Machsom Watch: Roadblock operating 'dungeon'
Ali Waked
Published: 04.09.07, 21:46
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1. The enemy within
marya ,   sacramento, USA   (09.04.07)
This is a perfect example of the hysterical response the machsom hags have to anything soldiers do. HOURS turn out to be MINUTES? They should all go work for the Palestinian propaganda machine. What am I thinking ... they already do!
2. The move to build more
Gazan   (09.04.07)
humane dungeons on checkpoints a Pal-Isra dokeom NGO funded by USAID
3. Deprived of air for an hour
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.04.07)
Somebody whose air supply was cut off for an hour would be dead and unable to tell Machsom Watch about it.
4. journalists make the legal profession look honorable
Cheese Eater ,   Paris   (09.04.07)
The caption on the main page asserts that there is a "dungeon" at a checkpoint. The caption on the page of the story says, however, that this comes from Machsom Watch, a bunch of well known liars. Then, the story is disputed, and we hear that the whole thing is on tape. Did Waked get away from his email long enough to verify this? If he did not, why not? If he did, and if this story is one big lie, isn't that the only story that belongs here?
5. holy moly! there's no air conditioner??
Ronit   (09.04.07)
How can we make them live like this?! They are accostumed to their air conditioned malls in Ra'anana for the love of Moses and Abraham and all that is holy! How can we lower them from that to checking them for murderous bombs in a non aironditioned room!? The disgrace!!!!!!
6. is there a difference of opinion allowed here?
Edithann ,   USA   (09.05.07)
you're all angry that Machsom is telling the truth and it doesn't make you look good...
7. Why even print this misleading rubbish?
freejay ,   Israel   (09.05.07)
8. woops, i meant ramallah
Ronit   (09.05.07)
9. To be a private security guard...
Lednah ,   Europe   (09.05.07)
To be a private security guard is one of the most dangerous proffesions nowadays in Israel. They are first to die when a terrorist attack happens. So I can hardly blame then being too zealous.
10. #6, ahh but that is the point
Danny   (09.05.07)
They AREN'T telling the truth. They are simply making up lies about behaviour of soldiers and security personnel.
11. Machsom Watch
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.05.07)
Seems to be factually challenged. Minutes become hours, ventilated becomes airless and one person becomes 20. Is there any facts these liars get right?
12. poor souls
ms ,   ny   (09.05.07)
poor souls
13. check point
ms ,   n.y   (09.05.07)
why is there check points ! could you think for a reasen hmm!!!!!
14. air conditon
sam ,   isreal   (09.05.07)
give them central air conditoner
15. #2 stop you pallywood
16. 2 Gazan.. How many more years or months do you
freedom ,   canada   (09.05.07)
think it will take before the rest of the Christians have formally left Bethlehem. Are you going to give them the right of return to Bethlehem. Better yet give us a date when the PA and the rest are leaving the occupied city of Bethlehem.
17. 20 people on 4,5 square meter? Call Guinnes World Records!!!
18. what, where are the torture devices?
in a real dungeon there would be things like the rack, to stretch out ones limbs, and walls with "innocents" chained to them
19. this ngo's time would be much better spent in TIBET...
free tibet   (09.05.07)
at least there they would be working to stop REAL human rights abuses. the world's priorities are so screwed up. . . .
20. Dungeons…huh, are there dragons too?
Joan ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.05.07)
Somebody is blowing a lot of hot smoke on this story!!!
21. @192, I copy that.... I mean,......
who on earth calls the Nahr al Bared struggle (in Lebanon) a massacre? No-one! Yet it left more people, and especially innocent people dead than the "massacre of Jenin"! "When Christians kill Muslims it's a crusade. When Jews kill Muslims it's a massacre. When Muslims kill Muslims it's the weather channel. Noone cares", as Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman nicely said.
22. #5 you didnt make a mistake
Sue   (09.05.07)
They DO ROAM FREELY round Ranaana and all our malls, and pasta places, eat and drink while checking the place out and then providing a 'taxi' service to the cute little terrorists, to blow up said mall. PS Family (mum and daughter) O hasn't suplied them with a/c? My,my, naughty girls.
23. Where was Dana Olmert and her anti-Israel gang?
Nannette ,   London   (09.05.07)
24. Watch Machsom Watch
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.05.07)
and you will see slanderers.
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