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Haredi school rejects 'Sephardi' child
Zvi Alush
Published: 02.09.07, 10:09
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1. Discrimination?
Baruch ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.07)
It seems that this article is the pot calling the kettle black. Secular kibbutzim do not even accept applications from ven the nominally religious, and no one says anything about it. Public schools refuse to accept kippah-wearing students. I think Yediot Acharonot should look everywhere for discrimination, and not just in order to villify a section of the population, especially where there is a clear dispute about the facts. But then again, YNET is more in keeping withthe journalistic tradition of the supermarket tabloid rather than the serious newspaper.
2. Close the School and Jail the Principal
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.02.07)
This is sickening. The Law should make this illegal. The Principal should be heavily fined.
3. upsetting
alun ,   london uk   (09.02.07)
The ARI HAKODOSH also known as the ARIZAL the father of modern Kabbalah had both Sephardic and Ashkenazic parents
4. Close down racist institutes in the State which arose from
Angry Jew!   (09.02.07)
5. Disgusting behavior.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (09.02.07)
The principal should be fired.
6. dati-leumi - a solution
a religious-zionist ,   Israel   (09.02.07)
Just for the record: all Talmud Torahs in the religious-zionist sector are well integrated with Jews of all ethnic backgrounds. Why do Hareidi Sefardim WANT to send their children to such racist schools? For that matter, why do Hareidi Sefardim dress like 16-17th century Polish goyim, copying the very Ashkenazi Hareidi who hold such negative views of Sefardim? I've even heard of Hareidi sefardi changing their surnames to European Ashkenazi names to get their children into Ashkenazi schools. My solution: become religious-zionists - a truer form of Jewish observance, change your surnames to Hebrew names, send your children to integrated Talmud Torahs that value Klal Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, ie Nation of Israel - inclusive of all Jews.
7. Things like this can not be tolerated! Jews unite!
Roni   (09.02.07)
8. Not belonging to the Herrenvolk? Go away!
Mathias ,   Netanya   (09.02.07)
9. Again those charidim
charles ,   petach tikva   (09.02.07)
Well there is nothing new unther the sun . The same story , some time ago it was not to marry a Sephardy woman , now this . And there is a difference between kibbutzim , who live together with a certain ideology , and a talmud tora , where a child is rejected because he has not "pure" blood , a "bad" grandfather . A religiouis kibbutz will certainly not accept a secular member . This is disgusting .
10. Withdrawl funding and send them to the Army
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (09.02.07)
11. Racism of Zionism and Jewish Faith Exposed
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (09.02.07)
Chosen people my behind.
12. Racism has NO PLACE in Judaism.
Zvi   (09.02.07)
"A stain in his genealogy"!? "A certain standard!?!?" What kind of moron is this principal? The principal MUST be fired.
13. Are Haredim Really Jewish?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.02.07)
Or have they become a bizarre sect gradually separating themselves from the Jewish people? I know what I think - any other opinions?
14. It is Elul may G-d judge the lovingkindness of the principal
15. Sephardi are much closer to original Judaism than Ashkenazi
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion   (09.02.07)
16. why do the haredi sefardim
tma   (09.02.07)
so desperately want to be accepted by the ashkenazim who obviously look down on them? The Ashkenazi talmudei torah are reportedly better than the sefaradi ones as their academic level is higher and, sorry to say this but it's true, the Ashkenazi children are better reared. That is part of the reason the Ashkenazim don't want their kids to learn side by side with sefaradi children. Sefaradi parents are proud as punch when their children learn in Ashkenazi schools. The sefaradim themselves consider the Ashkenazi education a better one and the Ashkenazi people of higher quality. If the sefaradim believe so, then why wouldn't the Ashkenazi think so too? I don't understand why the sefaradim don't attempt to improve the academic level of their schools and why they don't educate their children better than they do. Instead of trying to push themselves to the Ashkenazi institutions, they should adopt the Ashkenazis' methods. This way the Sefaradi schools will be appreciated and the sefaradim will be happy with their children's education without having to deal with the humiliation of being turned down by the Ashkenazim.
17. Y-Net's done it again!
Shalom   (09.02.07)
We all know that there is discrimnation and protectzia EVERYWHERE in Israel BUT - and I purposely use a big but - if this story was quite so simple, the HAREIDI subject of this story would not have given her story to the ANTI-HAREIDI YNet. Me thinks that there is much more to it than meets the eye.
18. Racist Rabbi
NYC Girl   (09.02.07)
This man's comments are utterly loathsome and his name and the name of the school should be made public. But, having said that, the mother's response is so pathetic it's sickening. How disgusting for her to grovel and protest that the child looks Ashkenazi and even speaks Yiddish. I don't know which one of them I'd like to slap harder...the mother or the rabbi.
19. This is not Jewish behaviour! Shame on them.
20. this is a good artcle against this
ash ,   gush etzion   (09.02.07)
21. #11 Haredim are anti-zionist you should embrace them
Aviva ,   Netanya   (09.02.07)
The Haredim want the state of Israel to be destroyed and not erected until the Messiah comes. Why don't you take them into Palestine, you'd make good partners.
22. give more DONATION!
Sara ,   Israel   (09.02.07)
and your child will surely be received with open arms.
23. #13 I just offered them to the Palestinians :)
Aviva ,   Netanya   (09.02.07)
The Haredim are simply completely crazy. They have taken the extremism (that was considered extremism then) of the 17th century of the Hasidim and made it even more extreme today. This "kind" of Judaism did not exist in the days of the Rambam and so forth. It is new and even more newly crazy.
24. Good point # 15
Donna s ,   NETANYA   (09.02.07)
They have a stronger family/geneological tie to the original people of this land, a closer Hebrew to the original, and have a less diluted bloodline than those of Ashkenazi Jews. So the joke is on the "Lithuanians." I'm Ashekenazi, and I think it's revolting. I would never give them a grush! The haredim are a pitifuly uneducated, oppressive, unenlightened, backwards sect, and one day, if we have to defend ourselves again, they will once more be the first into the fire.
25. Stained by one grandparent. Does that ring a bell?
martyrmaker ,   Milan, Italy   (09.02.07)
26. To #18
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (09.02.07)
You go after the rabbi, and I'll smack the mom.
27. So BLOOD is not clean, and you cannot enroll in institution?
Jonas ,   SAD   (09.02.07)
Not to mention that this is TORAH studies, which EXPLICITLY forbids any thing remotely similar to this? This school should be sued for bigotry and racism...
28. Too extreme Haredim.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (09.02.07)
Maybe the Rabinate,somebody must open a bit their minds. If the children are Jewish,they should be accepted.Period. These more radical Haredim should change a bit,and this can be achieved by an Religious they respect and listen. All is a matter of dialog and understanding,I am sure. As much pressure ,the worst is.
29.  israel was built on racism and discrimination
dovdevan ,   tel- aviv   (09.02.07)
between jews ! racism is a reality in all the israeli society ! we can sometimes make some comparison between south africa and israel the large part of misrahim and the ethiopian doesn't benefit a good education and it's a political choice ! the elite doesn't want those people to succeed so they put all those people together in some kind of ghettos for poor misrahim ethiopian where a few exeption can achieve to quit the ghetto ! all his done in this country to favorise the establishement who is ashkenaze leftist and let the other die like animals
30. #29
tma   (09.02.07)
Why don't the misrahim better themselves? Why must the misrahim rely on the Ashkenazim to raise their level of education, and thus, improve their chances for success? Why do the misrachim believe that the Ashkenazim owe them favors? Don't you think the misrachim should take their lives and futures into their own hands???
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