Turkey quizzes Israel on warplane fuel tanks
Published: 08.09.07, 18:34
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31. Israel did a favor to Syria not buy Russian's junks.If they
Asher ,   NY, USA   (09.09.07)
need good stuff they can buy them from Israel paid by Saudi Arabia. (BUT after Israel is done with Iran in the next phase.)
32. #30 mrs. hartley
that would be something, wouldn't it? syria and the entire arab world's armies and arabs in general not only miss firing on israeli jets and incapable of strategic responses....the tragedy in all of this is that they also miss opportunities for peace. to miss israeli jets is embarassing, but to miss opportunities for peace and recognition of a people that want to be left alone to live in peace and prosper is in fact a big tragedy!
33. to number 12
josh ,   canada   (09.09.07)
I would love to see you make the same comment after witnessing the IAF in a combat situation against any other air force, you should take a look at what it takes to make the IAF and what they have done. It is pretty widely known to anyone who understands military that the IAF pilots are the best in the world,
34. #10 whether full or empty
I think it's better for Israel to leave them. Israel can then ask the UNISCO to prevent Turkey from transferring or desecrating Israel's new monumental Temples. Israel in the mean time will work on its Right to reclaim the Holy Land of Turkey.
35. were the tanks emtpy or full?
uli ,   jerusalem   (09.09.07)
when empty: planes came from a long distance flight (iran) and threw them like Israel did in suadi arabia on its way to osirak. if they were full, the fighters were fleeing antiaircraft fire.
36. #3p;[0 resp. 35
Helene ,   Israel   (09.09.07)
I live in a place where I sincerely hope the Syrians don't have ANY ability to hit anything: - ) Amen! Our only choice is to prepare for the worst so we can hope for the best. #35: nice point
37. Re: aggression
Dr. Richard Welser ,   Charlotte, USA   (09.11.07)
I'm curious. The U.S. and Israel are alike in some respects. Do either of them know how Not to be an aggressor nation?
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