Opposition in Syria raises its head
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.09.07, 01:31
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1. Farid Ghadry
T.I ,   Israel   (09.03.07)
I'm wishing you a luck, you are real leader, one day, I will visit on Damascus in the sake of god. He won't overcome Assad, nobody would listen to him, Syria today is an Iran's puppet. But, I don't think that the syrians are prepared to establish democracy because they are'nt a tolerance society like the rest of the arabs. It's impossible to establish democracy on roots based about clans, tribal and religion (Islam). The muslims know how to fight against terrorists at home more than anyone else.
2. to all great syrian people in syria
way to go! fight for your freedom, for your rights to elect those who will represent you in peace, fight to elect those who will give you a decent future of economic growth, open doors to the west, to trade, to peaceful co-existance in the middle east. fight the iranian tyrants who use your country to trasport arms and suicide attackers into iraq and into lebanon and egypt. fight for peace and understand that the present regime must be toppled so that the good syrian people will have a good future. assad is not good for you economically, spiritually, politically, etc.... as long as iran has regional aspirations in the middle east, it is holding your country hostage to execute all its whims. cut the snake's head (iran mullahs) and you'll be rid of this mayhem in your country. better die on the streets for your future and for freedom than chance an attack on israel for iran, that will decimate your country and will eventually look like southern lebanon. assad means war. assad/iran coalition means a bleaK FUTURE.
3. Ghadry
ZD ,   SYRIA   (09.03.07)
this traitor will have no support and will hang on the first tree if he dares to enter Syria.
stude ham   (09.03.07)
5. Farid Ghadry
tb   (09.03.07)
Ghadry is a soft-spoken, reasonable man, but take note, Israel, that for all his soft-spoken ways, he demands the Golan Heights be "returned" to Syria and says he wouldn't mind keeping all the good things Israel has built up there for Syria. He says he'd love to collect taxes from Israeli businesses in the Golan for Syria. For some, that's unacceptable and we agree!
Daniel Akill-Attieh ,   Liberty -Stability   (09.03.07)
It is heart-warming and very good to know that there are people like you in Strangled-Syria, Sold-Syria, Stomped-Syria, Sorry-Syria, and Sick-Syria; so long as that Bashar Al Ass-hole (Bashar Al Ass) with the puffed cheeks and a tiny little slit of a mouth rules - with his thugs, hooligans, and goons! Iraq had been to Iran what Lebanon was to Syria, and today, Iran is to Syria what Syria was to Lebanon! So beware! AND! ON WITH THE STRUGGLE! FREEDOM IS NOT A GIFT TO BE RECEIVED; FREEDOM IS A PRIZE TO BE WON - BY SWEAT, BLOOD, GUTS, LIMBS, AND PAIN! NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER! AND! NO PRISONERS!
7. Huge Posters??
freejay ,   Israel   (09.03.07)
Big deal....a few medium sized posters were up for a few hours. They dont look very huge in the picture like described. This is another leftie propaganda attempt to ultimately try and persuade us to give away the Golan. Dont be fooled, assad is going nowhere.
8. UN ignores human rights violations in Syria...
sanctions against Israel....great
9. to you no 2
Strange , you are talking on our behalf and showing us the path , sir will you be kind enough and ask what you call it Israel to move out of our land , will you ask the aggression army of what you call it Israel to stop it is aggression against the Palestinians peoples and the Lebanese , will you … , will you…. , . Iran is our friends they are our brothers they are our neighbors , and never attacks us , we the Arabs (shamiest) Syrians proud to find friends like the Iranians , stop your bad dreams .
10. To Number 9
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (09.03.07)
Okay lets look at your statements, shall we to see how mad you and your friends have become. Israel was Jewish before there was Islam.. Before your prophet was wondering around the desert with kids we were already in Israel. It is we who are Israeli, who are Jewish and who have an agreement with g-d. Not you! So stop you stupid dreaming.. Also, Syria and Iran have nothing in common, one is run by an Islamic Theocracy, the other by a secular Dictator! Thats how you work?? Strange, when all you need to do is make peace with Israel. Also, if you remember, Hizbollah attacked Israel, not the other way round.
11. #7
English guy ,   London   (09.03.07)
Obviously you know nothing of Syrian politics if you think that putting up posters of the turncoat traitor Ghadry is no big deal. As for it being another "leftie propaganda attempt" - wow, your paranoia is getting the better of your sanity. Ghadry, who was brown-nosing in the Knesset a few weeks ago, is a no-one in Syrian terms. The pathetic smoke-signals he sent out mean nothing to the Syrian people - to whom he is almost completely uknown. You can rest assured that the issue of the posters of the scumbag will be ripped down and Syrian newspapers will be full of editorials condemning him. After all, your dear Israeli newspapers and press usually go to town condemning Israeli-Palestinian MKs who visit Syria - as it is an "enemy country". Do you think the Syrian press will deal more kindly with an exile who went on his knees to the Knesset? Dream on Malvolio.
12. Here's the thing that pisses u guys off the most---
Maurie ,   TA, Israel   (09.03.07)
Ours is the ONLY land on this earth that has a title deed to it. We also have a G-D that has an ETERNAL covenant with us. And he empowers us to prosper, and takes care of us. Your hatred towards us in NOT a political one. It is a spiritual jealousy spurned on by hate and envy by your false god. You guys don't want our land because it has special meaning to you. You guys want our land just so that you can say you took it away from us. And that is NEVER gonna happen. So get over it and move on in your pitiful life.
13. #12 is for #9
Maurie ,   TA, Israel   (09.03.07)
14. Arab politics shame no middle road RIGHT ???
M. Segal ,   mpls america   (09.06.07)
I realize since it is geographicially the middle east why is it Arabs may not agree to a middle road... the disident reform party of Syria... is asking for trouble... being so opposed to... Assad... RIGHT ??? extremists what is extreme about Assad nothing more than any other Arab to me RIGHT ??? I believe Syria should go to war over the Golen Heights as Egypt did in 1973 over Suez Canal... reformists oppose this... it is a honorable military move... not extremism RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
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