Hamas blocks Fatah protests in Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 07.09.07, 19:58
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1. Islamic Democracy In Action
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (09.07.07)
2. HAmas democratically elected by palestinain people
Russel ,   tlv   (09.07.07)
Hamas support democracy. THis does not include freedom of assembly or freedom of speech or freedom of dress, or freedom of reliegion (sic), or equality of sex, or education for all. repeat after me: HAmas democratically elected by palestinain (sic) people. Hamas support democracy. THis does not include freedom...
3. Will we here from the Human Rights Watch?
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.07.07)
Actually, maybe its better we don't hear from them.
4. I wish them both luck...end
ged   (09.07.07)
5. The FatahThugs
Palestinian   (09.07.07)
i guess mr abbass is not happy that his thugs were beaten off the streets ... the americans will wont to know why just in case its something to do with their style of training these thugs
6. fateh supporters are rubbish
Nedal from Gaza ,   Gaza   (09.07.07)
Fateh is known to be secular faction, since when they pray? They are evils who want speared chaos, riot, and sedition and destabilize the calm situation; there are 1000's of mosques in Gaza, why do not these idiots pray inside them? They only pray Friday prayer but what about the rest of prayer, I saw today some of the stupid Fateh guys who pray in vests and were smoking and when they finished they chanted anti-Hamas slogans!! They are hypercritics exploit prayer to cause anarchy.
stude ham   (09.07.07)
Fatah is totally powerless against hamas... otherwise hamas would not be making up the rules in gaza. Ramon and whoever is guiding him are idiots to think that Israel's pullout from the arab contested lands would in any way bring about peace. gaza proves the point.
8. #5 But allah is happy yes? Now he has you muslims
Ziad ,   ME.   (09.07.07)
right where he wants you. Hating, beating, and killing each other. Soon, and very soon, the gates of hell will open wider to receive more of you. Who knows, perhaps they will get a seat next to the terrorist arafat, saddam, assad, ayatollah khomenhi, or better yet, next to the devil himself. Hamas thugs, fatah thugs. Hell has no distinction on who it lets in.
9. Palestinians practicing democracy
yigal ,   north   (09.07.07)
What I find amazing, but not suprised, Is the fact that Israeli Arab members of Knesset, are silent,all the while the Palestinians are beating the life one of another.Events not working out too well for them...Nedal- since when does one need to pray In a building?
10. Two states, side by side?
marya ,   sacramento,USA   (09.07.07)
How can people expect Jews and Palies to live side by side when muslims can't even live with eachother? WAKE UP!
11. #6 Ah yes, nothing like taking a puff on a camel cigarette
while praying to ,   allah!!!! USA   (09.07.07)
12. #6 - public prayer is common amongst Muslims
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (09.07.07)
and it is well known that sermons are always about politics and not about religion or G*d! Muslims feel that to lie to non-Muslims is not lying so why should any non-Muslim listen to them? If you are a Muslim then sadly we have no reason to believe anything that you say ... Sad but true. The world sees Muslims as liars and for good reason. Do you disagree?
13. A little preview of what their "State" would be like
take heed ,   usa   (09.07.07)
14. #6 you need to read #8s talkback.
usa   (09.07.07)
15. #5&6 Just think, after your kids watch the new Tom & Jerry
jan ,   usa   (09.08.07)
terrorist hour they will do the same thing. Oh the islam peace thing looks so good when put into action doesn't it? And just think, the whole world is watching muslim peace (?) in action. Salim aleckem now!!!!
16. #10- It does look like a longshot, doesn't it?
Cameron ,   USA   (09.08.07)
Democracy & civil govt. combined with Arabs? Helluva gamble, George Bush.
17. One Big Yawn!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (09.07.07)
So what' s new?
18. What a bunch of BOZOS!
19. israeli democrecy is not any better , so stop critisizing
20. And Allan Johnston?
Blume ,   Brussels, Belgium   (09.08.07)
Don't forget that the Dorghmush kidnapped the BBC journalist and that Hamas liberated him. Not so simple.
21. #19 What's the matter, you muslim finally see what failures
you are? ,   ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,   (09.08.07)
22. #19 hahahahahahahahah please I can't stop laughing !!!!!!
rachel ,   usa   (09.08.07)
23. #19 Wow, you really straightened us out huh?
Benyiman ,   Israel   (09.08.07)
24. Clarification. please.
Rick ,   Bmore, USA   (09.08.07)
Hamas was elected. But am I correct in understanding that in most races they got a plurality and NOT a majority? My understanding is that the Fatah vote was divided between several factions in each local election. Did that total Fatah vote count exceed that total of the HAMAS vote count? Just curious.
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