabi Tel Aviv shouting anti-Semetic anti-Islamic slogans, in their way to Turky
16. 14
zionist forever   (09.01.07)
The whole idea of the idea of suspicion without evidence creates fear of the unknown which in iteself can be a deterent. If Israel went official said we have 200 nukes everybody knows what there is and Israels strengh. During the cold war each side knew what the other had and so each side would make sure they had the same number of bombs. If you create a fear of the unknown Israel may have no nukes but the enemy suspects you have them which gives you the neuclear deterent without even having a bomb. Its also good for politcs because Israel doesnt have to admit or deny anythiing and its good for countries like the US politicly if somebody says the US went into Iraq over WMDS but Israel has them the US can argue we dont know Israel has nukes.
17. What about A.Q.Khan Pakistan’s science?
e.m ,   s.f   (09.01.07)
18. My darling Omri, try looking at the situation from the
Rivkah/Rebecca   (09.01.07)
Lord's perspective. The ELS Bible codes at say THE LORD chose Exc. Mr. Peres as President for his STRENGTH. He was the strongest man for the job. What is "strong" in God's dictionary such as Gesenius' Hebrew lexicon? It means to hold on, not to give up. Exc. Mr. Peres holds on. What land does he want to give to the Palestinians that would result in the disfavor of God? Remember that Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Ekron were not given to Abraham, Isaac and their descendants forever by God. Those were Philistine territories. King David fought Goliath near one of those ancient cities which was not Israeli territory, depending on where the battle was. The Prophet Daniel warned of a slaughter of Jews in Samaria, the West Bank of Jerusalem. If there are no Jews there, Jews will not get slaughtered there. The Prophet Zephaniah said ALL the Philistines on the coasts of Canaan will die after Gaza is forsaken, Ashkelon is a desolation, and Ashdod and Ekron are drive out. Those are historic Philistine (Palestinian) lands where God is going to judge them. If Jews are there, they may die,too. If Exc. Mr. Peres does not appease the UN and all the other outfits who want a piece of Israel for the Pals, Israel will face international economic sanctions which are frightening, to say the least. God knows all this. ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND WHO ARE THE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE. God wants to show the Jews that when America has passed away into four nations and all the nations of the earth are attacking Israel with no hope but of the Samson option, that HE (God) will deliver Israel, even after two thirds of the nation are killed and hopefully in heaven. With a third of the nation in the area of Petra, GOD will protect them for three and a half years before coming from the sky to deliver them as he touches down to the Mount of Olives. I just listened to an Olaf Hage audio tape from about the evidence in the universe that an object the shape of the Star of David is coming toward the earth (heavenly Jerusalen?) causing energy waves in the universe that cause earthquakes and floods and other natural disasters as the earth tries to absorb the energy waves. These are the signs of the coming of the Messiah. Go to that website and ask Olaf for the tape on that phenomenon. It is on the second side and WHOA! is that exciting info.
19. So sorry! IT IS
Rivkah/Rebecca   (09.01.07)
that is Olaf Hage's website, not
Rivkah/Rebecca   (09.01.07)
more information on the red cluster of stars in the shape of the Star of David coming toward the earth from the universe that Olaf Hage talked about in an audio tape from . Richard Hoagland's website talks about it,too. Olaf thinks it is the Heavenly Jerusalem that is in that cluster of stars.
21. Rivkah/Rebecca, you forgot to cue...
... the eerie background music.
22. "If idea of nukes keep countries from bombing us, great!"
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (09.02.07)
Hmm, something tells me this is what Iran is thinking too.
23. Rebecca
freejay ,   Israel   (09.02.07)
I think you have been smoking too much hashish. The current people occupying West Bank and Gazza have nothing in common with the ancient philistines. ? Majority are from jordan, egypt and other arab countries. Most arrived after 67 because of Arafat. There were no muslims here during Roman/Philistines times. If you notice they want to destroy israel in the name of Islam, and its derived from saudi Arabia.
24. Peres and Olmert shut up about nukes
zionist forver   (09.02.07)
Peres should just kiss babies and attend ceremonies which is what the president is supposed to do neuclear weapons is a politcal and defense issue and certainly not that should be discussed publicly. Last year there was contrversy about that idiot Olmert going on the record Israel had nukes when the policy has allways been your the ones saying we have nukes not us which is a policy that works. Israel doesnt want to be like the US and tell the world what its got to warn everybody else Israels neuclear program has allways been based on the fear of what it MIGHT have not what it DOES have. Peres it seems hasnt quite got the hang of the job of being a president in Israel he is still a little to political
25. funny president
Gazan ,   Gaza, Palestine   (09.02.07)
26. Sun Tsu also said
Obama ,   Washington DC   (09.02.07)
Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance. Is that what Peres is doing? or was he being arrogant to say, " If you want it, we can deliver it"
27. Iran could say the same , right ?
Gisele ,   Beirut   (09.02.07)
so why should Israel has the nukes and not Iran . Hopefully Iran should speed up and have them that way , America and its 51th state should stop bullying it .
28. the thought of nuclear deterrent just doesnt come to mind
de sterix   (09.02.07)
when i have seen peres fall asleep during an interview or when i have seen olmert kissing abbas or perez looking thru his binoculars with the lense caps on and when we have witnessed barak trying to give israel away to arafat when barak was pm the last time.the thought that any of these guys had the guts to use nukes just doesn't enter my mind but if menachem begin was still pm and hinted he might have to use them----i'd believe him----because he would.
29. #23 Freejay: The Bible uses terms and names the ancients
Rivkah   (09.02.07)
were familiar with. Some of the territory of Jordan is ancient Israel and most of it is Edom, the land of Esau, the brother of Jacob. How can you possibly think there is not genetic connection between descendants of Esau and of Jacob? The Edomites (Esau) dwelt in cliffs (Petra) and the Philistines who were NOT genetically related to Jacob or Esau to my knowledge dwelt in Philistia or the Coasts of Canaan. That would be Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Ekron, at least. So it is likely the modern name (since Roman times) of Palestinians is probably the Philistines because the Roman Emperor wanted to have a name for Judea that was anathema to the Jews. The Philistines tried to wipe out the Jews and Israelites long before there was a Moslem religion. Remember the story of Goliath and his brothers, the giants David killed? The hatred of Philistines for Israelis goes back to when the Hebrews were told to drive the Canaanites out of Canaan when they came out of Egypt with Moses. I am sure the Philistines and Canaanites wanted to destroy the Israelites in the name of Dagon, a fish god or perhaps the moon god the Moslems now worship. Religious symbols that connect religions from ancient times are so similar they cannot be mistaken. The dagon fish hats of dagon priests became the cardinal fishtail hats of Roman Catholic cardinals, for example.
30. to all you palistidiots
HS ,   USA   (09.02.07)
you all call Israel,"little America", or "Americas puppet", but what none of you morons realize, is that America has had nukes for over 60 years and only used them to end a war, not to intimidate. Iran has stated that it would use them to destroy Israel and the USA. Do you see a difference? ISRAEL IS NOT A THREAT, you Palistidiots are
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