'Iranian nuclear plan must be stopped'
Ronny Sofer
Published: 03.09.07, 14:05
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1. Hey, the UN says that Iran is now telling them secrets of
their nuke plants so it's ok if they have them!!!
2. Austria Big Trade Partner with Iran / Lies
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.03.07)
Austria remains a major trade partner with Iran. Austrian Airlines operate regular flights to Iran. The Europeans are liars / hypocrites as they continue to trade with Iran in the billions of dollars and have strong contacts with the Mullahs.
3. I think it is too late to stop them
QmAn ,   london   (09.03.07)
I think it is too late to stop iranian regime to get nuclear bomb and it is Europian countries foualt that what is happening now. Some day we are going to hear/see from all media that iran made its first nuclear bomb. I hope thay do NOT tast on Israeli soil first. Recently iran made its first super computer and according my sources thay are going to analyse eventual nuclear test by this super computer.
4. Austria has good relations with Iran. But
Persian CAT   (09.04.07)
it has also become customary for the EU officials to come to Israel to remind it that it is not contributing its share towards peace in the ME. Doing so ALWAYS requires playing the political violins so the incompetents corrupt Israeli "leaders" can ally the fears of the ever hysterical Israelis. Israel must join the IAEA, stop occupation, evacuate the illegal settlements and go back to its pre-1967 international borders. Anything short of that is just wasting time. Israel is the only threat to the peace of the world not Iran.
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