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Gaza: Smokers fume over rising prices
Ali Waked
Published: 03.09.07, 16:25
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1. So, let me get this straight...
Hamburger ,   Hamburg   (09.03.07)
The only reason for them not to vote for Hamas is the prices of cigarettes? In all other aspects they are satisfied with these terrorists? Well, if that's the case, there's just one thing left to say: l hope the phrase "smoking will kill ya" is true...
2. I hope the same will be done in Israel
tFighterPilot   (09.03.07)
This would make many people to stop smoking. Respect to the Hamas for taking care for the health of their citizens.
3. #2, That is exactly why Hamas raised Taxes
MK ,   NY   (09.03.07)
#2, if you truley believe that the reason Hamas Raised Taxes on cigaretes is to "take care for the healthof their citizens" then I have a few bridges here in NY I'd like to sell you. That is a perfect example of someone knowing something is not true, but still saying it to save face. What a joke.
4. hamas and cigaretters, to # 2
david ,   herzlia,israel   (09.03.07)
fighter pilot? maybe you are flying a little too "high". stop talking nonosense
5. Smoking should be banned by Judaism & by Israel
Zvi   (09.04.07)
Allowing smoking will kill more Israelis than if the Israeli government gave guns to Hamas and told Hamas to go kill Jews.
6. Quit Smoking
Human Being ,   Anywhere   (09.04.07)
Why don't you give Hamas some credit? They try to make or help their people quit smoking? Is that too much for them? Do you think you are the only people who care about their own people? Give credit when it is due!
7. Nos 2 & 6
Michael ,   London/Raanana   (09.04.07)
If I thought that the primary reason for Hamas taxing cigarettes was to protect the population, I'd applaud, but their past behavior hints that it's only another way for the cash-strapped organization to steal money from the Palestinians. For both of you: your reality check just bounced.
8. #6, please read #3.
Hamburger   (09.04.07)
9. #6
Talula ,   Israel   (09.04.07)
2 months ago Hamas threw a man off of a tall building, shot a doctor in the head at point blank range while he was trying to save a life, ran amok in Gaza and now they take children on a guided tour of a building that has been targeted by Israel as housing wanted suspects and you REALLY want us to think Hamas cares about the Palestinians? They need MONEY they are desperate to get it and will do it any way they can. So grow up, open your eyes and stop being stupid.
10. Isn't this a 'sin tax' thing?
Damir ,   Russia   (09.04.07)
11. to #5. fatality rate of non-smokers approaches 100%
FZ   (09.04.07)
12. Israel is an angel State!!!!!!
Human being ,   Anywhere   (09.04.07)
all of you telling me that Israel is an angel State (Citizen of Israel are super Angels) it value human life very much!!!! Yes, Hamas does care about their own people just leave them along. If Israel or Israelis care asked your self this question. Who is making the live of the Palestinians so miserable? You are mix politics with humanities! Just think for 4 hours not days that you are the one who suffer and let me know?
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