Ramon offers Palestinians broad West Bank pullout
Nahum Barnea
Published: 07.09.07, 11:35
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1. Piece talks?
J.T. ,   San Rafael, Californ   (09.07.07)
You have got to be kidding me.
2. It will never happen.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (09.07.07)
Olmert & Ramon do not have a mandate to pull this off. It will only cause civil war. This evil government must be brought down now!
3. Hey, Ramon. How about showing an example
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.07)
and "pulling out" of your home you've lived all your years and moving to the negev. Or better yet, moving out of Israel? Take Olmert along, will ya?
4. Is Olmert capable
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.07)
of anything other than chasing the Jews out of their homes?
5. No.
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (09.07.07)
No to this government. No to this government's destructive ideas. No to all the crooks and convicted criminals running this country.
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (09.07.07)
7. history repeats itself
edmundo ,   London UK   (09.07.07)
the terror escalation from the gaza withdrawal will be nothing in comparison to what will occur after a pullout from the west bank
stude ham   (09.07.07)
Yah ... as if any israeli pullout from any part of the world ever led to any kind of peace... Lebanon pullout? Gaza pullout? And now this massively treacherous and treasonous Ramon quizzling is offering jerusalem and the west bank to the hamas? it is hamas that will take over in any vacuum left by israel (see gaza). Ramon can go to SHEOL! TRAITOR!!
9. Help !!
mr ,   israel   (09.07.07)
Haven't we learned something after the Gaza fiasco ? I always understood that lands annexed after a war remain with the victor. Why do we call these areas "occupied territories " ?
10. This Ramon guy is a dangerous lunatic
Tevye ,   Chelm   (09.07.07)
When do we understand that in the eyes of the Arabs there NEVER will be piece untill the Jews have been driven out of Israel? For them , Isral surrendering land to them is just one of the steps, not the final one! Ramon and Olmert are dangerous, and should be stopped right now! Self-hating, self denying Jews ,willing to destroy Israel, just to get rid of the Jewish side of it.
11. A land corridor to Gaza!? They are quite mad!
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (09.07.07)
The present situation vis a vis Gaza is almost perfect! All the 6th century lunatics are in a self imposed cage! Gaza and the West Bank were NEVER an entity. Neither physically or ethnically. Let's solve the two 'problems' separately. Maybe (but entirely doubtful) a plan can be worked out between Olmert and Mazen, neither of whom have public support but Gaza ?! Let Gaza rot on the vine until Egypt gets it back !!
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (09.07.07)
13. Ramon Go Home...
Carmi   (09.07.07)
and please before you destroy the country take Olmert with you.
14. emergence,expansion,retraction,extinction
15. These indeed are piece talks
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.07.07)
as opposed to peace talks. The name of the game is to cede pieces of Israel, piece by piece until there is nothing left to cede.
16. Sex offenders peace plan?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.07.07)
Let's go for sexual assault on people to screwing over an entire country. Send this pervert home.
17. Suicide!
LL ,   Ma'ale Adumim   (09.07.07)
I agree with 1 - 7. Don't our leaders have any historical perspective? When will they take the Koran seriously? Islam demands either the conversion of Jews (all infidels) or death. That's right, DEATH. The truth is that our borders should be expanded!
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.07.07)
Truly a desperate attempt to erase his shamefully criminality by drawing attention to his supposed piece plan. This will bring disaster beyond what was created by the wholesale evacuation of Gaza.
19. #15 LOL Thanks for the laugh
Wissam   (09.07.07)
So you acknowledge that most of "Israel" was built on stolen land and Arab villages?
20. Ramon ,Give them your house
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.07.07)
The leftists are quick to appease Israel s enemies with other people's homes and land. It's tgime that they suffered personally for their failed agenda of surrender and frewarding Terrorism. It's time to surrender your house's to the Plaestinian's Mrs. Olmert,Ramon,Peres,Barak
21. I sincerely hope...
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (09.07.07)
... that the people in this forum are not representative of the Israeli population. This deal is the least the Palestinians are willing to accept at this point. And this is after 60 years of open war! Anyone who throws this out because it's not good enough for Israel will be condemning the region to another few decades of war until you can offer the Palestinians terms that are more to your liking. It's not as if the fight is getting any easier.
22. #9 mr, I'll help ya out. Ever hear of resolution 242.
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (09.07.07)
Illegal to "annex land after a war" as you put it, under international law. That's why they're called "occupied territories". :)
23. this is DISGUSTING! Will the real SLIMShady please stand up
Joseph Caro ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.07)
All the LEFT founders of Israel are rolling in their graves right now. What a snake to go and talk behind the peoples back about giving up more Jewish homes. Yes thats right, it is a Jewish state. Enough being Politically Correct, enough is enough. Why isn't there one sane leader in Israel which an IOTA of Charisma that can stand up and really represent the real RATZON on the people. PaShut Madness that you can justify allowing a rogue terriorist within a terrorist state, hamas (which the whole sane world is also against) to constantly bomb your schools and homes. They have attempted just yesterday to kidnap more soldiers and your response is GIVE THEM MORE LAND? Are you nuts? The same government that is being bombed by crude homemade Missles is a conduit for supplying them gas, electricity, goods etc? Are you INSANE? Why don't you just give them the guns, oops we already did that too! Of course they are going to walk all over you your conditioning them too, i.e like Pavlovs dogs and Thorndikes cats. Being religious and understanding this is one thing but any SANE individual can see this.. Will the real slim shady PLEASE stand up!?!
24. Rockets from Gaza and soon Judea/Sumaria
eli ,   ranaana, israel   (09.07.07)
Wow... what a great plan. Which genius (who's kids undoubtedly live in America and who has already transferred his wealth to the U.S.) came up with this. As I recall, he said we were going to withdraw from Gaza first and see what happened... Ummm, I don't see him living in Sederot to show solidarity with the people who suffer daily from his brilliant plan.
25. Oh, my God!!
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (09.07.07)
Would they really do such insanity? What on the world are they thinking? Who would guarantee the safety of Maleh Adumim, of Arial, etc? the PLA? Ha! God save us from these sick people!
26. Civil War will occur if This happens
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (09.07.07)
Civil War will occur if This happens. Secret talks in Amman no public discussion of terms. Wholesale give aways. Curruption.
27. Unfrigging Real to even think it!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (09.07.07)
28. more retreat - more wimps
Michael Brinn   (09.07.07)
pull out, withdrawal, disangagement, retreat... all this creativity of wimps bringing disasters on us.
29. stop the insanity!
oded   (09.07.07)
ramon, the seriel sodomiser, should be in jail not a """vice premier""", what a joke..... and he has the audacity to make these type of suicide- oreinted moves towards the arabs...... unbeleivable! remove this cholera from our midst, and take olmert with you!
30. Do the Palestinians ever offer a "good will gesture".
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (09.07.07)
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