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Rami and Rita – the end?
Keren Natanzon
Published: 03.09.07, 17:09
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1. sad song
eddie ,   London UK   (09.03.07)
i don't quite get it, at this age, what they want to be single for?
2. Timeout?
Sara ,   Tel-aviv   (09.03.07)
Rita and Rami if there is the slightest chance to make it work out then stay together. You are good together!!
3. It's nobody's business
tma   (09.04.07)
what celebs do in their personal lives. Why should the public even care whether or not they stay together???
4. We have celebs?
C'est le boring   (09.04.07)
That crowd that stick their personal dull uninteresting lives in our faces ad nauseam? We don't even care, but they don't stop .Gimme a break.
5. I agree. Their overpaid PR machines
force these dull private lives on us, in a desperate attempt to camouflage the pathetic absence of talent. Lucky are the ynet readers who dont read ivrit and therefore don't suffer all the krap we are force fed.
6. Rami and Rita
David Beneli ,   Madrid Spain   (09.05.07)
Great! can I court Rita now? Rami, she's so sexy how can you let her go...
7. I'm not surprised
Robin ,   New York, USA   (09.08.07)
I always thought they were a mismatched couple. I hope they each find happiness and peace.
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